Saturday, 13 November 2010


Well hello girls, how as your week been? just want to say I am always thrilled to receive your comments and I feel I am getting to know My regular comment girls as friends ,so thank you for taking the time and if you have ,nt commented before ,please do, as I love reading them.. On Thursday I snooked off for a bit of city living to York, as I knew it would be my only day off this week and I needed a city fix.. so glad I went as Cath was holding a party!!

Look at the shop window! cath was holding a vintage tea party, and I was invited!!

Pineapple chunks ,so 70,s don't you think? I can remember my grand ma serving them with carnation milk when I was a girl,

I spent ages just looking in the window savouring every thing before I went through the door, love the child's Stanley jumper, do you? I always feel a rush of excitement before I enter the shop....

Once inside don't know what to look at first, but spotted some Christmas cards on one of your blogs and knew I wanted some so headed to the Christmas section,

really like the bauble stocking... and the retro baubles

loved the red tapestry cushions ..

and of course all the china, i have so many of her mugs.. D would say to many!!

I really like the cowboy sofa, I wanted to be a cowboy when I was little ,yes a cowboy, I was brought up in a horsey household, dad a amateur jockey, grandfather a blacksmith, uncles hunted , I had a pony,ect, and i was a avid fan of John Wayne movies and my dad and i would watch them together , and when I used to announce I want to be a cow boy when I grow up, he used to say , that's great! and he bought me a cow boy outfit, he died when i was 18 , so you can see why I am rather drawn to the print!!but don't know if i could like with it in my house,could you?

If you go to York or are going to York some time, my favourite street for shopping is stone gate ,which id full of beautiful Georgian shops and the best shops! Like Wild Heart which I know I have blogged about before ,but it sells the loveliest thing..

What do fancy from the tempting window?

I really fell for this 1930,little bunny, his ears are so cute and realistic, but I resisted (just) as I have ordered some thing from a fellow blogger and crafter ,so had to be a bit steady! but if he is there next time I go and he is there......

Look at this fab Maileg danish elf, he is a advent elf..and is hung on the door to tempt you inside..

look at that face...

another maileg sweety..

and a whole gang of them , they are quite pricey but adorable, do you have any ?

this huge chap is out side a teddy bear shop on the same street.. he is over six feet tall,

just thought Jack Willis looked really lovely with all its traditional greenery outside the window, the whole of york felt so festive.. even though its only Nov..

This is stone gate with the cathedral at the top of the street, as night fell..

this is a great deli, the quiches are to die for, the goats cheese with caramelised red onion.. yum yum..

I was there so long the moon.... was out when I left, a girl from the country has to make the most of her to infrequent city visits, and i have to have plenty of cappachinos and cranberry toasted bread from star bucks, its the nearest to my home and its 45 miles to York!! So are you wondering what i spent my hard earned pennies on? Well I bought these rather kitsch vintage style Christmas decorations from paper chase....

this jaunty little dachshund with his jester out fit..theese sweet little pussy cats came home with me..this is my little stash of loot, do you like the felt sausage dog , he isn't just for Christmas ! these Cath cards , paper chains bought quite a few of theses, and the ribbon
so I had a lovely day, taking in the Christmas loveliness , and getting lots of ideas as I do the decorations where I work , and I will show you what I have been getting up to for the last couple of days in my next post, have a great week end, think of me having to work all week end , and enjoy the Sunday papers for me!! Linda x x


  1. What a wonderful 'feast for the eyes' post...especially for CK lover such as myself!
    Love those cute decorations you've bought.
    Can't wait to start decorating the house.I tend to go a bit OTT,but so's Christmas after all! :0)

  2. Can't believe you didn't come to our shop Bespoke Country on Castlegate just behind starbucks in the picture! next time maybe? jennyx

  3. Yummy post!
    I enjoyed your visit to York with you!
    I@m sure your home will look CK festive n fun this year!xx

  4. Hi Linda, York looks beautiful, it's a good few years since I have been.I can't believe how we always seem to go for the same things. I was in Cath Kidston in Birmingham yesterday and bought the Christmas cards and paper chains. I also very nearly bought the same decorations from Paperchase ! I love the cowboy print too,my sister has the oilcloth on her big kitchen table which has served her well with two little boys. I have one of the fabric re-usable shopping bags in the print and love using it.Anyway, off to check how long to York on the train !
    Ann x

  5. Mmmmmm Carnation Milk...I knew I had been a very good girl if Mum saved some in the can for me when she was cooking. Looking forward to your next blog.

  6. Oh, I like that shop! Wish we had one here! The rabbit is adorable! And I definitely would have got the Dachshound decoration - we had a wire-haired when I was a girl and she was a darling. (Rather like a loooong Norfolk terrier :)

  7. What a gorgeous post! Thanks for sahring your lovely day out I enjoyed it too as an avid fan of Cath! May I ask do the shops mind you photographing inside? Did you ask or sneak! We have a CK shop in Liverpool and I will visit on Saturday but you have tempted me to have a day in York!
    Heather x

  8. what a lovely day you had.. i love that shop window from cks so bright and cheery!..
    ive only ever been to york once a few years ago... i really must go back .

  9. Being a southern girl I can only wish to come up north and visit York. I have it on my list of places to visit and reading your blog it is inticing me there by the day :-) Thank you for taking me around the shops.

  10. I love York, although being so far away it's very rare that I get to visit. Thanks for showing us round. It's given me a fix for a little while.


  11. Lovely post! I haven't been to York for years, but I really like it. Went to Cheltenham the other day and the Jack Wills shop there had the same lovely decs. You've posted pics of some very covetable goodies! I can't wait to get some decorations up! Abby

  12. York does look beautiful, I will admit I have never been there, but I think that needs to change after seeing your lovely photographs. It makes you look forward to Christmas when the shops are all decorated so tastefully, it all adds to the atmosphere.
    Jo xx

  13. Hi,Linda
    Really enjoyed your post.Im lucky to live so close to York and go there a lot.I love York sooooo much and Stonegate is my favourite street.Wild Hart is always my first stop.I also love Gillygate and Look what Mums made which is on the corner of Lord Mayors walk.It is full of handdmade fabby things by lots of talented ladies.Jules and I have stopped sewing for a few hours and spent a lovely afternoon in Helmsley Browns is full of Cath stuff and my latest love Avoca scarves and blankets.Look forward to youe next post.

  14. York looks lovely, but I've never been that far north!! I love the little bunny but CK is out of my price range so have never been to one. x

  15. Ohhh lucky you a whole day in York, I hope to get there in the next couple of weeks. We went to Harrogate for a change a couple of weeks ago but I was dissapointed and won't visiting again.Must look for that shop on Lord Mayors Walk that made and found suggested when I'm there as Blossom and walker is also along there, Lucey xx PS I forgot to say I love all the things you bought,I think those paper chains will look lovely hung up.

  16. I think a visit to York is in order soon.....lovely post Linda and I remember pineapple chunks too.....on cocktail sticks pushed into a grapefruit when it was party time.....soooh seventies!
    Julie x

  17. I found your blog a couple weeks ago, so I'm new here, but had to follow it because its just so lovely! It's the kind of blog that makes me smile :)

    I've only been to York once, but loved it! Hope to visit again.

  18. Hello again! The cards you liked on my post are from Wyvale garden centre.Hope you are having a good week. :0)

  19. hello !you have made me sooo excited I am going on Tuesday and seeing your lovely goodies that you bought has made me want to go right now !!!
    Those Christmas baubles are so unusual I love them
    xx fee