Thursday, 24 March 2011


Hello girls..... firstly I would like to apologies for the long gap between this post and the last...boy doesn't time fly bye... i have had a very busy social life recently and have been very lucky to have been out and about far too much for my own good !!! Plus fitting in a bit of full time work ...have dropped in to your blogs to keep an eye on what you have all been getting up to .. we are all so busy in different ways..... A couple of weeks a go I had a little outing to Harrogate.. lunching watching... and as i was walking past Bettys tearooms and heading down Montpelier parade were all the swish shops and restaurants are..just window shopping honest..eeh..ermm.. i looked in a restaurant window .. and spotted a pile of wood ,the restaurant was been refurbishes..... and on closer inspection..nosed pressed up to window..spotted an old pine draw ..feet..cupboard doors..

so putting on my best smile and fluttering my eye lashes ,flicking hair miss piggy fashion ..I enquired what they were doing with the wood jigsaw.. the lovely polish builders asked the even lovelier owner if the "lady" could av cupboard..

he said go ahead its all there ..we were just about to chuck it in the skip.. girls i have a small car and it was verrrrry difficult getting all in ..even thought four lovely chaps with bemused faces helped me.. what are you going to do with it lady said one.. keep rabbits in it!!

well as you can see after piecing the cupboard together,its a rather nice bow fronted old pine side board.. all the pieces were there and D is fixing it as we speak..

I intend to paint it a lovely frenchy colour and put it in the bedroom to house my small excess amount of clothes...

What do you think.. not bad for a bit of cheek and all for free... i,ll post as the project progresses..

have a great week ..we had lovely sunshine today and hope you have had some too ,xx