Thursday, 2 December 2010


BERRR... Things are getting worse here in the Yorkshire dales we have Check Spellingabout sixteen inches of snow in places...Yesterday I nearly got stranded at work ,the farm sent a four wheel drive down to get me again, and after been there for about an hour after a very scary drive the police closed the main road to the farm and put barriers with a shovel in the back we set off for home, a very white knuckle drive back i can tell you.. even in crawler gear we had to plough through the snow as it was six inch on the road, so more at home days..,. fergal and flora are wishing they were great Danes with long legs as there little hairy ones cant cope with the depth of the snow
Fergal was entombed in the snow and i had to keep lifting him up because he couldn't breath!!

Flora looking like a little mole as she tunneled through it,
shes wearing her dreaded coat,but boy did she need it..

This is D and Nat snow boarding and skiing down tenter bank , called so as back in Georgian times lengths of linen that was woven and dyed and dried on lines on this bank
they are really enjoying there snow days off.. and spent ages whizzing down the hill
just showing the front of the cottage again as you can see from the last one the snow is nearly up to the window sill.. much deeper than last time .. hope it doesn't creep any higher.. ill begin to feel like a snow queen , well ish..

So girls I have been using my unexpected free time wisely, I have repainted my kitchen walls, completely spring cleaned the sitting room, and arranged plasters , and work men to finally come and start on my flood damaged dinning room so fingers crossed for me I may get it sorted for Christmas, could you cross your legs for me as well as i need loads of luck!!
But I also have managed a few long phone calls to girl Friends that i usually don't get time for and i have started adding touches of Christmas ...

Though I would show one of the first antique thing I ever bought, i got it in a antique shop in Angelsey when we lived there, I instantly fell for it, ho so high Victorian, its a print that was given away with the times news paper in 1895 , apparently you saved tokens then got it, it says so on the print and its in a really nice rose wood frame, 25 years ago it cost me £5 and i still love its Christmas card image...

I also bought some lovely Christmas spice pot pourri, and a little bottle of oil to keep refreshing it ,bit by bit christmas is sneaking in. love it .. , so hope you are all warm and safe and enjoying your forced confinement and managing to entertaining your self's , don't know how long I will be off as the road to work is still closed, but the free time is doing me good, and the a snow queen needs a clean sparkling palace/cottage and at this rate I will be able to remove the black cross /unclean sign from the front door!!! back soon girls , Linda x x


  1. Lovely snowy photos - you've certainly got plenty of the white stuff! Your poor little dogs! Well done on all your busy activity too. We're waiting to take pregnant daughter to hosp - they've told her to phone back at 10. Then we'll look after her two little boys. Hope they have a baby sister soon!

  2. Hi there I meant I am having a stand at the New College Durham Vintage & Retro Fair again on Sunday, then again at Hexham on Tuesday - weather permitting. WE were booked last month but it was Dad's funeral. I am still struggling to come to terms with him going but will get there a little more each day.

  3. Hohoho! Seen Santa practicing with his reindeer yet? Seems like the right place :) poor Fergal and Flora - cold tummies! We still don't have snow here, but it is really cold!
    Keep the fire going and keep warm!

  4. Wow, that is a hell of alot of snow, we've had a bit, but nothing like you, ice is our problem and like you say, the school run was a white knuckle ride this morning! Have a great weekend x

  5. Wow!and I thought WE had a lot of snow!
    Havn't dared ventured out in the car yet..well I'll have to dig it out first anyway.
    You have made the most of your time and got lots done by the sound of it.
    I love that print of the two children in the snow.
    I have everything crossed for you..even Bella has her paws crossed!

    Have a lovely weekend,and keep warm! :0)

  6. Hi Linda, might see you on Sunday at New College, Durham unless you are snowed in.
    Love the picture of Flora the Mole...poor little thing!
    You really must buy her a sledge......
    Julie x

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  8. Hi Linda, thanks for popping by my blog and for your lovely comment. I love your snowy pics and Fergal and Flora look so cute in the snow!! Sounds like you have had a very productive few days and that vintage picture is beautiful. Christmas is creeping up on us so quickly I think it's definitely time to start really embracing it now! Have a lovely weekend & keep warm :) Sarah

  9. The snow pictures look wonderful, I measured 17inches outside our front wall the other day, but that was in a bit of a drift.

    Snap! I've been cleaning and decorating too. Everyones got to sit in my bathroom as thats the cleanest sparklyest room now, lol!

  10. Oh forgot to say, I'm just about to list a couple of embroidered bunnies on Folksy if you're still interested.