Sunday, 28 March 2010


This is what I got up to yesterday when I got some free time, I picked the branches on my walk..
Then I got out my Easter eggs, collected over the last few years. I started a Easter tree when my friend Christina brought me some eggs when she came to stay a few year ago, I gave her three live bantam chickens in return which (I used to keep and breed them ) she took home on the train in a little wicker basket. This is so Christina. she is of Greek parentage ( D christened her miss Onassis!) I met her when i lived in Scotland , she walked into play group wearing an amazing vintage dress and hat and wellies. Instant friend!!Her husband was very high up officer in the army , the nearest both of them had come to the country was reading country living ( both brought up in London) so they bought a large small holding and I became best friend and country side adviser! Any way Easter is big in Greece and she started me off with my traditional Easter tree...
I add a couple of new ones a year..

the two little chickens are this years,s do you like them cute..
I have tried to keep to a yellow and green theme ,but pink and red have crept in...
I put some Seth lakeman ( fantastic .. seen him in concert twice, ,great musician and a pleasure to look at!!) on I I pod made some fresh coffee and had a lovey hour , prating D calls it ,but I love doing thing like this...

I bought these sweet bunny's a couple of years ago, I love her babies, and she adds to my Easter arrangement don't you think?......
The sun was shining and it and the lovely bright colours cheered me so much , I so enjoyed my self.....
The two wooden chickens I have had for years, when I kept hens ( I had over 40 at one point, mainly Peeking Cochin's for the chicken lovers out there, I really miss not having them had to part with them when we moved as we have smallish garden now, I will have you know some of them went to live at mount grace priory the national trust property, posh poultry, wouldn't talk to me now!)I all so started collecting decorative chickens, but only have a few left now,kept my favorites and ebayed others, got to fund my new compulsions some how... erm ..
Every time I walk into sitting room It makes me smile, said to my men.. do you like the tree... ? one said what tree? (16 year old) he only been in room a hour ( and believe me its not a big room) Please.... other (52 year old) said are you sure its Easter this week end!!! and added .. if you keep buying those egg things we are going to have to chop a whole tree down next year... some one save me..... do you like it?
This is the view through the window from out side, passing people stop and look ,some take photos, and people smile and wave if they see you in the room, its kind of nice!


  1. It's absolutely gorgeous! I don't do an easter tree, and have only seen them in recent years but I want one now! I do, I do!xx

  2. Your tree is really lovely, I need to get mine done, I was going to do it early this year but its getting late !
    Happy Easter
    Sue x

  3. Just gorgeous! Happy Easter love Helen xx

  4. Hello! Just found your blog - love your Easter decorations, I don't think you can ever have too many!

  5. Hi Linda, Lovely to have found your blog. Been following since you started and decided I must let you know. Your Easter tree is soooo gorgeous!! Never had one myself, but you have truly inspired me for next year. Look forward to my next insight into your lovely, crazy, inspiring, funny uplifting blog Love Wendy x P.S. Looking forward to the farmers mart trip!

  6. Hi Linda... Have just come across your lovely blog... what an inspiration! I L.O.V.E your Easter tree it looks so happy and colourful.... just ignore the men... what do they know anyway?
    Will be back!
    Yvonne xx

  7. Linda... Your Easter Tree look lovely, I love them and hopefully I will have time to put mine up tomorrow, I too expect the same comments from the males in my househols, I just ignore them. Happy Easter.
    Denise x

  8. Hello!
    Thank You for stopping by my blog to say Hello. It is always nice to dicover new bloggy friends, especially when you have so much in common.
    I LOVE your Easter tree, I have a few Eastery bits dotted about but no tree, maybe an idea for next year.
    You have such a pretty, cosy looking home, I have had a quick flick down your posts, but tomorrow is my day off so i'll look forward to seeing more!

  9. Oh, I love your Easter tree. You are good. I don't do Easter decorations and I should. I love doing that sort of thing. I love what your 16 year old said !! That's the sort of thing mine would say !!
    I think that because our son and his wife are on holiday in the States and our daughter and her boyfriend are off to Singapore, Sydney and Bali tomorrow, I didn't do anything.
    Have a wonderful Easter weekend. XXXX

  10. I just love your Easter tree, it's beautiful ! I think I might have a go at creating one myself next year, you have inspired me.
    Hope you are having a lovely easter weekend.
    Ann x

  11. Hi - your Easter decorations are so pretty.xx