Monday, 7 June 2010


Hello my lovely blogy Friends, I hope you all had a lovely weekend! I only had Sunday off work so felt I had to cram a whole weekend in to one day ! On Sunday my little town had a open gardens for charity, 21 gardens participated , I usually open mine , but this year I felt I couldn't commit to 5 hours to be open, so my lovely neighbours opened theirs for cream teas, and people view my garden from theirs! As i live on the village green there is a fantastic scenes of community, so after the open gardens a neighbour sent out invites to every house on the Green, saying meet me under the spreading chestnut tree, bring a bottle and a deck chair! so we did, it was fab meeting old friends and neighbours and getting to know the new ones, we are such a cross mix but we all love where we live .. so gel well..

Here we are, every body had,nt arrived yet, so the circle kept getting bigger and bigger, it looks like we are having a pow wow, or we are going to dance round the tree! a lovely time was had by all , one lovely neighbour (of Pakistani decent) brought fab Curry's and poppadoms, some one else brought cream scones and strawberries and we supplied Breton cider(HICK) At about 10.30 the police drove by slowly, I think they either thought we we a group of unruly teenagers or a druid meeting, so funny as the average age must have been 60! one elderly very genteel nieghbour who is 78 said , ho do you think we will get an asbo, wouldnt that be something at my age!!!( with excitment in her voice)....
On Saturday evening it was so gorgeous I spent a lovely hour or so sipping earl grey and sitting in the shade of my honeysuckle and rose arbour in the garden ,as I deal with the public most of my working day it was just what I needed to to slowly feel human again, don't know about you ,if you work with the public , there are some lovely ones.. but ho my there also some very odd bodies out there!!
After the second cup and watching a very industrious blackbird who has made a nest in the honeysuckle go back wards and forwards with full beak ,i could feel my Self been restored.. har..
On Sunday morning I was so looking forward to the car boots , D and I were planning on two in the morning , going for a al fresco brunch to a inn beside a pretty river and then heading to a third.. but it rained and rained , dry all week , rain on car boot day, we did the two in the morning , ( D and i revised our plans and spent the afternoon reading the papers and enjoyed long lunch with the teenager ,who is in the thick of GCSE,s and more tricky than usual .given up speaking and grunts most of the time!!ho joy, but still love him, bless his big cotton socks!),not many stalls but I still managed to find... this lovely vintage fabric, I am planning on making pretty cushions with it and edging them with bobbley trimming...

I found these sweet little child's part tea set..........

these two beautiful sugar bowls to add to my ever growing collection of them..33 up to now, ,but I do use them ,honest I do, well some times, don't they look happy all together?!! its one of my one weaknesses!!!!

Lastly I would like to thank you for sending me some great ideas for my two vintage terrier,s names, I have picked two, and I am going to announce which ones I have chosen and I am going to do the promised blog on my garden .. But for now, lots of love to you all, Linda!


  1. It all sounds so lovely.
    You are a lucky so & so living right on the village green, I have always dreamt of that.
    It is nice to have a freindly community with your neighbours, my nieghbours are so lovely, theres no one freindlier than Yorkshire folk!!!

  2. It sounds like a lovely weekend, it must be great to get together with all your neighbours like that. Your fabric is beautiful, that was a lucky find. I sympathise with you on the teenager front , we have GCSE stress in our house too.
    Ann x

  3. So nice to have lovely neigbours like yours!
    Although they are very lucky to have you has their neigbour too!
    Love the fabric!


  4. What a wonderful collection of sugar bowls you have! I have a weakness for jugs,it's strange isn't it where these urges come from?! The open garden event sounds lovely.xx

  5. Hi Linda,
    I really love the gathering of everyone under the spreading chestnut tree. What a lovely way for all of the neighbours and residents to meet up. I think that's brilliant.
    I have done GCSE, A-level and degrees !!!! It can be a difficult time. Best wishes to your son. I'm sure that he will be fine. XXXX

  6. Glad you managed to have a relaxing day even though the weather was bad.
    We came to the open gardens last year which were spectacular. This year I had a guest staying who really wouldn't have enjoyed 5 hours on her feet!

  7. Love your collection of sugar bowls! How great to get together with your neighbours like that.