Thursday, 8 April 2010


HURRAY.. finally after our computers been sick .( lightening apparently zapped our Internet connection)they are well again and I can blog,but more importantly I can pop into my favorite blogs and catch up with what you lovely ladies have been up too.. I missed you all....

In my last blog I told you I was wanting a lighter look in my sitting room .. so I decided to paint my sitting room coffee table, I paused for quite a while with a fully loaded paint brush , thinking I am doing the right thing here... and then went for it .. the weights in back ground are my sons ,not mine , he had left them in dinning room and they were so heavy i couldn't lift them!!! how wimpy is that..
Ta da .. Fergal has that shes gone and done it this time look on his face.. so funny.. or may be thinks hes next for a paint job....
What do you think ?? ,I do have other bits of painted furniture in the room ,when the table was dark it did mark so much, with cup marks ect, this should just get more shabby chic looking with time...
Then I got this at the car boot sale at the week end ,it was black originally (same as letters) and when I saw it I knew instantly what I could do with it, so over the Easter break ,between eating sugar coated mini eggs I painted the frame white,
then using some bits of lovely Cath Kidston wall paper I got as samples when I was in York,I covered the letters spelling family .....
and hey presto !! think I will put it in the bath room .. i am sure there is a couple of spare inches of wall in there!!
Do you like it?

As promised I will show you my little treasures that I found at the three ( I only had three small car boots officer!)car boots I went to over the weekend..
I fell on this adorable little wire haired fox terrier when I spotted him on a stall, my new and passionated desire is to collect these dogs, they are so old fashioned and so very 30,s So I had to have him, He was a Lot more than I usually pay at car boots, not saying how much as D may read this...... He sits so well with my other vintage bits, but will look better with some kennel mates.... don't you think?When I was in Skipton I met two lovely old men ,one human ,and one fox terrier , the little dog was so sweet and jaunty he was wearing a red tartan coat and his name was Bertie,the name so suited him.. so I am calling this one Bertie! Have you noticed when we meet dog walkers out with there doggies we ask their dogs name, because it doesn't seem rude, but we don't ask owners because it does ,so I know lots of people by their dogs name, pearls mum, Timmy's dad , Gertie's mum etc ,
any way my next find was this little vintage tin .. yes another little dog,, 50p.
then I spotted this lovely vintage looking little bear, a Russ bear new , 50p. then I saw the great Victorian tin document box, shabby chic and with a lockable key. I shall keep my secrets in here ,my illicit pictures of Ben Wishaw ,Richard Armitage , my savings towards a real fox terrier ,chocolate , so please don't tell D my little secret .. shh...
This is my last little treasure, brand new and 50p.... so pretty and will sit on my dressing table.
So I feel i did well, the car boots are not in full swing yet,so when they do get going ,watch this space....


  1. The picture looks really good now, how clever, I like the little Fox Terrier too, My son has a lovely Fox Terrier teddy on the end of his bed..x

  2. I'm going to be doing excactly the same to my coffee table! I spent all of last summer looking for one in dark wood and didn't find one that I could afford and now I'm really glad I didn't because my plan is to paint the old one and give it a new lease of life! Yours looks really lovely :o) xx

  3. What fantastic finds, I love your little dog . Like you I have quite a collection of little dogs and dog themed vintage items like tins and calendars. I love the terriers that were so popular in the 1930s. Your table looks lovely white, definitely the right decision.
    Ann x

  4. Flippin hec you obviously have better car boots than around here !! - what a smashing haul. I love that dog ornament and what you did to the picture
    Sue x

  5. I love what you have done to the 'Family" frame... it looks great. You are obviously an expert car booter.... you have found some gorgeous treasures!
    Yvonne x

  6. Hi there Linda we went to a boot at North Stainley which is supposed to great on Easter Monday am but it was pouring down so went onto Masham to a flea market in the Town Hall - it was OK but only bought a bit of lace and ribbon. I wanted to see the stalls as I have one there on 24th April - aaaargh. Glad to see that you visited Marmalade Rose and the little shop - I must get up there but the weekends are taken up with sewing at the moment - I will be venturing out after the 24th! Love the coffee table - what a wise move - I have posted some bad family news tonight - am still in shcok after a couple of weeks but it is nice to have my eldest boy home for a few weeks just such a sad situation. Decided I might get to Bedale on Saturday am as Alan has to work for a couple of hours and we have to go to Helmsley on the afternoon to pick up an art purchase, what time does it start?

  7. You did do well with your purchases. I love what you did with the family picture.

  8. the table, fantastic make over!

    Brill BS the CK talc...fab!


  9. Hiya.....
    I'm so pleased that you are having a positive experience at a nursery......the little day nursery was much better than the other one....
    I was thinking the other day how much I'd like to do my Montessori cert....sounds so

  10. It was funny to see you painting your coffee table as, over the past few months, we have been painting everything, well, nearly everything, in sight !! When we were first married, many moons ago, we stripped everything back to the wood and couldn't understand why or how anyone could have painted these beautiful pieces of furniture ! Isn't it funny how fashion changes ? We painted our coffee table but, I left the top wood, but, you sre right about it getting little stains etc. I think that I might paint the top now ! Yours looks great and all of your little finds at the car boot sale are so sweet.... and, they don't cost much either.
    I'm off to get the paint and paintbrush out !! XXXX

  11. Hi there thanks for your comment on my blog. I didnt make Bedale and we had a visit from my step son and his family dropped on us on Saturday night ( we never get any notice!!) so I also didnt get to a collectors fair in Sowerby (Thirsk) whci my brother went to and it sounds like missed a good one. I am cross!! Picked up a little crocheted basket shape bag that holds two crocheted costers have washed it and will psot later on the blog. Sorry not to have got to Bedale. I will be selling cushions made from vintage linens and other fabrics, the usual hearts!, lavender bags made from old lines, pictures from old and new fabrics, padded and with vintage brooches, some of these are still being constructed, canvas with fabric pictures etc etc depends how much time I end up with nearer the day as to how much I turn up with. I am also taking with me some vintage pots to sell........ Wear a red rose!!