Sunday, 25 April 2010


When I was little my uncle Mervin who was a chief fireman In Monmouth wales had to very sadly attend the aberfan disaster , ( when a slag heap slid down the vallely and enveloped a school and village in mud) killing 144 people ,114 been children in 1966 ,do you remember it? very very tragic, any way my uncle bought a raffle ticket that was part of the drive to raise funds for the community and he won the most beautiful dolls pram, coach built black and shiny , (probably donated by a toy shop?). I remember the day he gave it to me with lovely embroidered bedding and a dolly , it was so beautiful and I treasured it! When I left home for my first flat ,my mother gave it away ( had been stored in the dinning room at my family home since my childhood)I was devastated , when I demanded she got it back, it had been left out side and very abused and was ruined ..sob..sob.. having had two boys , so no girly , dolly things re entered my life this way and I have all ways secretly wished for a pram so .... on Monday a local antique dealer rang to say come and see what she had found.. da da ..

its a lovely vintage Triang 50,s doll pram , what do you think!

I am going to make some lovely bedding out of brightly coloured embroidered old table cloths, I also managed to get a sewing machine this week end from a lovely lady on free cycle, so their will be no stopping me now!!

Nat and D both think I have lost the plot and keep mentioning regression and dementia!!!

On saturday I went to a fantastic vintage/ craft fair in Masham , a stunning little market town close to where I live, and a had the great pleasure of meeting a fellow blogger , the lovely Catherine of alchamillamolly
she had a stall ( I forgot to take my camera so no pics,sorry) with so many lovely things she had made and also vintage bits and pieces , as I had just bought the pram ,I limited my self to this lovely bunting she had cleverly made from Cath Kidston fabric, I was so thrilled to meet her and her lovely friend(sorry forgotten her name) and so glad to meet my new blogging friend in the flesh. We have arranged to meet again , we both agreed that blogging great for connecting with like minded people and making new Friends!!!

Today the weather has been lovely and after my usual car boot pilgrimage I spent some lovely relaxing time here in my garden readind the papers sipping coffee and pottering about , with my little stone friend who had his eye on the bird house, ..

and my real furry baby Malachy , who so enjoyed the warmth , and cake crumbs! I will show you my car boot treasures latter in the week, hope you have had a lovely week end and got to relax as much as Malachy!!!


  1. The pram is sooooo lovely.Such a fab colour.I remember my sister Jules and I had the same pram only it was navy.Did you see my post about the silver cross pram.They are so much nicer than buggies!! anne x

  2. Oh my goodness - what a lovely weekend I meet you in the flesh! and also see pictures of your gorgeous pram, you are going to have such fun making the bedding for it. It will be treasured I am sure but maybe not by N&D!!Get that sewing machine out and start stitching!

  3. Oh I WANT!!! I've always loved prams since I was a small child and went on to the 'real thing' several times as an adult too! You can't beat the style of the older coach built ones can you? What does that mean, coach built? Does it mean it's built in the same way as a coach by coachbuilders? ;o) One day I'd love to have one like this just to drool over each day!xx

  4. The pram is lovely ! looking foward to seeing your car boot finds.
    I bought quite a bit yesterday despite the drizzle :)
    Sue x

  5. Hello Linda
    Wow what a find! I'm looking forward to seeing what you make for that beautiful pram. Maybe I'll see your project in person as I have finally booked a room to start the craft group. YAY! I'll email you the details.
    Catherine emailed me to tell me she'd met you, it's lovely to meet fellow bloggers isn't it? and Catherine is lovely.

  6. I'm so happy to hear that you have a pram now. And yes, I remember that horrible disaster in Wales.

    I found you and your lovely blog via the comment you left at "A Heart in Provence" and so glad I did too!

  7. The pram is lovely.I remember desperately wanting a dolls pram as a child,and one Xmas my parents,who didn't have much money at the time,bought a second hand one...very similar to yours.My father spruced it up and on Xmas day there it was under the tree.It was the best present I ever had!

    Bellaboo :0)

  8. I am so happy I found your blog!
    It is truly wonderful! Beautiful
    photos and stories!

    Thank you!
    Flora Doora