Saturday, 30 October 2010


Check Spelling Happy Halloween girls, I would like to introduce Zoltan, as the label says he is king of the underworld, with his unearthly glowing eyes and his vintage charm he cast a spell on me a couple of weeks ago in York ,he mesmerised me, and entranced me in to liberating him from his under world lair and forced me to take him home , ho yes he did,

well his lair was really called Wild heart a wonderful shop in stone gate York which I have blogged about before, ( the label was wrote by Ian the owner it made us chuckle), and as i said he cast his spell, and D bought him for me, and then proceeded to carry him round York under his arm , he got loads of second looks and ,comments from people, when we went into Cath Kidstons D felt like a minor celeb (w lister) or a babe magnet as all the girls who worked in there came over and owed and hared over his demonic vintage charms ,zoltans not D,s!

When we all trooped into Jack wills as Nat has a birthday coming up (17,)and was lusting after several garments and wanted to show us ,hint hint mum-dad, the girl shop assistant rushed up and started chatting and yes owing and harring over zoltan , when she reached over to stroke the dog, D gave a load bark ,and scared the poor girl half to death, she screamed loudly, he said it had to be done!!!

but you see I knew I could tame him ,Zoltan not D, I have given up on him, as I know there is no hope!
Here he is devoid of his demonic eyes or should I say buttons, two lovely soft angelic new eyes from ebay..don,t you think he looks a lot better?

He is rather a sweet spaniel now, look at his lovely old original Collar,

should he remain Zoltan ,or as I have exercised the evil from him ,should he have a new name???

While I was in Cath Kidstons , while D was distracted by his floral clad groupies, I purchased these lovely Stanley Christmas decorations, I thought they were so adorable, the Christmas things were just coming in , and i was rather excited as she does lovely Christmas things, and i can feel a second visit coming on soon,

I promise this is my last dog mention(well this post any way) this is a little full size terrier, from the dogs home EBay, he is my oldest, he is Edwardian , and needed major surgery , and still needs glass eyes from an ophthalmologist viva eBay, flora has had several growls at this one ,as its quite real if you squint!

any ideas on names,some thing suitable ,downtown abbeyish, don't you think?

I hope you all have a good but ghoulish Halloween , and I have included this photo from American country living as I just felt it was rather joyous!!! so I am off to dust down my pointed hat, light my pumpkin, get the broom out of the cupboard and tuck my black cat under my arm ,so another normal day in the vintage heart house.. back soon my lovelies...


  1. Love all your dogs!Spaniel looks so happy with his new eyes! Will be getting a couple of those CK ones myself soon.
    Have a spookily good Halloween! :o)

  2. I love your new doglet and he looks very cute with his new eyes.A new name is certainly needed but which one.......? Anne x

  3. Gosh, you must have nearly as many dogs as Battersea Dogs Home by now! Love the spaniel... and yes you must give him a new name. I received the latest CK mag through the post the other day and saw the little tree decorations, there was also a standard poodle, did you notice if York branch stocked them? Love Wendyxx

  4. Such a sweet blog and yes he just looks so much more loveable now! But I think he will need a new name!

  5. I haven't forgotten the elephant Linda, I am just very, very busy!
    He's made and waiting for me to have a free 2hrs to bake him (I have to turn him every 3 minutes!)
    I will let you know when he's ready!

  6. Wow isn't he just fantastic! love the decss from CK, can also feel a visit coming on! we were ther a few weeks ago at the book launch/craft evening and it was lovely. Jenny x