Thursday, 4 March 2010


Because I was loving the outdoors today I thought I would show you .......This is the view I wash my pots up too from my kitchen window, it will be great when its finished !
This is the view from my front door step ,note the shadows from the sun, take a close look as it might be a while before we see more. not a bad view eeh?
This is my sitting room window sill with more silk flowers , I try to keep them seasonal , so come Autumn I have cupboards stuffed with daffodils and tulips, at the moment geraniums and roses are waiting to come out of the closet.. erm...These are some very real looking silk flowers in my dinning room as I had spring on my mind I made a little arrangement with my shabby chic Easter bunnies , they are so sweet ,they make me smile every time I look at them , I love fresh flowers , but silk ones last a bit longer!

For the first time this year the sun shone for most of today, it really, really , lifted my spirits and as I walked my furry babies this morning in the woods it was lovely to linger and sit a while on a old tree trunk ,listen to the birds and be glad about small things like the snowdrops I found , I took them home as I wanted to to take spring inside with me!

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  1. Hi Linda, you left me a message on my blog about my shop in Hawes. The tins are £9.95. Aren't they pretty? And your blog is lovely. You have a lovely view, who needs a dishwasher when you can wash up to that? I also enjoyed the York post. If you do come to the shop please introduce yourself. (I'm closed Mon & Weds til Easter, but open all the other days.) Best wishes, Karen x