Wednesday, 10 November 2010


Here in Yorkshire we have had some very grey days weather wise , fog, sleet and even snow, so
I know its well into autumn, but on Sunday on my daily walk with my furry pair, the sun suddenly shone and the beauty of the trees nearly took my breath away, so I thought I would take you on my walk..this is Billy Banks wood, its called a hanging wood as all the trees are on a steep cliff side are are very spectacular, and wrap them selves around you

As I walked around these words popped into my head.......

I have lived in so many different parts of the country but am so glad I settled here, all this is 100 yard from my front door..

i walked past the dream like tower ,a Georgian folly to a long gone mansion house called Yorke house, the only fragment left of the house is the cellar hid amongst the undergrowth..

on through the fields that were long ago formal gardens to the house, leaves crackling underfoot.

then I stood and watched and listened a v formation of geese flew over head , plaintively honking , don't know what it is but the sight and sound of them always makes me feel melancholy.. why is that I wonder??

looking back towards the dominant feature of my little town the castle..

Deep into the woods now, and scuttling and scampering of rabbits and squirrels and in the distance the white flag of a deer tail just glimpses ,ghost like , fleeting...

in the darkness a blast of colour of yew,love the combination of red and green, Christmas entered my mind , the yews are the only plants left from the formal gardens ..

these are caves created as part of a grotto, mysterious, a labyrinth with many entrances

Fergal sniffs and follows a scent.. I have been in them ,but don't like to enter on my own,

I sit a while on this stone and take in the smells ,sounds ,and enjoy the moment, as I know I have a hectic week ahead..

I turn and slowly head home, lingering ,dawdling, picking pine cones for the fire, watching the dogs enjoying the slight warmth , almost in a trance ,
thinking about every thing and nothing , briefly just idling, Ha lovely, but I knew I had to snapped out of it and headed home , to cook lunch ,and do what had to be done,,,,, but just for a while I was just me.... do you know what I mean? have a good week ,back soon ,Linda x x ,


  1. wow how fabulous is that walk and on your doorstep as well,lucky,lucky you!jennyx

  2. What a beautiful walk and a beautiful post Linda, very poetic which I love.
    Is that Richmond Castle I spot?
    I do love Richmond but rarely get chance to visit. When we do though I love to go the The Station!

  3. What a lovely place to walk. The colours are beautiful. What kind of dog is that? I have a Norfolk terrier and she looks a lot like yours.She'd love nosing through all those leaves.

  4. How wonderful to have all that beauty to enjoy right on your doorstep.Your Autumn pictures are lovely.We love to walk Bella in the woods at this time of year too. :o)

  5. Lovely walk, lovely pictures - thank you! It's great when you can get drawn in and absorbed like that - its very good for one I'm sure, in these busy times.

  6. Beautiful's so nice to escape into your own world sometimes and re-charge the batteries and how nice to have those lovely walks on your doorstep too...
    Julie x

  7. Gorgeous pictures. It looks a lovely area to live.