Wednesday, 24 February 2010


Another snowy day in Swaledale,its a bitterly, bone chilling day and as we live near a river and wooded hills and there this strange cloying mist hanging about, its a day to stay in and catch up and hibernate,I told Orla this but no she insisted on going out... but only for five seconds.......let me in mum!!

I feel kind of odd starting this blog and apart from a few of my friends I don't know if any body else will read it, so I thought I would look upon it like a diary . I have been inspired so much by other peoples blogs (like posy and attic 24 )and thought it would be nice to have a record of my year and at the same time maybe connect with like minded people who share my loves,likes and passions. I was heading towards a big birthday last year in June and at the Beging of the year I felt kind of ho my god , how can I be this old!! I was rather over weight and was facing major surgery in September. So..... I couldn't do any thing about my age apart from lying heavily, had to face the surgery as there was no other option , so that left the in February I embarked on a diet and by September I had lost 3 1/2 stone and have lost a further 1/2 stone since Sept, notice I make this sound swift and painless but believe me it was constant hard work and I have kind of re educated my taste buds ,apart from still lusting after cupcakes and Victoria sponge type cakes ... I have had strange dreams about them , which I cant go into here...I can resist most food , but ho my..... do you dream of cupcake or any other culinary temptress..... ? So glad to sayI over came my strange year ,, healthier ,slimmer, and a year younger than the year before....... !!!!!! Wonder what this year will hold ?, lots of car boot fairs and a cupcakes or two , in moderation of course .

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  1. I think sometimes you just need a little nibble of a cake or a bar of chocolate and then you get back on track. Well done with the weight loss you must be so proud of yourself Lucey xx