Saturday, 15 May 2010


Well I have survived another week at work, and am pleased to say I am adjusting physically and mentally to the longer hours! this is just a quick post to show you a few pictures I have painted recently , I have been in to art since I was tiny and have spasmodic bursts of painting when inspired!! I have a passion for sheep, there I confess , I find them fascinating and quite lovely. My house is surrounded by them and I often find my self watching them !! When I was at art school I could get one into most works..... our tutor would set us a task and give us one word., such as ..... .isolation...... joy..... bleak.. etc and we had to create a piece of art work that represented the word. I always managed to work a sheep into the pictures !!!
these are mixed media paintings , but mostly I have used water colour........

I spent a lovely peaceful time walking a round the fields amongst the lambs and the sheep last week ,after a while they didn't notice me there and I managed to get so close ,
It was sunny , so peaceful ,just bird song , the odd bleat and the sound of the river swale at the bottom of the hill , just what you need at the end of a hectic week.

This little sweety didn't even wake up

Culloden Tower in the back ground...

these two followed me about and kept posing..ahh...... so so sweet.
Hope you have a restful and lovely week end ,I am going to the usual car boot and maybe to York, watch out Cath kidston... and looking forward to spending some time in my garden.I will try to post some pics of my garden next week . love xx


  1. Your paintings are really lovely, I have a soft spot for sheep to.
    Ann x

  2. Your paintings of sheep are really good!
    I'm off to a Cath K shop tomorrow too,to spend the rest of my birthday money.

    Bellaboo :0)

  3. Oh wow, Your paintings are so good. When I saw the sheep on my sidebar, I thought that it was a photograph !!
    You live in a beautiful area.
    Have a lovely Sunday. XXXX

  4. Your paintings are lovely :) I'm really wanting to go to my local Cath Kidson shop now you've tempted me! xx

  5. Love these pictures. Love your blog too and have just been reading some old osts - I too have the first edition of Country Living!

  6. I think your paintings are gorgeous Well done Will you frame them?

  7. Hello there. Fabby paintings! You didn't tell us you are an artist. I did the art college thing too, but I never really mastered paint. I keep saying I'm going to start drawing again but it's a bit like that diet I'm going to start...

  8. Love your paintings,you are so talented.Enjoy your trips out,beckyxx