Saturday, 27 March 2010

My Saturday

Hello every one , I Thought I would give you a look into at my Saturday! This morning at 7 , I bounded out of bed and quietly got dressed , leaving D snoring and grabbed a quick cup of coffee and drove the ten miles to the first out door car boot of the season(well actually second,as rained off last week)so excited and filled with anticipation , would there be many stalls ..... would there be any treasure?...well there was a few stalls not as many as I hoped but look what I found, three lovely old books , 1 of Keats poems( Bright Star has kicked off a interest in the poet) 1 of a biography of Keats, and a book on the pre Raphaelites.. all mine for a £1... and then out of the corner of my eye this...
lovely french shabby chic brand new in box wire shelf ,I all ways need shelves for all this stuff I keep acquiring! I asked the guy how much? He said £4 ....£4 .. heart beating fast with disbelief at how little, I said would you take £3? deal done( love joy move over!)such a bargain dont you think? Its going to be hard to find a bare bit of wall to take it but erm erm, i will do it !!!
drove home fairly pleased with my little haul.... only to walk in to chaos, D had been woken up from his lie in 5 Min's after I left by 16 year old son asking for a lift home from sleep over as his friend was going of to work and so had to leave.... D had returned with errant son and was busy frying sausages ( his week end ritual, don't normally eat fried stuff ,but his one weakness!!)brewing coffee ,trying not to fall over the cats as they wound round his legs , while barking orders to son about cleaning his room, been more considerate, and telling me he was,nt speaking to son,,,,er right OK!) so peace shattered and It was so sunny today I made exit stage left and took my new copy of home and interiors ,my tea and toast and sat in the garden , all this and it was still only 9.10 in morning! Ha family life.
then next we walked my furry babies in the loovely sunshine,
Fergal was,nt talking to Flora as she had got him up early to pick her up from a friends!!!!!
the view back towards my house next , hopped in to the market for veg, did some gardening , made a Bonn fire to burn old bank statements etc, put washing on having picked my self up off floor after I fainted seeing amount of dirty clothes son had found in room after enforced tidy, hung washing out, yes out side a first this year.... still only 11.30 ..... started painting sitting room dark wood coffee table ( PHOTO LATTER) sludgy white as yearning for brightness in house after seeing posy,s blog and attic 24 then finally lunch.... D was heading off mountain biking in the afternoon,, bye missing you all ready..... and son was doing course work for school,I repeat was doing course work.. father not speaking to him having effect,may be I should not speak to him ,he might do the ironing!!! then at last some me time and this is what i did........................ I will show you tomorrow .. as its rather late now and I need my bed as another day another car boot sale tomorrow and as I didn't even tell you about my afternoon I think the morning alone was enough to see a woman take to her bed!!! back tomorrow........


  1. Looking forward to seeing what you picked up today, did you find any wall space for that cute wirework shelf its so pretty. Lucey xx

  2. So funny sounds just like the madness in our house!!!!Love the books daren't show my eldest your finds he is Keates and old book mad!I'm sure you managed to find some free wall space somewhere to place your bargain find!Dying to see the painting of your coffee table,I still haven't plucked up the courage to start on my wardrobe.Lighter nights now my get me going!!Love car boots,ye something to do on a Sunday morning:)I'm sure hubby won't be sharing the same enthusiasm!Nothing quite like having tea and toast in the garden especially with a good magazine!Hope you have more success today with more bargain finds!!AH you can just smell spring in the air!beckyxx

  3. Love it - sounds a busy fun filled day!!!
    Great shelf. We have a Sunday car boot near us but never see anything exciting.

  4. Lovely finds! Hubby and I have an afternoon off tomorrow, thought we might explore Thirsk?
    Are there many charity shops or interesting places? Just been on Google Street View, is Rosie and Jims Junk shop any good?

    If you have time this is my email address

    Thank you, Fi x

  5. I am worn out reading that ! I know what you mean though and it made me laugh..
    I love that shelf !
    Sue x

  6. Its the very same find!
    I bought mine from OKA in sale an age back.....fab find!xxx