Monday, 5 April 2010

My Easter so far..

I am sat on my bed early Morning ,second cup of coffee been sipped , all four furry babies have joined me, as D and Nat are away Bivving( camping )and trials bike riding , they left yesterday, so while D,s away the furry babies are taking full advantage and have climbed on ,in and around bed!I got up really early as another (!) car boot was supposed to be on ,but its raining , much stamping of feet ,.gnashing of teeth... so cancelled , stamp, gnash. so thought I would tell you about what I Have been getting up to this Easter...
On Friday D and I decided to have a little jaunt out to Skipton a market town about 50 miles away, I hoped Nat would come but He decided been seen out with parents in public was a no no... I really hope this 16 years old,s phase passes,( please tell me it does,as I love spending time with him..) any way this is the breath taking wild road we took...
this is the fab country side around the so pretty village of Kettlewell that we passed through..
Skipton is a old mill town with a canal system running through it, it has a grey northern beauty about it , houses and buildings predominately Victorian , lovely terraced streets winding up steep roads, I always think of Elizabeth Gaskells North and south which is about the romance and life of a mill owner and workers, made in to a TV series a few years ago, the lead character John Thornton played by the Gorgeous Richard Armitage.. swoon.. any way its a really interesting place ,with a market three times a week , and unusual individual shops. On our walk around I eyed up lots of inviting eateries .. and as we walked along the canal D said wait here a minute and disappeared, after a while I began to think had he thrown himself in to the canal ,but the ducks didn't seem disturbed so ruled this out, then he appeared .. erm with lunch....
so we sat a bench by the canal and enjoyed fish and chips.. who said northern men didn't know how treat a lady!!! First fish and chips I have had for a year, as this is how long I have been following my new healthy eating ( DIET!!)plan .. I am a deprived woman.. they were lovely and he even got tartar sauce ,so spoilt!! It was rather bracing so glad I was wearing my...Lovely NOA Noa tweed coat I got from father Christmas .. I wore the brooch I bought on my trip to Hawes,. do you remember? I have a thing for brooches....

I made a lovely discovery a shop called Emma's, Apothecary, it sold vintage and modern home wears, lovely toiletries and so much more, I knew I was going to love this shop because as I waked in they were playing great 30,s music,i was in ages and had to show some restraint as D was with me ( the shopping inspector!) and so this is what came home with me..
A lovely vintage style bunny dummy board and a another brooch,(!) I needed to buy this one as the brooch quota police would have been after me, as a week had passed with out brooch purchase!!!
Thought he looked great with my charity shop buy bunny, and my mantle piece bunny. my god how did that get there ,they must be breeding like.....

D and Nat have just returned .. sudden mass Exodus's of furry babies from bedroom ... and I must snap back into domestic goddess mode and provide food for the mud covered men in my life ( wonder what Richard Armitage would look like mud covered.. ho my...) I will return latter to let you see my car boot loot...


  1. A lovely day out! I like your coat, a bit like mine! ;o) Mine doesn't have that lovely border though but I do wear a brooch on it. I'm craving fish and chips now I've looked at that tempting photo of them!xx

  2. Just found your lovely blog.
    Looks like you had a really nice day out.
    Happy Easter.. Em x

  3. Love the rabbit! Sounds like you had a lovely day at Skipton.....really must go sometime and find that gorgeous shop you went to.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your fabulous purchases... Love Wendy xx

  4. I adore your new rabbit and of course your new brooch is just fabaroony!Oh and I can safely say my eldest who is 18 does now enjoy going out with us, more than he did at 16 that's for sure.Mmm I could just smell those gorgeous fish n chips,what a treat!I have a shopping inspector too,who usually tuts at everything I pick up,funny aren't they?Looking forward to seeing your delightful finds,beckyxx

  5. Dear Linda,
    Such beautiful photographs of the English countryside. You live in such a beautiful place. Such a lovely town too with great shops !!....and, fish and chips. Delicious. XXXX