Sunday, 7 March 2010


My furry baby Fergal, taken today on one of our usual gentle walks, so fit for a pensioner ,can,t bare to think of a time when he wont be with us..... my little love bug.......
flowery over the top ness,so pretty,and only £ could i resist????

cabbages and roses .

Just realised you can just see me in mirror, red face hidden behind camera, luckily for you!!!!
This is an old French chair , one of a pair , Keep wanting to cover it with different fabric ,but a bit scared of ruining it if I do it my self, any tips , any one else tackled similar project?

think i will put in in to my sitting room as a throw over my sofa, looks nice on my old french chair , but do,snt fit in with my colour scheme in my barn room , or may be the bedroom,decisions, decisions... love the faded , muted shadeds of the quilt , my poor mans cabbages and roses!
fergal and I resting our weary feet, ..... just realised I have odd socks on, better not let my son Nat see this picture as I,m forever telling him off for odd sock wearing.....

Yesterday I walked 10 miles , no .. the car had,nt broken down and I had heard a car boot sale was on , I went hill walking with my husband and his Friends but not intentionally..... see on Friday evening he asked if I wanted to come for a couple of miles gentle walk, I was hesitant to accept my Husband,s kind invitation as he is seriously in to walking, climbing and outdoor pursuits , don't get me wrong I love walking in the country side ,but not marathon yomps! Some of the guys he walks with are mountain rescue so I reckoned I was in semi safe hands and said I would go as I am still trying to loose the last 7 pounds and need SOME exercise....... well we walked and walked and walked up mountain and dale, I was accompanied by my 16 year old Norfolk terrier Fergal, I made D promise to carry him in the rug sack if he got tired , after walking ,puffing ,whingeing my way up one particular steep fell side ,I begged D to carry me in the rucksack!!! On the fell top it was so cold there was 3ft of snow, and cold.. my god.. I try ed to eat a banana and it was ice Lolly like, my green and black,s choc bar ( small erm ) was so solid after sucking it for 5 Min's still hadn't melted, are you getting the picture ... sorry no photos as no way I was removing my gloves, think the blokes were sick of me as I kept quoiting Scott of the Antarctic.... D had more sense than to ask me if I enjoyed it....( but secretly proud of my self i managed it!!) Is the beepy wind burned ,frost bitten red face look attractive ? This morning I was rather tired , but hay the car boot sale was on and walking round a car boot sale is VERY different..... there was quite a few stalls , the boot sale is an indoor one about 4 miles away...... but recently I hav,nt found many treasures, but this morning I found a fab quilt, I spotted it under some cushions under a stall , and as soon as I saw it I knew it was me. I think it is very cabbages and roses, faded reds and creams and in great condition, I hugged it to me and asked how much? £2 , yes two pounds .. , sold to the lady with the red frost bitten face! I love cabbages and Roses , When I was in York ,there is a fab department of cabbages and Roses in Jigsaw ,I always go and look, but seldom buy any thing because out of my price bracket., but still drool ( not literally ) over the fabric and clothes, so am delighted with my poor mans cabbages and roses. Also managed to get vintage Italian flowery candelabra light fitting, but I will adapt it to put candles in, when I showed D , he said WHERE are you going to put that... I think he dis pares of my flowery passions, its hard living in male household.


  1. Hello Linda
    Yes I can see the York photos, purple skirt, CK body cream, scrummy bacon and cheese stack. Yep, think they're all there. Looks like you know all the best places to go! Hmmm... tummy rumbling now! Bacon and cheeeeeese...

    Your a very brave girl going for a walk with hubby. My hubby sounds like yours, he loves walking. Don't get wrong, I like walking too, only a different type of walking. He likes steep climby walks whilst I like to bimble gently mostly on the level where you can look at the scenery and not have to constantly look for the next foot hold! lol!

    You need to have a word with Karen at Milkchurn cottage about recovering that chair. She's done quite a bit of that and keeps trying to encourage me to have a go. I do think your chair would be quite straight forward though.

    Lastly, where was the car boot sale? Would it be far for us to get to from Hawes?

  2. Your poor feet - hope you & Fergal have recovered by now!


  3. Hello I have just found you after having a sneaky look at blogs instead if getting ready for work! and reality. I live in Northallerton and my mother in law in Richmond! so we are over your way all the time - I see you follow Fiona in Hawes - she is so lovely we met up one day a while ago - Oh to see a blogger in person was a delight. I too have a weakness for house mags and sound like our delights are the same except I am overweight. You are very good to have lost all that weight - well done. I would definitely recover the chair I love the taupe and red thick and thin stripey French fabrics. I am doing a stall in Masham Town Hall in April selling my bunting, hearts etc so am sewing in my spare time which is limited as I work full time at County Hall. I am wondering like Fiona where your car boot is! I can feel a visit to my m-in-law on Saturday to check the LA stuff it wont fit me but it would be good for cushions etc. My blog is on Marm Roses sidebar I think. Right must get ready for work. I love your house!!