Thursday, 6 May 2010


Well I have just about survived my first week at my new job , such a big step from full time to part time, I am so so tired and am still fighting off this awful cold / cough thing , so I am resting and recuperating on my day off and have just spent a lovely hour or so reading through my favorite blogs and finding out what you have all been getting up to.. much more interesting than this election carry on thats going on today , ( and more important!)I get a lot of enjoyment out of your blogs ,I love dipping into your lives .....
I am still in the midst of my Fox terrier passion, it just kind of crept on me, In reality I have a Norfolk terrier and a jack Russel and have had three black labs in the past all now sadly in dogie heaven, but I have noticed I am not the only blogger with a passion for them , I think its their old fashioness and My uncle used to have one when i was a kid. I also think they have gained popularity because the saintly Cath Kidston has a little furry baby called Stanley , (A lake land terrier really) and she has used him in her advertising and books, this is him above,sweet...

when I was over in Grassington a few weeks ago the post office sells nice cards and I fell on these Milkwood cards , the lady only had one design left ,so she kindly arranged to send me some in every design when she got new stock, and yesterday these arrived! are they not lovely. I am intending to get some frames for them .....
this is Stan and friends

love this one ..apparently their are even more ,so i have asked her to send me more if she gets them in..

On Sunday I went to two car boots Scawton and Thirsk and at both I found a little fox terrier friend for Bertie ,my kennel is expanding , I am thinking of turning the wire shelf I bought at the cb a couple of weeks ago in to the kennel , so there all together ,just have to persuade D to put the shelf up now..

This is a lovely 1930,s calender I bought from a fellow blogger, its fab and anotherto add to my collection.....
I am so lusting after one of these terriers on wheels, specially one of the 50,s Triang/pedigree one ..Do you think it would be to sad to ask for one for my birthday in June..?
This is the one I would love ( bottom photo) ..if you see one let me know,!!!

And may be also one of these, but of course it would be unfair as I have just started working longer hours, my furry babies are 15 and 16 years old and as long as I take them out in the morning they snooze most of they day with a quick cat chase thrown in a couple of times a day ,( my cats and dogs have lived together for 7 years but Flora still likes a quick chase!!!)in and D,s home at three so its not too bad, but a puppy couldn't be left that long.. but arnt they adorable? so the one on wheels it will be!!!

which one would you choose ? mines on the right!


  1. Cute doggys.....too sweet!

    I went to the market today and bought a very nice china doggy, similar to the ones you have......that makes two I have in my wee collection........:>)))

  2. P.S...glad your new job is going well!x

  3. They are beautiful, adorable dogs arent they!
    I love ALL doggies to be honest but here is always a favourite isn't there.
    I love border collies as we have always had them and my dad has them on his farm.

  4. Love your china dogs and those cards will be lovely in frames.
    I would choose second on the right...but they are all adorable!

    Bellaboo :0)

  5. I loved reading your post, I share your doggy passion. I am keeping my eyes open for a dog on wheels for you, the only problem is if I find one I will probably want to keep it myself ! Hope you are back to full strength next week and you settle in to your new job.
    Ann x

  6. I used to want one of those terriers on wheels when I was a child. My cousin had one and I was convinced it was real!xx

  7. I love the terriers on wheels we have one on legs and he always gets under mine he's a bit of a mix but a terrier through and through

  8. Oh, they are so cute, aren't they ? My Grandmother had a Fox Terrier when I was a child..... and I remember those Triang terrier's on wheel's. I don't think that I had one but one of my friend's did. XXXX

  9. Could it be your one weakness? xx

  10. Hello Linda..
    Thank you for your comment... I love how this blogging business takes us down many paths. I just happen to have a 1950's Pedigree terrier on wheels. I have a passion for these toys from my own childhood and collect them then sell them on when I have had the pleasure of owning them for a while. I have a collection of vintage toy dogs too .. so Just send me an email if you are interested.

    Michele x

  11. Just discovered your blog today! Searching for Terriers! What a lot of fun and such beauties you have here!