Thursday, 18 November 2010


Christmas is in deed coming.. I work at a family run farm ,farm shop and gift shop and award winning tea rooms and Christmas as been on our minds for weeks .. we have been taking orders for turkeys and geese etc for weeks, and last week I started decorating the very large building a daunting task as we needed a huge amount of decorations, as I am the " arty one " it fell to me!!we had made a huge mdf ring made and with the help of a builder and the farm lads after i decorated it it was hoisted up into the rafters ,then we added garlands. because of the farm connection we went natural, poinsettias, holly ,pine , berries etc, it took me four days , fueled by mince pies been made by the 100,s in the kitchens, every time i went in the kitchen the smell of Christmas puddings and cake over whelmed me and really made made me feel like Christmas had arrived even though its only November! Idecorated all round the old cart doors now windows in fact if it didn't move I decorated it, all the people who work there ( 30 odd ) kept moving!!!

I also have been making 100,s of hampers and have included some Cath kidston which we sell,

mugs and other pretties made it into some a few chocolate Santa's and walkers violet creams also a few went into my mouth!!! .

But the most exciting development at work was the arrival of two young rain deers, Santa left them with us ,but of course he will need to borrow them back next year as Rudolf and Blixen will be getting old,but not this year as they need to do some growing, they are so sweet and very gentle pair and we have done lots of owing and haring over them.... no names yet, any suggestions?.

But soon they will look like this..

As I have been decorating work I have began to think about decorating my home, i love decorating and have collected X mas decorations over the years , I usually have two tree and huge 9ft artificial tree in the barn/dinning room ( if its finished after my flood, progress so slow)and a smaller real one in the sitting room , but I have turned to American country living for inspiration ,so hear is varied Christmas styles to give me and may be you some ideas...

really like the kitsch santas..

love this traditional room ,but I also love this retro mannequin look erm??

I have bought all the Christmas magazines as they are my favourite of the year,I get so excited ,when the ones I subscribe too drop on the door mat, love country homes and interiors ,homes and antiques great ,but I feel very disloyal saying this ,as i used to be my favourite Christmas mag by a mile, but country living was very disappointed, no real Christmas homes featured and ho I don't know just disappointing, even the cover was,nt the best,so i will leave you wit h a picture from the cover from a couple of years ago, wonder why i love it so much!!! hope you have a great week ,whats left of it and hope I have put you into a Christmas mood, Linda x


  1. You have indeed! You have worked so hard on the decorations at the farm/gift shop..they look really lovely.It must be a nice place to work at this time of year.At the nursery where I worked we used to start preparing early in November,making decorations and presents for the children to give their Mums,and by the time we'd had the Nativity,Xmas party and Santa's visit,I felt like I'd 'had' Xmas already!! :0)

  2. You have done a great job decorating the farm shop. Hope to call in next week for breakfast en route to Kendal....
    I know exactly what you mean about this months Country Living house interiors and it is the Christmas issue! What a missed opportunity....
    Julie x

  3. Wow you did a fantastic job. What cuties those reindeer are and I love the dawgie in the last photo! x

  4. Just call you Mrs Claus!

    I too was disappointed with Country living and thought Country interiors won hands down. Low and behold I had got that issue out with the dog, I'd got it off ebay last year, fab issue.

  5. Wow you have been busy ! The decorations look great, they are lucky to have someone like you. I too love that front cover with the dog it is definitely a favourite of mine.
    Ann x

  6. Well done on the decorations - it looks great! I love the dog on the CL cover too - that's my favourite breed of dog! Great post - very festive!!

  7. I see you have been a very busy girl what a great job you have done ,can you come round to mine and help me ? I think its time I started thinking of Christmas too .
    You are so lucky to have your very own reindeer for the season I am sure you will come up with some great names once you see what personalities they have .
    Lovely photos thanks for the inspiration
    xx fee

  8. Yep! That worked a treat, feel the need to start baking mince pies at once!
    Loved the red door picture with the huge fir cones and the clove studded oranges. I've done these before and they do make your thumbs sore, lol!
    Well done with all the decorating at work, rather you than me. I wonder who'll be taking it all down again in January hmmmmm...

  9. What a lovely place to work - we have a very similar place near Exeter called Darts Farm |I used to work there and loved Christmas always spent miles too much money though! I have to agree with you about the Country Living I was a little disappointed to as like you I love it when they arrive on the doormat!
    have a lovely week

  10. Thank you for dropping by, delighted to meet you! You really have done a marvelous job on these decorations for the store.
    I too love decorating for this season and intend on putting an extra tree up in my barn this year.( For my critters, of course!) I am going to decorate it with their favorite treats, oranges, carrots, apples, cranberries, popcorn AND animal crackers. It should be great fun. Of course, it will be on the FENCED side of the barn, I don't trust those little GOATS for one minute not to open their presents till Christmas morn>
    I must comment on your little tin chicken toy in your banner above, it is the second one I have seen today on a blog and I own one just like it. I thought it was an only child, turns out to be triplets!

  11. Oooh I've been to Lapland and its just like those pics. Please do tell where this lovely shop is as I'd love to visit, it looks right up my street, Lucey xx