Wednesday, 3 November 2010


On Sunday it was Halloween as you all know , so here in Yorkshire there was only one place to be all Hallows eve, Whitby...... the place that inspired Bram Stoker to write his Victorian Gothic horror story Dracula in 1897, the story goes that a the ghostly ship from Transylvania called the Demeter sailed in to port, all aboard were found dead , but a wolf like creature was seen slipping ashore , and seen shadow like heading up the dark alleys know as snickets in Yorkshire and finally heading up the steep many steps that lead up to the abbey and grave yard....

So on the back of the Dracula connection a weird and wonderful festival as sprung, The Goth weekends, which are are twice a year,but of course this was the big week end....
with its many cobbled winding streets ,snickets, and old historic houses and harbours it is a very atmospheric place,

and the Goths were out in force,all ages , every other person was dresses in costume from the sublime to the ridiculous, whether you are believers in the ethos behind goth ism or just like us pure voyeurism , you couldn't help been drawn into the whole atmosphere and be impressed by the sheer effort that some people had been put into there costumes... As they promenaded about the town and made there pilgrimage up to the Abbey..

until you adjust its a little unnerving rubbing shoulders with ghouls ,ghosts , etc. this little girl was completely in character and did,nt smile once..

here she is with her dad,

even a Victorian gent needs a glass of white wine or two..

this Gothic guy was out side one my favourite shop in Whitby The Shepperd's Purse, purveyor of all things lovely...

people very kindly pose for you if you ask if you can take there photo and this feather hated lady chatted for quite a while about how she made her out fit, which was stunning don't you think?

This was VERY spooky ,and was one of many hearses driving a round the town... they drew the crowds ,but hope i don't get to hitch a lift in one for a long long time!!..
from the ridiculous to the sublime , this was Fitzy the fox terrier and i just had to have a little cuddle and a picture, ha yes, have I mentioned my little weakness for this breed of dog , er yes,OK..

whole families had dressed up ...

this handsome Georgian dandy , on his iPhone... *? !

this pus in boots scared me half to death as he was behind me browsing in the book shop and when I turned around ,harrr...

this is the famous Whitby jet shop ,it makes exquisite jewelry and serves ua good cappachino, but on Sunday wincey had moved in...

arn,t they sweet?

Miss Haversham and Captain Jack...

thought this lady looked fab, very authentic,

blue beard and his lady.....

latte , mocha , cappachino ,pieces of eight any body??

this Girl is a steam punk,apparently its a 80/90s cult post apocalypse ,Victorian / futuristic style, well that's what it said on google, ho look it up girls, I didn't get it, but the costumes were interesting..

nice to see a man carry his washing machine, wife obviously succeeded in training him to a higher standered than I have D, !!

every other a goth..

And here is the man him self, he was very charming, even with his fangs and the luminous eyes,

wonder what is lurking up the gimmel?

even a goth needs a sugar rush must be the lack of blood..

this is a fab vintage shop, even the the little girl lamp took on a Erie feel,

could you live with this in your house,I could,nt..

I think this glam couple mistook Whitby for Venice.. ... We had a really interesting day ,as always D and I do a lot of restraunt/cafe/tea room visiting in Whitby, so fully sustained and as night fall came we braved the living dead as we wound our way through the narrow ill lite back street's of the town

with the odd lantern to guide us..

we held each others hand and tried not to think what may be beyond the door...

the wonderful view from the cliffs as we headed for safety of our car parked high up on the wind swept cliffs,

thank you for a whale of a time and good bye dear friend until we meet again.. Linda x x


  1. Oh Linda,
    How fantastic...they all really make such a wonderful effort and join in. Everyone looks wonderful. We don't have anything like that here in Hertfordshire ! I'll have to come up to Whitby next year. I love the clothes. Thanks for showing us. XXXX

  2. Hi Linda, we have a shop on Flowergate in Whitby, don't know if you saw us, but until you see the goth festival you can't really believe it can you? I think it is getting bigger every time. I worked at the spa one year in the bar at their big do on the saturday night - i have to say it was the most surreal experience of my life serving cheese and chips (seems to be a vampire's staple diet!)to deadly serious goths/victorians/cyberpunks,etc. My faves are the victorians their costumes are unbelievable! drop in next time-we also have shops in Scarborough and York. jennyx

  3. WOW, that looked amazing the costumes were soooo inventive,and the view spectacular. Whitby is always on my list of places that I woold love to visit, but as it's up North we never do, perhaps I need to find I dog friendly b&b soon.
    really great blog.
    Tracey x
    ps we have a whale jawbone arch in our local park, strange as we are probably as far from the sea as you can get in England!

  4. Great post.....looks like you had a super, scary weekend in Whitby. The costumes are fabulous and the people are obviously enjoying themselves. The little girl in the gold dress was incredible...
    Julie x

  5. What fantastic costumes and photos, thanks for sharing them . We went to Whitby some years back but not for halloween. I remember it had a lot of quirky character and great fish and chips ! Love your dog of the underworld by the way.

    Ann x

  6. WOW,fangtastic!! Brilliant photos - that must have been a great day - and night - for you. I love Whitby, but have never been when it's Halloween. Amazing efforts people made!

  7. That was the perfect place to be for Halloween! The costumes are amazing and it's lovely to see everyone..even the dogs!..getting into the spirit of the occasion.
    Whitby looks magical at night doesn't it? :o)

  8. Great post! I didn't go this year - couldn't face the scrummage for a parking space so thanks for sharing your pics.

  9. Wow! That really looks up my street! I used to be a little bit of a "Goth" apparently.( I didnt really label myself as such) But have always been drawn to the dark side if you like. I must put Whitby on my list of places to visit. And near Halloween it would appear. Although not sure if my girls would be up to such a scare! lol.

    Some really great photo's utterly amazing. Thanks for such an interesting post.

    MBB x

  10. Wow love all the costumes, great to see everyone getting into the spirit of it.

  11. Fantastic post Linda, I really, really enjoyed reading that, great photos and descriptions. I've got a Victorian costume in the loft that I made to wear for work in Beverley when they had the Victorian Christmas Market each year... I wonder if it still fits! lol.

  12. That looks fantastic. I particularly love the Steam Punk, if I was a bit younger then that would be my style!! I also want that hearse, mind you, my car has been referred to as one!! Love the dandy on his iphone. How fantastic that everyone dresses the part.
    Jo xx

  13. Wow! Looks fab! I dodnt now anything about that and its right up my street, Will have to head there next year.
    Some fabulous costumes, I do have a passion for all things Gothic and Victorian.

  14. Great post, its somewhere I'd like to visit.

  15. What fantastic photos - looks great fun!

    Just dropped by to let you know your elephant is finally finished Linda, the little chap is on my blog at the moment if you want to take a peek! Will email invoice for you, so please check mail! Sarah x