Wednesday, 3 March 2010


my bargain vintage find, I don't know when i started been drawn to purple,but i am......
St Michael's church, Spurrigate, lovely in side , they remove all the tables on Sunday and still have services,
this is what I had for lunch at the spurrigate centre , bacon ,potato and cheese slice with the choice of three salads , yummy ,

my NOA NOA skirt ,cant wait for warmer weather , so I might wear it with little purchases, the handcream smells so good, it encourages you to use it ,with its fab smell.
The divine miss Kidstons!
love this red table ,what do you think, could you live with it.....?

well yesterday was trip to York day, living in a little Dales market town I so enjoy an escape to the city( there could be a TV program in there don't you think!). I live about 50 miles from York and I picked my friend Wendy up who lives mid way,we both were so looking forward to shopping , lunch ,catching up with each other and numerous coffee stops! We parked and rode, and hit York about 10 ish, We headed strait up Stone gate to the heavenly Cath Kidston many lovely things..... bags ,ho I LOVE the bags, mugs , bowls ,fabric ,toiletries , clothes , honestly could move in, there was this huge farmhouse table painted poppy red , I would have never dreamt of a painting a table red, but you know what it was Divine. As I have four ( yes I know ... what can I say !) cath handbags , I fought with the inner bag demons and only bought a small cloth bag which I really needed ... really, plus some wonderfully scented blue bell hand cream for the side of my bed ,some button badges to brighten a tweed jacket, see self control ish... . Further up Stone gate there is a wonderful interior /home wears shop called Wild heart ,great primitive American things ,french, danish maileg figures ect ,vintage and new stuff, lovely shop, but boy it was freezing in there , hardly made you want to linger,, so we rushes on to lower peter gate..... I started to hyper ventilate as we got closer ... Wendy told me to take long deep breaths remain calm..... and there it was my very favorite shop.....NOA NOA, as I may have mentioned in I love the clothes and accessories, beautifully feminine , they have a slightly vintage timeless fell to them ,and the staff are so friendly and helpful. so many covet able items in the spring collection, but I was very good (are you listening D ) I treated my self to a fab light purple cotton tiered and embroidered skirt from there 70% off sale rail . We (ok I needed to collect my self) both needed a well earner lunch. We headed to the Spurrigate centre ,which is a christian run centre and they serve Delicious wholesome food in the fantastic setting of the St Micheal's church, if your in York you must go, Its really popular and once been you will know why. York never fails to impress with its architecturally beautiful buildings , from the medieval to the Georgian at every twist and turn ther is some thing to admire, theres such a huge sense of history. one of our last stops was at a great little vintage clothe shop called Priests vintage in Norman court of grape lane ( an area behind stone gate full of great restaurants and unusual shops) this place is great for a browse , and i grabbed a real bargain ,a genuine 50,s frock for £10, it will look great to wear for our 31/2 days of summer we will get!!!! so coffee,d out , Horst with all our chat and bank balance depleted we wound our way back up them Dales, bags a rustling ...


  1. Hi there Linda,
    Thank you so much for your lovely comment. It's very flattering to say that my blog inspired you. I'm sure that you were thinking of it anyway. Actually, I was looking for a photo of something and I came across someones blog and at the top of the page it said, CREATE, I did, and the rest is history. It has been great fun and I have made so many friends from all over the world.
    I don't think that I've seen 'Bright Star' so, I will have to find a copy.
    I shall go and follow you Brits have to stick together !! XXXX

  2. Love your new dress,purple is a very spiritual and creative colour,and of course your fab Noa Noa skirt yep get those layers out and wear it:)The C.K red table is just so lovely and very temping,we have an old pine table the varnished horrible type and I am so tempted to start on the chairs,not sure what the household would think all different colours:)where's the sandpaper!!Your beautiful blog is so inspiring I must start mine properly!!Bright Star is now on my wish list!!!beckyxx

  3. this is my fave place to visit in york I always head straight to this shop