Tuesday, 25 May 2010


How are you all? good I hope, hasn't the hot weather been fantastic ? nothing seems as bad when the Sunshine's does it! I spent lots of time in my garden this weekend, we ate nearly all our meals AL-fresco, and so enjoyed it, even the teenager emerged from his pit of a bedroom and braved the sunshine!
Thought I would show you a little glimpse of my garden,I am going to do a longer post on it,but in the mean time, its a terraced garden reached by 25 steep steps, and our garden is higher than our roof! hilly Richmond for you.! My garden is in lots of little segments, and I have lots of structure in it with box hedging ,softened by cottage garden plants, lots of different lavenders too, I also have lots of stone cats all over the garden ( I collect them, ho what a surprise!), I don't like ones that are too cutie looking, so try to get the quite real looking ones when I can .. This is my sweet Malachy eyeing up his stone look a likes!( above)this was part of our 20 Th wedding present, Who said romance was dead!!!
part of my garden, photo was taken 10 days ago and can,t believe how much the plants have shot up since. I have created beds with hazel low trellises around them , an idea i borrowed from the lovely Monty Don... love box hedges and yew.. my yews are 3 years old and have used 4 as center pieces in the beds , they wont grow quick enough ,i want to make them into cones, I feed them and talk to them. ho yes, but they are lolly gagging!!!

The Saturday before last We had a little trip to York , The teenager went his way to trendy clothes shops and music stores, D went off to outdoor shops and I went strait to Mrs Kidstons emporium!! I had my 15 % off voucher from Easy Living magazine, and I was determined to treat my self, boy was it busy in the shop, There seemed to be half of Japan in there and one Japaneses lady was buying 10 bags, 10, yes 10 bags all different , and she told the assisant all for her, bag envy!!! I treated my self to this lovely set of two little cases adorned with the lovely Stanley on, so sweet and with my 15 % off only £13 .30, not bad I thought. We all met up for lunch when we all had our different retail experiences , and D said in a Rather shocked but relieved voice , ..only the one Cath Kidston carrier bag ?...

thought I would share this week ends car boot finds,

Lovely hummel style boy figure,so kitch, sweet little vintage work basket, vintage fox terrier tin , 30,s oak cottage picture, enamel jug , 30,s Scottie and bone brooch, flowery tin and this great book, all in the detail by Caroline Cliffton Mogg,

I fell on this tin to add to my collection and it was only 50p..

This little cute brooch is a bone with two Scottie dogs and as in a mixed tin of jewelry, £1...

I really liked the frame as much as the picture on this 30/40,s picture..£ 2.30..

I love love love this !! vintage french enamel water holder, to fix on the wall ,it has a tap that has broke of the bottom and D is going to solder it for me , so french ,so flowery, so yummy!!! OK guess how much? £4.... its quite big ,over 14 inch high, a real bargain I feel ....

These are some pictures from the book all in the detail, I had seen this book in water stones for £19.99 and I was going to treat my self from amazon (£15.99) so my eyes popped out when I saw it on a stall in new condition , swoop.. hugged it too me and didn't even try to hide my excitement at finding it.. the lady very apologetically said she would have to ask £5 for it , as it was quite new, yippee.. what a lovely book try to have a look inside if you get the chance..I have been drooling over the lovely photos....
sorry about quality of this photo, but you get the idea , love the blue and the fab grouping of these pictures,
Lovely candle sticks , and easy to pick these up from boot sales, erm could be another little collection ( must control my self!!)

And why would I like this page ...I wonder!!? enjoy the rest of the of the week and lets all hope this fabby weather continues...


  1. I always have to do a double take when I see your cat, he is the spit of mine!
    I love your car boot finds, especially the enamel jug and the tins.

  2. Very restrained CK shopping but the mass of tourists is a good deterrent I find. Best to avoid York for the rest of the Summer unless you are there at the crack of dawn - but then a lot of the nice nicky-nack shops don't open early. Love the tins and your comment about your son amused me - I tried to prise my youngest out of his bedroom but he claimed to have too much revision to do!

  3. You did well with your booty finds. I especially like your tin.
    Love what you've done with your flower beds and you're right, life doesn't seem so bad when you're able to get out in the garden.

  4. what beautiful finds I adore the enamel jug .
    Your garden is delightful I know I would spend many hours there if it was mine .

  5. I've had a lovely read of your last few posts. I'll be back to have another read when the mad weekends done.

    You seem a blogger whose interests are very similar to mine. Noa Noa - sheep - fox terriers and old stuff.

    Thanks for your lovely comments too.

    Hope you get to enjoy the weekend in your lovely garden.

    Lisa x

  6. Hi Linda, Your garden looks fabulous, you've worked hard since I last saw it! I absolutly love the orange jug...my most favorite colour at the moment....sooo...if you get tired of it...!! I am going to York tommorrow with Sarah, and making a bee-line for CK. Catch up with you soon. Love Wendy x

  7. Hi Linda! so nice to meet you via Home blog. Thank you for visiting, I like to find new friends especially if they live in england and make me dream a bit....I've been to Yorkshire, I visited the Bronte sisters area. So charming and savage with the moors. I was enchanted!

    Have a lovely we, Zaira

  8. Dear Linda,
    Your garden looks wonderful. You have really wworked hard to make it look like that/ I love your square beds with the hazel trellis. Is that box hedging around them ? It always amazes me that our flower beds are empty in March and now, there is so much in them you can't see a patch of earth !!
    I'm so pleased that Zaira came to see you. She is lovely and is in love with England !! I'm in love with Italy so we get on really well !!
    Enjoy the weekend. XXXX

  9. Wow! Wow! Wow!
    I think you may just have my dream garden!
    Can`t wait to see it when in flower!!
    Love your treasures also, specially the tin!!!
    Debbie Moss