Sunday, 30 May 2010


On Thursday evening I arrived home from work feeling utterly exhausted, jaded and very lack luster, looking forward to flopping in a chair ,watching the news and having a cuppa,before tackling domestic UN bliss, nothing special planned as Knackered.. in the hall way as I entered was a big parcel, as I had not ordered any thing , thought D had ordered yet more moter bike bits.. grrr... but no the parcel was addressed to me.. So started to unwrap it and look what was in side.. ya,oooo . D and Nat had bid on eBay for this gorgeous boy for my Birthday (not till 24 Th June). Isn't it funny how all of a sudden a day can be transformed by one thing! I LOVE HIM, 1950,s and in great vintage condition. If you have been reading my blog for a while you know I have been lusting after one of thees terriers, so thank you very much D and Nat, I have adopted one!

I am thinking about making him a neckerchief ,I might buy a piece of Stanley fabric from cath kidstons to make it with or may be just a gingham red/white one? what do you think?
Cant believe I have finally got one of these , hes living in the sitting room at moment ,cant stop admiring him, Nat the teenager , keeps asking whats with all the old scrappy toys mum?? He never really thought I had the plot in the first place to loose!!

I don't know what to call him I want a great 30s/ 40s,/50s name for him , I would love you all to help me name him, so please send suggestions in , I quite like Bertie ,but named my little china one that,,so come on and help me... i will announce which name I decide on in a while!!

This is his little sister that i liberated from the Internet dogs home called EBay last week (UN be known to D) I think she need a name also.. again suggestions... is she not sweet,? 1950,s again ..

Here she is sniffing the Lilacs..

luckily she gets on with her new big brother..

My real (Sh.. don't let the other two know there not)dogie Fergal is not impressed and isn't going to share his bonios! The look on his face is pricless!

I would like to share theses flowers with all you fabby blog friends who took time to leave lovely and interesting comments on my last few posts, I so appreciate and love getting to know you all and I adore visiting your blogs, and catching up with your much more interesting lives than mine!!! love to you all... and hope your all having a great bank holiday....sympathy please ,I only have today off and worked yesterday and will be tomorrow ,but managed 1 car boot today (yes I know i am slipping from from my usual 23!!) Disappointing CB ,thought would be huge but not, got a couple of things, lean vintage pickings, EBay has a lot to answer for! ERM yes well.......

This is Kevin (really) he is one of my work colleges, he is 4 and came from Austria,(so talks with an Austrian accent!!) He shares the fields with lots of other exotic animals, and this is the view from my "office" window... any guesses to where I work..? to narrow it down I have not run off and joined a circus.... (YET!!) can you guess???


  1. I'm thinking Edgar or Theodore and Cynthia - they both look rather 'faded gentry-ish' to me! Ot maybe Cecil.

  2. Oh wow, I am so pleased you finally got one ! I really want one too but haven't managed to find one anywhere and my family think I am mad. I think Bertie is a great name.
    Ann x

  3. How adorable, I think something grand like Edward and Simmy (Mrs Simpson) or George and Emmeline or Jack and Lady....have fun whatever names you choose, Lucey xxx

  4. WOW....well done you! You finally got your wish!! They are both lovely little chappies. What about Arthur or Artie for the big boy? and Amelia for the little cutie?

    Hope to catch up soon. Wendyxxx

  5. Hi Linda,
    That was such a lovely thing for your children to do. They know how much you love them.
    I think that they used to have those red and white cowboy-type handkerchiefs around their necks, didn't they ? I'm not 100% sure though.
    I think that I would definitely give him a name beginning with, Truman or Theodore, Thomas or Timothy.
    You will know the right name when you hear it.
    Have a lovely Bank Holiday monday. XXXX

  6. Oh you lucky thing, I love those dogs !
    Will have a think about the name !

  7. Neville is a good old fashioned name?

  8. What a wonderful gift! I'm not surprised you're in love, they all three have enormous personalities. Names............ Rosie, Lettice, Violet................. Edward or Henry for the new arrival, or George, all good solid names don't you think?! Love Vanessa xxx

  9. How about Alfie and Lottie?
    Where on earth do you work?....Aaahha! I've been Googling... Is it Mainsgill Farm shop? Is it? Is it?...go on... tell us pleeeeease.

    Yes I would love to meet up for coffee, I'll email you.

    Love Fi x

  10. I recognise that camel...A66, Mainsgill Farm Shop!
    We often call for breakfast on our way to the Lake District...
    Would George and Mildred be a contender in your choice of doggy names?

  11. I’m new here...came from HOME and sweet Jackie. I love those dogs and am especially fond of the girl one. I just got turned on to “sooty” and have watched the Youtube tv. shows but I only like the original old ones...I love that little Sooty...He’s very naughty...I really want one of him...I have a rubber dog like the terrier you have... Timmy is a good famous Five....or Asta like the terrier in The Thin Man. You are fun...I’m going to become a you Lilacs..what is the pottery Brenton?? can’t remember...hugs to you from sunny southern California..

  12. me about “kipper” like that sweet cartoon dog...luv him too. Terrier Mad!!

  13. He is gorgeous. How about Norman or Stanley? Gladys, Marilyn, or Doris?

  14. I think he should be Worcester or Wooster! whichever you prefer and she definately could in fact be Lilac, hmm or maybe Lavender don't you think?
    Thanks for your comment about Sarah Raven's garden, it is lovely to hear from you,

    Sarah x

    PS happy birthday too!

  15. I think Albert would suit him!!! and Martha for his little friend x x

  16. Hi Linda, do you work at the farm/cafe place with really good cakes and breakfasts and lots of good stuff on the a66 ? It is the only place locally (ish) that I can think may have a camel called Kevin. And I think Lord Snooty is a good name for the big boy dog, he is super. I like Daisy for the little one. On a separate issue I'm trying to slim, I'm always trying to slim, its hard and I'm rubbish at it. A few months ago you came in my shop for a Greengate tin and you are sooo slim and were dressed so lovely that I said very little, it makes me quite shy sometimes, silly in a woman almost 50 I know, but such is life. I read in your profile that you have had a battle with your weight in the past and just wanted to tell you how lovely you looked and that I'm sorry I had a fat moment and didn't say more at the time. Have a lovely week, Karen x