Friday, 26 February 2010


Orla with her favorite read , she has identical tastes in magazines to me.
Some thing to make me smile, Malachy on a nest of Durham quilts and eider downs.
My lovely new belt hung on one of my favorite treasure my old mannequin

On Fridays my husband D finishes work at mid day ,so it has become a bit of a ritual the we try to get out and just have us time, with out dependants human or animal. This week we had decided to visit Barnard Castle a lovely Market town in Teesdale(about 20 miles away) Its such a pretty Dales town, with the famous Bowes Museum with its amazing automated silver swan ,but more importantly it has great antique , interior and charity shops!With the promise of coffee and cake and the the thought of the purchase a few bottles of specialist ale. D usually treks around fairly happily after me on my pilgrimages! Theres a particular steep street called The Bank, which is lined with wonderful old buildings , of which some of them house antique shops and at the bottom of this street there is a really interesting antique centre housed in the old mission hall,with a vintage clothes department upstairs, great place for a rummaged and I usually find some pretties to re home with me! When I woke this morning I was so looking forward to our little Tripp but when I opened the curtains it was poring down , I mean torrential, as in the sheep in the field opposite had life jackets ready and the cats were wearing wet-suits and snorkels when I went down stairs......, so I thought this is looking like no little trip today, so to cheer my self up I thought I would do a spot of housework, this usually do,s the trick... er... not... As I went upstairs , there was a plop as a parcel landed on the door mat , the post man hung on to the letter box to stop him self floating by just managing to post the parcel before drifting to next house. . Tore open parcel and inside was a little some thing from my drug of choice Ebay. A fantastic vintage style belt from my very favorite , very lovely clothes designer Noa Noa. They are a danish company and there clothes are just so gorgeous ,This arrival cheered me up no end, so did the sight of my two babies in there boudoir, some times its the little thing that give the most pleasure. Another day to cosy in and potter and catch up on lovely blogs, and put the kettle on as husband D checks on sea worthy ness of our two old canoes as It has not stopped raining all day here!


  1. I knew as soon as I saw it it would be from NOA NOA (then I saw the tag!!) I have a couple of outfits from there and love their clothes. I've also visited Bowes museum many years ago though, and had many a popper around Barnard Castle, do you remember that loveely shop in the High Street called Oswells??? I was sorry when it closed down and havn't been back since then.Love Lucey xx

  2. Linda, thank you for your dear comment. So great that you love my blog and music...
    music and interior are very important to me. I see, you are a freshman in blogland. I hope you will enjoy posting and strolling arround and visiting the other blogs, it is real fun but sometimes very time-robbing. I see you love NoaNoa they make such fantastic Couture! But for my pity I don't have a "fairy-figure" and I think for wearing these pretty Cloths I ought to be thinner...
    Wish you a nice weekend, I will come back here, Mira...