Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Hello, firstly I would like to thank all my lovely blogging friends for leaving lovely comments ,Ilove reading them all and so appreciate you dropping by to read my ramblings! Ho my. I am so honoured to be awarded my first blogging award! The lovely kitty ( a fellow Yorkshire lass! )from memoirs of a vintage magpie ( listed in my favorite blogs)has passed this award on to me ,and requested I write about 7 things you don't know about me...... so here goes...
No 1, Firstly I have two sons , one adopted and one birth son. We were told by several specialists that we could,nt have children, so after 8 years of marriage we adopted our first little cherub in 1990, from north wales, the day our social worker turned up on our door and broke the news that they had a baby boy for us, was one of the best days of my life.. three years latter a miracle happened and I found out I was pregnant , I was five months pregnant before I realised, and when our eldest little boy was four years and 7 days old when his not so little brother was born, he weighed 11 lb 4 oz when he was born, ( I would like some fellow female empathy at this point!) and a lovely farming friend said he was Christmas turkey weight!!

NO 2, I am half Irish on my mothers side and my ancestors came from county Monaghan and were farmers for generations, my great grand father was born just before the devastating potato famine and was lucky to survive , most of his brother and sisters did,nt... must have strong s genes ..

NO 3, I have lived in 19 different houses in 25 years , D was in the RAF and boy did we move, some of the places i have lived are.. middle sex, Buckingham shire, Leuchars and Peat Inn , and Crail, Fife, Scotland . Valley, Holyhead, and Four mile Bridge ,Angelsey , Linconshire, London central, Ireland, and 6 different places in Yorkshire. In 1996 we moved 4 times! Friends suggested we should have one of these ( below)to make life easier! They awful thing is when you move so much you get itchy feet , and i think we have only stayed in our current house (5 years ,longest we have stayed any where ) as youngest son is so settled and mid exams . there could be trouble ahead as I fancy moving to what I think is the most beautiful city in England ( i love Georgian architecture ) Bath and D fancies St Ives ( which I do Love as well , we try to go every year) , , NEED to buy lottery ticket so We can have a house in each place!!

need one of these beauties..

St Ives..

or Bath , which do you prefer?
NO 4, I have seen a ghost , yes ,honestly, there is no other explanation, not a human ghost( now that would have freaked me even more) we lived in another very old cottage in the Dales before this one, and late one night I was last up and reading country living and sipping co co , when a little brown terrier dog appeared from under our farm house kitchen table, our dogs were shut into there beds in the pantry, so at first I was very puzzled as I couldn't figure how it had got into the house,it walked strait in to our sitting room down some steps, I followed ,the little dog was like a rusty coloured border terrier, no dog in the sitting room , looked behind ,under every thing , no way it could get out, VANISHED. I went strait to bed ,didn't say any thing to D.. you know how men are!!! (would have accused me of madness!) weeks go by ,D shoots down stairs one night dripping from the bath, shouting OK where have YOU hid the NEW DOG? the little brown dog had walked into the bath room and out again ,D having listened to my sighting story said, ho my god its paws didn't make a sound on the bare floor boards! My brother came to stay (We didn't mention THE DOG) and late after noon while un packing shouted could you come and get the little brown dog from under the bed i,m frightened it might snap if i drag it out, (Hes nervous of dogs) of course it was,t there when I looked. he ransacked the room not accepting our ghost theory, last time I saw it was in the kitchen about a week before we moved out, I saw it for a full 20 ish seconds and it did,nt seem to see me , honestly it looked so real ,and I felt a real sadness when it was with me,I said ( YES I KNOW ,I know !!) Every things OK your a good dog , and it walked into the dinning room. and puff gone, I asked a round the village if Mrs Bink's who had lived in our house for 82 years(born and died there ) had owned a little brown dog and people said she only had cats in there memory! I think it showed it self to us because we were animal lovers. now you think I am mad!


NO 5, I have a phobia of treacle/syrup, when I was little my horrid cousin emptied a tin over my head, and i couldn't breath or see and panicked and since go very peculiar when I see a tin or smell it. strange but true!
NO 6, I had a triple barrel surname before i was married and it took me till I was about 8 before I could write it all .. thank god I have such a short surname now

NO 7, OK this isn't me but my family! God this is hard,thinking of 7 things, D,s great grand mother was a friend of Flora Thompson who wrote the book Lark Rise to Candleford, and lived in the same Oxford shire village as Flora and appears in the book, so with high expectations we watched the TV series , absolutely no mention of great granny. as much as i enjoy series visually it is rather over the top and is,nt very real ( sorry I f I have shocked you!!) and the gentle sweet book is not represented in this melodrama, I have only one weakness is a great line though!! so there we are. .. 7 weird thing about little old me .. I will be back soon to show you what I bought today.. D will really think I have flipped when he sees it!!!!


  1. I really enjoyed reading that!
    Now, St Ives or Bath...such a hard choice, both are gorgeous places for different reasons, I love them both. Perhaps if you win the lottery you could have a home in Bath and a weekend retreat in St Ives!

    Your Ghost story was fab, I totally believe you as I too have seen a number of ghosts and so has my mother....I may do a post about our experiences infact.

    I also couldnt help having a chuckle at the treacle story (sorry!)

  2. 11 lb 4oz...Ooooooohh, my eyes are really watering!!!!! My first was 8lb 10oz and that was big enough!! Love all your facts, didn't know about the treacle one though.
    I agree with the other lady... a home in Bath then a dash down to the week-end cottage in St Ives. Get that lottery ticket bought!! Love Wendy xx

  3. Well, when you make a baby you certainly make a biggun !! What a wonderful story. I bet you couldn't believe it.
    I love your 7 things. My cousin lives in Bradford-on-Avon and has lived in Bath and, our son has sung in Bath Cathedral. I love it there but, on the other hand, I have spent many wonderful holidays in St. Ives which is another fantastic place. Either one would be a great place to live, but perhaps you should check that there is no ghost in any house that you might buy !!
    I loved Larkrise to Candleford but can understand why you were rather miffed that D's Great Grandmother wasn't even mentioned. Perhaps you could pretend that she was Queenie !! XXXX

  4. Love the dog ghost story, Your not mad you saw what you saw..x

  5. My gosh I thought my first was big at 9lbs 12 1/2ozs born in a military fashion in a military hospital!How interesting about the dog,love stories about ghosts.Oh I love Bath,used to go there when we were based in Wiltshire but love St Ives too,love all the quirky arty type shops and little streets,oh I couldn't choose it would have to be a place to live in both, and definitely in a romany caravan (love them too).Like Pea green Kitty the treacle story made me giggle too,sorry!!! Your comment on "social worker turned up on our door and broke the news that they had a baby boy for us, was one of the best days of my life.. " well as you know with me that hit home May 27th is our big day to be hopefully be told a BIG YES to become our Angel 5's Mummy & Daddy,beckyxx

  6. Hi Linda, I love your story of the little ghost dog, how wonderful! What a gorgeous blog... thanks for visiting mine x