Tuesday, 23 February 2010


My over cluttered , over dressed sitting room fireplace at Christmas .I am rather fond of this Georgian original fire place and it is home to my collection of Victorian parian ware figures and busts, parian so I am told was the poor mans alabaster in Victorian times .This is my 16 year olds stocking , I said he was too old for one this year and the forlorn look he gave me told me I would still be doing one for him at 45!!!! I silly put chocolate in it and on Christmas morning after hanging near the still warm fire all night............. erm.
This is my kitchen as you can see I have gone for the cath Kidston ,french shabby chic ,Georgian ,Victorian look in here! Can you see my new marks and Spencer heart stacking mugs, saw them and thought I have got to have you, £12 for 4 ,not bad I thought ? kind of cath Kidston if you squint!

This is my plate rack in in sitting room it has a SMALL collection of Victorian sugar bowls amongst other things on it ,I have this strange magnetic pull towards jugs and sugar bowls, the bowls have to be a certain shape , how strange is this and what does this say about me !!?
This is my barn room (It used to be a blacksmiths shop until conversion into part of the house), we use it as a dinning room and sitting room I have tryed to keep a frenchy feel in here as its such a light room , home to many ,many, many of my little collections.

This is a corner of my sitting room , I have a soft spot for collecting Victorian pictures of cats, naff I know but I do love em! the little wooden shaker style horse was hand carved from wood by my husband for a little pressie for me. and a lovely bit of spring cheer in a jug or two. I was wondering around the house this morning taking some photos of the rooms in my house and thinking I should be wandering around with a duster not a camera,...but hay ho.!... as I thought I would put some pics of my home on my next blog . I have been interested in collecting and interior aesthetics since I was tiny, my mum used to tell the story of how when I was about 3 I would magpie vases ,ornaments ect from around the house and make arrangements in my bedroom ( I must have been a precocious nightmare!). It also dawned on me I may have a bad case of interior schizophrenia as love so many different interior styles. I really should have several different houses, a Georgian mansion so I could create a pure classic Georgian antique museum like house, then I should have a fifties reto, cath kidston style house, then a remote stone croft so I could go all natural ,wood ,stone, pure wool muted tartan throws,seashells , flagstone floored simplicity, then I should have a french shabby chic house in Honfluer ( a very favorite place of mine ) as I didn't win the £56 million on the lottery ( this would have been a miracle.... I didn't buy a ticket!) will have to make do with my very mixed up one and only multi style little cottage! Do you think my type of schizophrenia can be cured or am I far to gone?

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  1. hello Linda, You have a lovely house, we obviously like the same sorts of stuff and both clutter up our houses with what my husband classes as tat but I class as treasure! I got the horse you like a long time ago when I used to collect rocking horses, I have sold all of them now (needs must!) but have kept a couple of the more unusual smaller ones, that one is french papier mache. I love the photo of your doggies in your last post what little chums! Jane xx