Saturday, 13 March 2010


This morning some friends came over for the day and we all went for a walk ,to enjoy the wonderful warm sunny day ,Fergal sun bathing
The river Swale and beautiful wood land close to our house , look at that sunshine....

WE found this deer scull on the moors, bit grim but interesting , I will put it in the garden..What we had for lunch ,sausage casserole cooked in ale with Herby dumplings served with Stilton mash...nice even though I say it my self.
This is my every day pottery

After a long day and waving good bye to our friends , I then retired to the bathroom to gather my thoughts and relax ,and Look what was waiting for me to read in the bath country living ,English and the USA version, I subscribe to booth, one of my little pleasure's. This I bought at a car boot in Normandy ,2 euro es a bargain I think!
D hates this picture , He says she looks miserable! I rather like her , its quite a old picture and I think she looks serene,what do you think?
I spent a lovely hour in here relaxing , after a stressy night and busy day don't you think I deserved it? !
This is the base of an olds gas lamp that we adapted in to a soap dish holder.
This is my Press where I keep all my linen and towels , the wire basket filled with loo rolls I bought in Honfluer last summer , it brings back lovely memories of a fab place.

Last night my 16 year old camped out with a group of friends ,boys and girls, Yes I know its early March and still officially winter . I did,nt want him to go for many reasons , the cold, the dangers that my mothers mind sees, I don't know about any of you with teenagers of this age , but I find it so hard to juggle my feelings of protectiveness with letting him have his independence and to gain life experience ... So he went ,kitted out with enough provisions he could barley carry them, Supplied by a fussing me , his words as he headed to the door were ! " no mum I don,t need a flask of horlicks ", . They camped about 1/2 a mile away in some open fields, At about 11,o,clock , after me saying too many times , do you think he,s OK, ...D gave in and SAS style crept along the river bank in the dark and peered at the camp site to make sure they looked OK, his comment on reporting back to me was ,I could get bloody arrested for hiding behind trees in the dark peering at children!!!! I spent a sleeplessish night ... half listening for a phone call or knock on door( to be fare he as camped out before ,but in high summer and 200 yard from home)H e was fine , had a great time and came home covered in mud this morning with a group of friends, who got feed bacon sarnies ,but they didn,t seam keen to drink the huge flask of horlicks I prepared earlier!!!


  1. Wow! What a beautiful bathroom! It looks like the pages of Country Living magazine. How do you keep it like that with teenagers?

    We were in your neck of the woods today. We even climbed to the top of the castle and peered over your way! We visited every charity shop but you must have been in first as the only bargain I got was a packet of buttons! LOL

    Fi x

  2. My youngest son would find the deer skull interesting! I agree with you the photo of the lady does look very serene.I don't think I would ever come out of the bathroom if I had one like yours,looks bliss! Ha ha teens!!! We have a 18 yr old well this week,a 16 yr old,and a nearly 16 yr old!!!Eldest a boy and two girls!!!You sound like me,you want them to have a bit of rope but then we can't help fussing and worrying that perhaps we are giving them too much or not enough!!!So funny about you sending D to creep out and check on them:)Sounds like they enjoyed themselves anyway,even though you probably didn't sleep much!!My soon to be 16 yr old lives with my mum until after her exams(her choice) but Gran is too strict and she can not wait to come home!! beckyx

  3. We were in Richmond on Saturday - I have finally posted after another break! I love your bathroom I am guessing you must be on the Green near where they were going to put the car park and flats - yippee they didn't.....The room looks like a page out of CL as the other other blogger says have oyu ever thought of sending pics to them or ~Period Living? Went to the charity shop and they were closed due to illness I was gutted and didnt really unearth anything but had a lovely meal in the cafe on the corner as usual.