Wednesday, 17 March 2010

IS,NT THIS FUNNY? .... CAPTIONS PLEASE! ( she was holding the ears so i could get a good photo, theres friendship for you!)


MY SMALL COLLECTION OF TINS, NEVER MANY BISCUITS AS LOCUS SWARM OF TEENAGERS USUALLY GET IN TO THE TINS!( I have a secret tin with emergency supplies, so don't feel you have to send me hobnobs ,well you could send me amaretti!!)

a bit of trimming going on, you can work out where!!!
Yesterday a friend and I decided a little jaunt was in order, to catch up on each others news and to fit in a much promised visit to a fellow bloggers shop, Milk churn cottage , which stocks a great range of lovelies some made by Fi from marmalade rose. My friend is originally from wensleydale ,but we are very welcoming in Swaledale and we let her cross the border a couple of years ago! When she picked me up I said where have you got in mind to have lunch ( been on a diet ,the next morsel is always on my mind) hah.. she said I have some where special in mind ..... erm said I. The drive up Wensledale is stunning the landscape consists of a patchwork of fields, dry stone walls, and the austerer but beautiful little stone barns that are scattered across the dale. As we didn,t get up there till after 12, my friend suggested lunch to give us strength for shopping. .... .. as we entered the market town of Hawes , friend turned off and pulled into the live stock auction , I gave her the what are you doing look, she said just wait and see....... the auction was very busy , farmers travel from all over the remote area to sell and buy sheep.... We entered this barn and in side was a scene strait from James Herriots all creatures great and small , Readers I stepped through a time warp and entered the 30,s. wow ! lining the room was trestle tables with vintage oil cloths , a roaring fire , and the most Delicious smell of food , but the atmosphere was great as the room was full of farmers , a sea off wellies ,boiler suits, tweed and caps! we took a place near the fire , and its then I discovered friends sister catered here, I had a great Yorkshire ham salad, with hard boiled eggs, in Yorkshire its tradition , 1/2 lb of ham must have been on my plate! followed by a mug of tea and honestly the best slice of Victoria sponge I have ever tasted. we soon fell into chat with the farmers and gentle flirting and teasing were in order, single ladies out there forget dating agencies , farmers auction markets are THE PLACE! I usually frequent yummy mummy ,national trust type eateries, boy i didn't know what i have been missing!!! So with great anticipating we both entered Milk churn cottage , and it was really lovely to meet both Karen and Fi, we had a lovely chat,so much in common to talk about, and of cause all the loveliness to look at .Fi crafts the most fab cup cakes and adorable bunnies out of old embroidered table clothes, check out her site marmaladrose.I left with a couple of essentials, and was delighted to have met the two girls! We had a lovely drive around and took in the sun shine and the great scenery and it was so nice to feel relaxed and just have time... do you know what i mean, to feel as i was living in that moment? we finished a great day at friends sisters farm , and it was there I saw the best looking boy of the day was love at first sight for me , no tweed ,no cap, but great ears! Its so lovely when you do some thing unexpected ,big and small, I went to bed feeling I had lived my day..........


  1. Oh Wow, they named the donkey after me !! haha.
    That sounded like the perfect day, It sounds as if you had a great time and I want a plate of that salad. Sounds delicious.
    I'm so glad that you had a wonderful day. XXXX

  2. I really enjoyed this and thank you, it was lovely to meet you both too, glad the tin has a good home. And Fi has almost finished her wedding cake, it is fantastic, no doubt we will both be blogging about it. The donkey is ace and I had no idea I was missing so much at the auction mart, Karen xx