Monday, 22 February 2010


Openened the window shutters to this view again this morning, so pretty but I am so done with snow, My 16 year old son Nat came down to breakfast ( after several shouts up the stairs from me) he was rather disapointed that the school was,st closed because of the snow, , and asked me with hope was there more forcast! After finally getting afore mentioned teenager out of the door (i always feel this is a major acheivment!) I then went for a lovely peaceful walk with my two old furry babies Flora and fergal, there are lovely old grounds and what used to be formal gardens to a long gone georgian mansion just 100 yards from our door and they all edge the river swale with a romatic folly on a hill thrown in for good measure the picture is of the view through the gates of grounds to the green where our cottage is and up to magnificent castle which towers over the town ,i never tire of this view. when i returned on the doormat awaiting for me was my copy of Period Living magazine ,I subscribe to several of the house magazines and i allways LOVE when one arrives guess what i did next.... you know what I mean?


  1. Know just what you mean . . . . . .
    Love Helen

  2. Hi Linda... I have just come from Busy Bee studio... welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. I hope you enjoy your journey and make may friends! Your lovely cottage looks gorgeous. Your cuppa and magazine look like the prefect antidote to the snowy weather!
    Love Yvonne x

  3. Hi Linda- I have also come from Busy Bee Studio. Blogging is such fun,and you will meet some lovely people along the way. I love all the Country Magazines too. Flora and Fergal look so cute. Love Denise