Thursday, 15 April 2010

Retail therapey on the cheap..

I don't know what been wrong with me the last few days but I have been feeling erm ... ho out of sorts with my self.. As I told you I lost 4 stone last year and have felt so much more confident and healthy since .. I am still trying to loose another 7-9 pounds but the weight will not budge .. yes I know I ate that huge cake on Saturday, but on the whole i stick to under 1500 cals a day, and do loads of walking..loads.... but I stick at the same weight ho hum... Since I have lost weight I have become a born again clothesaholic.. I have always been interested in clothes ( too cold for nakedness in Yorkshire 11 1/2 months of year!) but when i became heavier my interest wavered as i felt I looked awful in every thing! I am a size 10 in most clothes and can get into a size 8 in skirts, so I know I am not that fat any more .. but I have been feeling fat and lumpy and err do you ever get like this, nothing really big wrong but you just feel a bit out of sorts about every thing and nothing.... so I decided I needed to get out , have been at home most of time with supposedly to spend time with the prowling teenager.. you know on call for emergency bacon butties and to supply refreshments for procession of teenagers that drop in and out of our house, I am sure neighbours think I have started a youth club.... , but had ENOUGH to day and headed for a cheer me up retail session , unaccompanied ,unhindered!!. so...
first I stopped in TK MAXX , I am a fan off this shop... and enjoyed a leisurely browse and spotted theses lovely shoes, pretty ,unusual , and comfy ,know I will wear them loads..

As soon as I spotted this jacket I knew it was for me , a lovely light weight spring /summer jacket with really pretty floral embroidery great with jeans. I went to Darlington shopping and there are loads of charity shops.. ,this was in the first one I went into .£9.99 for such loveliness.. fits me and Cecile perfectly!! photo take in my/cats boudoir ,god its cluttered..

I found this lovely find in a charity shop(5th) its a oilily skirt ,very like white stuff, made in fine needle cord with the most sumptuous silk underskirt ,in a lovely shimmery green with a cute ribbon edge.. £ 3.50.. love it, I suspect it was very expensive when bought new.. it still is in new condition, don't know how/why people buy things hardley/not ware them then dispose, but I am grateful!!!

this is what I treated my self to in Primark, I went looking for the pretty oil cloth Cath kidston style bags that have been mentioned on some of your lovely blogs.. but alas none but I did get these lovely white Cotton pj,s and the lovely cotton pg,s flowery ..quite CK don't you think?

this is a rare photo of...ME.. taken yesterday through the old mirror of my wardrobe ,I had to do contortions to take a self portrait,not easy is it? Malachy is winding round my legs.... have you recovered from the you need hot sweet tea,? smelling salts?

Yesterday FLOG IT came to my small town, I rather erm like Paul Martin the presenter ,but as I walked past the venue and I saw him, he is taller and ,dishyier in real life , but i was far too shy and slightly embarrassed too go in , so un be known to me, my son and his mate went in and got his autograph ,and said Please... ho my god, his mum fancied him..!! so this is my little present .. Also signed by curly haired expert James some body.. Nat bless him said to James somebody my mum doesn't fancy you ,but you can still sign..! didn't seam to be many people queuing to flog there stuff, us Yorkshire types hang on to our loot!! slightly creased ,not paul Martin but the card as son folded into wallet so he would not loose street cred!!

Also got this little fellow to add to my kennel ,Bertie wasn't keen..

and finally I all most squealed when I saw a pair of Emma Bridewater heart cup and saucers. two cups two saucers . in last charity shop... £2..... yes yes yes £2.. so this is sat beside me to admire and sip as I write this.. The retail therapy did do me good.... and I keep smiling at Paul who is also propped on my bedside table!!! Who is so greatfull I fancey him ..I know..erm


  1. I love your green embroidered jacket , you seem to have found some real bargains especially the Emma Bridgewater cup and saucer. Hope you picked up my emails ok.
    Ann x

  2. How lucky to find such lovely things in a charity shop, you certainly had a good day, the jacket is gorgeous...Lucey xx

  3. How do you do it!! You find such lovely things in the charity shops. Love the jacket...but especially love the cup and saucers...will look forward to a cup of earl grey....!
    Have a good day and will catch up soon, love Wendy xx

  4. I love the jacket and am very jealous that you've seen the gorgeous Paul in the flesh. You lucky girl.


  5. Oh what a lovely day!! Love Helen x

  6. Gosh! I want to come shopping with you! What a beautiful jacket and skirt. I know what you mean about losing interest in clothes when you are a bit heavier. I hate clothes shopping most of the time. I need to know your weight loss secret? lol.
    I've put some posters up locally to advertise a 'Not Just Knitting' group hopefully on a Thursday afternoon in the Meeting Room in Hawes Market Hall. I'll let you know when we start...if I get any interest.(fingers crossed)

    Hope your feeling a bit more chipper.


    Love Fi x

  7. Sounds like a perfect day of retail therapy.. and what wonderful finds you have made... scrummy!

  8. What fantastic bargains you got..... all of them.
    .... and, how brilliant that 'Flog It' came to your town. My husband loves 'Flog It' more than me. Your son was a star getting the autograph.
    I think that you can put that day down as a very successful one. XXXX

  9. Those shoes are amazing,adore the coat,and skirt,gosh I wish our charity shops sold things as lovely as you find,I think I've worn out the few I have by me.must go to Primark and get some lovely p.j's,that shop just is a nightmare most days though!Can't believe you found Emma Bridgewater cups n saucers too!I will just have to come up your way for my hols without the 5 Angels of course!!!Well done for your son to get the autograph of the handsome Mr Martin,what a day xx

  10. I love the skirt and jacket you found, wow. I agree re Paul Martin.