Sunday, 11 April 2010


On Saturday the weather at long last was great and the urge to go to the seaside was strong, so my son Nat and his friend , D and my self set off to Whitby, it one of our favorite Yorkshire destinations and is truly magical.. as you can see... the lovely old fishing port is dominated by the abbey high on the cliffs ,reached by 100,s of very steep steps. Whitby is supposed to be the home of Dracula and Bram stoker wrote his epic here, three time a year there are goth festivals ,which are amazing as the goths parade around the town in there amazing costumes , it takes an hour and a half to get there , so our first stop was for refreshments.................... so we headed to Sherlock's

because not only is it a very quirky individual fab coffee shop that has a high Victorian Sherlock Holmes theme we knew they did these........

Can you see them ? there in the glass cabinet..... the biggest yummiest muffins known to man and more importantly woman.... can you see one in the lady,s hand?....

they are six inches across and about a foot tall and have 3 million 5 hundred and 4 calories each..

so we just had to share a heavenly blueberry and cinnamon whopper , don't know if D is just waiting patiently or praying he survives the sugar over load..
I can still remember every mouth full... Hay I can here you say .thought this woman was meant to be on a diet, I am ,no really,I try to only have one naught thing a week ,and boy was this naughty!!!!

The eclectic interior of this not to be missed coffee shop, in Flower gate..if your lucky enough to go to Whitby ..a must...

fully refreshed Nat and Gabriel headed off on there own , we suspected on a girl watch, as the sun had brought the summer dresses out!!! I made a beeline to one of my favorite shops, The Shepperd's purse, which sells pure bliss loveliness, Noa noa , avoca , Nougat and other dreamy clothes , accessories , haberdashery, house lovelies, and also has a organic Deli,

this is a glimpse of the window , can you see the lovely heart?
Is,nt this rather yummy? but it was over £100.. yes splutter £100, its based on a canvass and is old lace ,silk flowers and old print..erm... don't you think this would be easy to copy?I am going to have a go at making one for my self .. I will show you my efforts soon...After my sugar fix , the sun on my face, sea air , and spending time but no money in my favorite shop (!!)
D and I would not be having need for this alley!

I don't know if there was an anniversary(do you know?) but every shop we went in to was playing great 30,s -40,s swing music and lots of the shop windows were displaying great retro/vintage clothes and collect ables, so I just had to buy this.. so retro, a sign for my kitchen .

there is a fab book shop just called the Whitby book shop! and I always find a great book that just can,t live with out, so this is Saturdays little treasure was this,, really FAB , I will do a post on this and show you more, great pics of Caths dog Stanley inside..
More of picturesque Whitby and finally this picture as It sums up how i felt on Saturday, bright , cheerful, full of spring( and cake!!)


  1. Whitby is one of our favourite sea side Towns too and I always make a bee line for shepherds purse it makes me glow just being in that shop, glad you had a lovely time. Did you dip your toes in the sea??? Lucey xx

  2. Thanks for taking us on your trip to Whitby , it brought back some happy memories. I stayed in a cottage on holiday near there with friends when our children were little and I remember eating the most delicious fish and chips near the sea. The Shepherds Purse looks like a wonderful shop, sounds like you had a great day.
    Ann x

  3. I've never been to Whitby so thanks for sharing those photo's, it looks lovely!

  4. Hi Linda, Glad you made it to Whitby..looks like you had a lovely day! We had planned to go but other events overtook us... still, we have the whole of summer to look forwrd to. I think I have just put on half a stone looking at that lovely, lovely cake you shared with D..........afraid I would'nt have been so generous!!!!!!! Take care, love Wendy xx

  5. Ah how I adore Whitby. It is so beautiful. We went to Whitby for our family Christmas break and loved every second.
    Thank you for sharing.

  6. I have never been to Whitby,another to add to my ever extending places to visit list!The cakes wow,our whole families idea of heaven!I laughed at your comment about the boys off on a girls watch,my daughter was busy trying on vintage dresses all weekend!Amazing what a bit of sunshine does!So did you resist fish n chips there?becky x

  7. Ah - wonderful Whitby! It was often a family day out when I was a child. And all that time, we only ever stayed on the 'promenade' side - i.e. the bit with 'kiss me quick' hats, rock in the shape of boobs, and amusement arcades. It wasn't until I went back there as an adult that I discovered the other side, with all the lovely shops you document. Is the big antiques/bric a brac shop still there, in the old chapel hall?

  8. Ah yes, lovely Whitby. The weather on your day out looks much better than when we were last there. I remember when the Shepherd's Purse had a restaurant and being there the night of a significant birthday!

  9. I've never been to Whitby so thanks for taking us on the tour, it looks lovely. I've got that same sign too.