Saturday, 1 May 2010


Hello ,just want to say thank you for all your lovely comments and emails, i really love receiving them and so glad to meet you! I have started a new full time job this week and am feeling really worn out, I have only worked part time recently and its hard to adjust, also sods law I have developed a stinky flu,cold,cough , just what i needed right now.. so to days my first day off and trying to catch up with every thing, between collapsing on the sofa with lemsip! After my Saturday car boot pilgrimage and the trolley dash round Sainbods, I have spent a lot of time in my kitchen, so i thought I would give you a look.. The dried flowers are a bunch bought at a Brittany market last summer and every time I look at them it transports me back to the sunshine and smells of the market...

This cheese bell is the first old treasure I bought as a married woman,(27 years ago!) I bought it from Canarfon Wales and it cost £ 11 , felt alot then, still love it..

My cottage is very old ( grade two listed) and there has been a building on this site for over 600 years,( In 1519 a chap called Ralph brockelhurst was living here!) so you can imagine its higgeldy piggeldy and quirky, because of the listing we have had to work around what was already there, luckily the kitchen only had a sink and one red unit when we bought it , so we have fitted a free standing kitchen , buying old french cupboards, and shelves from architectural salvage yards,

This is my small pantry, I have a larger walk in one in the opposite corner of kitchen . D striped the large door and made the the small one to match..

this is my little table come work station, we fitted casters so I can wheel it round to where I need it..
I love this little built in cupboard with its little air holes, i keep all my dried ,tinned food in here so handy near the cooker..

as you can see I am not minimalist! they blue shelves we bought from a reclamation yard and D fitted them ,AS its not a huge kitchen I didn't want wall cupboards and i really love this with its paneling and finials, so much stuff on it its a testament to D,s DIY skills it stays up!

the chocolater sign was a little Ebay purchase..

My sweet malachy ,there is all ways a furry baby hanging about in the kitchen in case of food action, we painted the floor white, and my god its so hard to keep clean, and marks so much, does any body else have a love hate with painted floors?

this is the view through our kitchen to our barn room , which is a double height room with a hay loft window and it used to be a black smiths forge and its over 45 ft long ,our cottage would be quite small with out it, and its light and airy ..

one of my many weaknesses ,floral shopping bags! and mugs...!!!!!
Cant be leave i am showing you my kitchen sink (have you nodded off yet!) we have an old ceramic drainer and butlers sink ,with marble surround(from an old fireplace) I think its got a 30,s feel, I spend too much time here , we don't have a dish washer so...I all so can resist a bit of enamel ...!!! D made the shelves, whos a clever boy!
this is what I bought at the car boot this morning ,I love the sugar tongs, ingenious! Having shown you the first thing i bought I thought i would show you the latest!! i am going to go now and have a hot bath ,a hot chocolate ,more lemsip and try to get my self well for Monday when I am back at work, sniff ,cough , shiver, love from the i am feeling sorry for my self Yorkshire lass!!


  1. Love your gorgeous cottage and your kitchen sink.Yes I have a love hate painted floor thing.. My bathroom which I will post soon is very pretty with cath wallpaper etc and a white wooden floor which is due for another covering any moment.In my infinite wisdom deciding to inject girlie stuff into my houseful of men home,I bought deep pink towels and bathmat which are heavenly but the whole room is constantly decorated with pink fluff balls and lint which drift along the skirting a fact which I find most depressing! Hope you feel better soon Anne x

  2. What a lovely idea to show your kitchen..and might I say it looks fab! The sort of place you want to sit and have a cuppa and a natter....
    Sorry you not feeling well, it's the last thing you need when you are at work. Keep the Lemsip's coming... Wendy xxxxxxx

  3. Oh, I ADORE your kitchen!
    Hope you feel better soon.

    Bellaboo :0)

  4. Your kitchen is gorgeous, I love the blue shelves and all your enamel. I also have painted white, floor boards in my kitchen so know exactly what you are talking about. It's impossible to keep them clean especially with muddy paw prints. My floor is much more worn than yours and needs repainting but I do like the look. Hope you start to feel better soon, I have just about got over it so know how you feel.
    Ann x

  5. I want your kitchen! Hope you are soon feeling better and that work goes well.


  6. Your kitchen is gorgeous. Love the blue.

  7. Hope you are feeling better!Just LOVE everything about your kitchen have you got room for a lodger?!!!!My daughters room has the same painted boards but I'm going have to re do them again,she wont let me carpet it though!xx

  8. hello wow you have such a beautiful home your kitchen is divine I wouldn't want to leave it that sink is lovely I have one but its full of plants but I am always wishing I was doing the dishes in it instead .
    Hope you are feeling better and thanks for visiting my blog

  9. ooohhhhh I LOVE LOVE LOVE your kitchen!xxx