Monday, 15 March 2010


I hope you all had a loving and happy mothers day. I had a really peaceful and relaxing day . Car boot sale in the morning , which did,nt yield any treasures, but on the way back in the car I was listening to the Aled Jones show on radio two, and he did an interview with Kate mcCann , I was so moved by her, Her pain was so raw and she just seems rather broken and fragile ,I shed a tear for her, if you can listen to her on i player, I defie you not to be moved. When I got home I gave my son an extra big hug, He just had that get off me you mad woman look on his face !! But having said that in partnership with his dad they cooked me a lovely Sunday lunch , while I read the papers , pottered in the garden and caught up on lovely blogs I follow. I also received lovely chocolates,( I am going to have one a day ..) flowers, and the above lovely flowery heaven heart wreath! But the best present was spending time with my family and getting a huge hug and I do love you mum off the fore mentioned teenager! Ahhh... sniff ..


  1. Wow I love the heart,I did hint over a willow heart I had seen but guess I didn't hint loud enough:)My eldest didn't get up till late yesterday but has just given me a c.k teapot and cup n saucer:)and a big hug!! Don't you just love em? I went all goosepimpley when I read your bit about Kate mcCann,I remember when Maddie went missing my youngest now 7 said he wanted to light a candle every Sunday to pray she returns and he wants to be a Policeman when he is older to find her!Very sad!Enjoy your week,Beckyxx

  2. That just sounded like the perfect Mother's Day for you. I have just posted about mine so, I wont say it all again here but, needless to say, I had a wonderful day too.
    Your flowers are so beautiful and chocolates are always a treat, aren't they ? You're very good, only having one a day !! haha. XXXX

  3. Thanks so much for your comment. I have come back to say that I've been to Dennis Sever's house . It's brilliant. One of the best and not very expensive little tourist attractions in London, I think. Not many people know about it either, do they ?
    The best time to go is at Christmas as they dress the house in Chrisymas decoratios and have a tree and presents. It was going to be my next post as it would follow on nicely from going there on Mothers Day. How funny that you should have mentioned it ? We go to Spitalfields a lot. It's only 20 minutes on the train and they have a really good market and antiques market. It is all so lovely there, now that it has been regenerated. XXXX

  4. Hello Linda,
    Of course you can use my Milkchurn Cottage photo.
    Karen and I were almost hugging ourselves after you and Di left yesterday, we'd had such a lovely afternoon chatting with you both. We felt so lucky to meet such lovely people. People who like scrummy pretty things like we do.
    Today Karen and I have had a lovely day together. We went to fabulous craft shop in Guisborough called Leven Crafts. I spent far too much money on beautiful fabrics and buttons! Just like you though, in my excitement I forgot to take photos! We never stopped chatting all day, and often our converation returned to getting a craft group together, so don't worry you'll be the first one we tell if we can get it together.

    Keep in touch,
    Love Fi x