Monday, 1 March 2010


Barbie and ken cupcakes!
My treasured Victorian turquoise and white dinner service, all ways feel like i have found the holy grail when i find another piece for my set...
The table set for the birthday boys celebration lunch

Culloden tower, I think its a stunning building, very fairy tail like.

The sun was shining in Swaledale today, after days of gloom ,it was so good to see the first real hint of spring Iwas,nt the only one , my two elderly dogs Fergal and flora positively zipped about on our morning walk, I just stood and held my face up to the week rays like a moon gazing hare! I think I mentioned in a past blog that 50 yards from my front door i am lucky to have fields and park land that belonged to a Georgian mansion ( long demolished such a shame), the land is privately owned ,but i have access, and on a hill there is a folly called culloden tower( built by the Yorke family to commemorate the English victory at battle of culloden ).It was a ruin till a few years ago, and had sheep living in it , bought by the landmark trust and restored as a holiday rental. I have been in it a few times, its stunning and the views are amazing, so romantic. I once went on the roof as there is a balcony and I had to be talked back down as have a stupid phobia of spiral stair cases.( I'm sure in a past life I met a grizzly end on a spiral staircase!!!) Its quite pricey but look it up on there website! It was my husband D,s ,birthday yesterday, I cooked a special birthday lunch, and got out my best dinner service, I have been collecting ,bit by bit for years , its made by wallis and gimson and dates fron 1884,I try to use it for high days and holidays , and I always wonder who owned it before me and what celebrations its witnessed in the past, and think of who treasured it before me. I hope D had a lovely relaxed day eating ,drinking and watching rugby with our two boys, Will and Nat. I certainly enjoyed the cupcakes , specially pink ones as the males in the family didn't want to been seen eating barbie buns( there words!). ...... tomorrow I am off to York on a lunch , people watching and shopping jaunt with my lovely friend Wendy, watch out cath Kidston we are on our way. will tell you all about it soon.


  1. Ooooh don't forget to tell us about York!!
    Love Helen
    P.S. the chickens are cochins!

  2. You are so lucky to have such fab countryside on your door step. Hope you enjoyed your trip to York, its one of my favorite days out. The heart silicone cupcake moulds were bought at M&S. Love Denise

  3. I hope the birthday boy appeciates the beautiful dinner service, but what I want to know is, who is trusted to wash up afterwards? lol.
    Thanks for the tip off about the Laura Ashley treasure. Unfortunatley I don't think we'll be able to get there anytime soon. We're only allowed out on a weekend, lol and this coming weekend my parents are visiting (snow permitting; we woke to a couple of inches yesterday!) so my hubby and my dad can visit the auction in Hawes. Anyway thats probably a good thing as I have an order from an online gift shop for some of my work, so I really need to be at home sewing and crocheting.