Monday, 10 May 2010


When I got in from work waiting on the hall table was a very welcome sight , my new copy of country living , I think the cover is really gorgeous this month and I noticed its the 25 Th anniversary Of its publication, and I couldn't believe it. my god, where have all those years gone? you see I can so clearly remember buying the very first issue! I thought I would show you it!

This is it , I was living in Angelsey and i remember popping into valley village newsagents/post office and finding this on the shelf, love at first sight... I was so thrilled to find a magazine that echoed my interests and passions, antiques and country style, country issues ,jam making etc, it was like a blast of sunshine, I devoured every page( and have every issue since!)and had to wait three months for the next issue as at first it was going to be quarterly and obviously its popularity demanded a monthly issue

I still love this cover picture...

this was a lovely river side cottage featured in the issue

I think the fashions still relevant, the skirt is very Cath kidston/ Rachel Riley ,don't you think?

Before I started full time work I thought I had better get some jobs out of the way I had been meaning to do and sorting one of my cupboards out was one of them , this is just some of my country livings, I have kept every copy bought over the last 25 years !! D has try ed to chuck some out during some of our past moves ,but wrestled them from him, and they have been saved! I keep all the Christmas issues together ,but the rest are in a big jumble, its amazing to look through the back issues and still find the photography and styling beautiful and still so relevant now, so many fab homes have been featured and I am still inspired and some times made a little envious of gorgeous homes and lovely things featured in the emporium .The features and articles specially on wild life and farming issues really interest me, also craft and skills, what are your favorite things about the magazine? I also subscribe to Coast but still prefer Country living... I can just imagine my poor sons after I have gone to country living heaven having to clear the house of all these magazines, I have seen old peoples houses featured on telly , where they have to clear piles of papers and rubbish before the can get in , that will be me then .....!!!! , at least they could flog the first edition and it may pay for my funeral!!! TE HE...
just thought I would tell you that the magazine Easy living is giving away fab Cath Kidston bags with this months issue, got mine in W h Smiths, had to ask if they had any as non on shelf's( a tip) as selling quick , nice guy brought me one of each design ,so had to buy them both did,nt I ??!!. there really nice and strong,, rush and grab one! have a great week!


  1. Snap! I'm a Country Living girl too! Mind you I've nowhere near as many as you have!

  2. Whoa that is on fab stash! The beauty of cottage/country living is that it never goes out of fashion and is always cosy and comfortable. Really lovely to see this Linda and thanks for sharing.
    Best regards
    Deborah {fondantkiss}

  3. my CK bag with mag today! I've been buying Country Homes and Interiors for a good few years now and like you have never thrown any away.I love reading through my old copies.My sister gets Country Living,so I read her copy when she's finished with it.I think I've got the very first copy of Homes and Antiques stashed away somewhere.

    Bellaboo :0)

  4. Wow what a large collection I recently inherited a few of these issues I was amazed at how fashion have changed in people but country style is the same it seems ageless which is why I love it so much
    I got my bag but now I am thinking maybe I should go back and get the other design too

  5. You are a serious collector!!! I too was going to do a post on CL but you've beaten me to it, I have the first copy of the mag and did have all the others till we moved here 8 yrs ago and sadly I didn't have the room for them. I think you should write to them with your collection I think the'd be pleased to hear from you. (They published me in the 20th anniversary letters page with a photo!!) Lucey xx ps would love to come to visit you for a month and browse through all those wonderful mags. x

  6. It's great to see how the Country Living styles have stood the test of time! What a treasure trove of magazines you have. You could spend the rest of your life reading them all again and again and again.....OH! I went into a dreamy trance for a moment. I love the magazine for the colour combinations, they're soo inspiring for artists. :o) xx

  7. I agree with lemonade kitty, you should definitely tell them about your fab collection.

  8. I can remember buying the very first copy of CL and the effect it had! I've bought every issue ever since but nothing has inspired me like that first little cottage in Lower Slaughter. In fact it made me want to start collecting lace bobbins. I now have a small collection of them. Lovely to see that first issue again. I too kept them all for about 15 years but sadly my little terraced house couldn't cope with all my collections.


  9. This brings back a memory. I bought the Easy Living magazine and free Cath bag at the airport, we were off to Turkey. It did come in handy....they sent one of our cases to Greece, the one with the beach bag in! We got it back a few days later but every time I see the bag it reminds me. Enjoying your blog.

  10. I have been trying to have a clear out this week and came across the first two Country living Magazines in a drawer. The Summer and winter 1985 issue. I kept them but not any others. Guess what I also was living on Anglesey when I bought fact I still am!

  11. FYI - The FIRST issue of Country Living Magazine was published Fall/Winter 1979..I know because I still have mine :) Martha Stewart was featured.