Sunday, 7 November 2010


This post is to wish my darling boy happy 17th birthday. How can you be 17? where have all those years gone? Nat is my miracle baby and always will be(i can hear the groans of ho mum,if he reads this! I know miracle baby is used a lot ,but you see he is girls... 28 long years ago when we were getting married we knew the chances of having a baby were slim , D had the big C and had several operations before we met, he thankfully made a full recovery ,but knew from the off we would have huge difficulties, so after years of fertility treatment and finally been told our chances were zilch, with great sadness we resigned our self , and decided to adopt , after a three year wait, we adopted our first son W who is 21,( 21, ho my ,REALLY HOW DID THAT HAPPEN!)now, he brought us great great joy,and so we were a family at last... after 8 years of marriage. when W was three I became pregnant, I was nearly 4 1/2 months before I realise! I can still remember the moment my doctor told me, I still tingle!

So on the 8Th of November 1993 at 12 minutes past seven in the evening Nat came into the world weighing a whopping 11bl 4oz, a natural birth girls ,no pain relief as he came pretty fast,(sympathy please at this point).From the moment I first looked into his eyes I have utterly adored this chap! when I wrote to our infertility specialist to tell him our wonderful news ,i sent him a photo, and he wrote back saying it was truly a miracle as he was sure we would never have a child, he also said he was pinning our letter and photo on his pin board to give other couples hope, and the words on the board were miracle baby!! his last comment was he was delighted to be proved wrong!!!!

Here he is with big brother W, who when asked by people if he was pleased he had a brother ,he reply ed no I wanted a rabbit, so while i was in hospital still,D bought him a rabbit, Robbie, much better than a boring baby, so W was happy!
I can honestly say he has brought nothing but joy into my life, he has always been such a happy contented boy, can not remember him crying at all when he was a baby..

As he as grown and developed and reached the age where he is a young adult i feel great pride , and still cant quite believe he got here against such huge odds he would,nt. happy birthday my gorgeous boy, and thank you for the joy you have brought to your old mum and dad, and no your not getting a car for your birthday!!! normal blogging will resume soon , when birthday cake and sentimentality washes down!!!


  1. What a lovely story and it just shows that we one should NEVER give up hope.Happy Birthday to your miracle boy! The 'rabbit' comment made me chuckle. :o)

  2. Don't we mothers know just how to make them cringe, I tell Tom "that's what I am here for!"
    Lovely story and pictures.
    Tracey x

  3. Happy 17th birthday to Nat, you sound like a very proud mam to two beautiful boys, Lucey xx

  4. Insomnia here - so reading through some blogs! Your post nearly made me cry - it's because I'm tired, really ;) - lovely story, though. Your boys both look gorgeous.

  5. Happy birthday to Nat. My goodness and I thought 8lbs 6oz was eye popping enough!! What a lovely story and gives hope to many others who think they will never have children.
    Jo xx

  6. Happy Birthday to Nat, it's my lovely girl's 17th in April too. Like you I don't know where the time goes. I am not too happy about the talk of wanting a car either !
    Ann x

  7. Wow, 11lb have my full sympathy....I think I got away lightly in comparison! Happy birthday to your good looking boy....
    Julie x

  8. What a lovely, lovely post Linda, and what a handsome young man!
    Email me when you know your coming over and we'll see if we can get together for a cuppa.

    Fi x

  9. What a lovely story.
    How fantastic to be Mum to those two wonderful boys.