Monday, 22 March 2010


come on in i will put the kettle on , hang your bag up, with my cath kidston..
its lovely and peaceful ,only the clock ticking, glad you did,nt come earlier as the hall was a mess with week end clutter....
close the door and keep the awful wet wintry weather out .......
Step through the door into the sitting room.... I am so glad you have come .......
I needed cheering up after the week-end , ho the first out door car boot was cancelled because of the rain I was so so fed up and the farmers market was a wash out as well.. ho ..hum..Please take a seat ,sofa or chair in the corner .. would you like coffee or tea?.... earl grey? Darjeeling. Yorkshire? there s the new period living on the table take a peek while I make the Earl grey.....Its so cold I may be should have lite the fire, The tin on the shelf.. I will get it down to take a closer look....
I have had it about 15 years i bought it at a car boot sale in Lincoln whenI used to live there, it has lovely Victorian Christmas scenes on and I love it,, I think its Victorian...I have some thing to confess ,The tin push along chicken came from Ebay this morning, how am I going to tell D...I think i am regressing i am starting to have a Passion for vintage toys, i would love a vintage dolls pram ..... and a push along fox terrier, you know the ones... please do not tell D!!!Would you like a cinnamon muffin? go on we we will share one..... don't you think Hetty ( my god I have named her!) looks good with my vintage /shaker wooden animals that D carved for me?I am so glad you popped in , you have cheered me up no end.... whats the music in the back ground?? ho that's Seth Lakeman, always lifts my spirits, you like Kitty Jay! my favorite too,the fiddling is wonderful.. you have to go now, .. do call again very soon......


  1. Thank you! Such wonderful hospitality. What a beautiful home you have, you clearly love it very much. Is it really time for me to go... already...

  2. Such a cosy, comfy home and your part of the country is just wonderful - lucky you - enjoy!!

  3. I certainly WILL call again. ;) You have a lovely home and I love the hen on wheels! xx

  4. What a gorgeous house you have, and I love the painted woodwork, so elegant and striking. I find vintage toys fascinating too, what is it about them............. they've got a charm that modern plastic new toys don't always have, don't they? Thank you for the sneaky peek into your home! Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  5. Hello Linda,
    Thank you for visiting my blog and for your comment. Its lovely to discover yours - you have a very beautiful home.
    Just to say that I have a dog on wheels, but he's not strictly a fox terrier. He can be seen on one of my past posts here:
    I shall add you to my blog roll, as I'd love to visit you again...

  6. Wow what a truly cosy time we all had!!! I love your house and feel so at home,where does the time go,the green chair is just in the right spot to admire all your beautiful things!Loving Hetty,wasn't she good letting you have all the scrummy warm cinnamon muffin!!!Think we lifted all our spirits u:) becky xx

  7. Such a cosy home. I'd love to snuggle up in that green chair and share tea and cake with you.