Monday, 6 December 2010


Its 19 days to Christmas girls and look who got it wrong and turned up at where I work on Saturday,he landed in the field and said he would hang around till Christmas eve..

What do you think of the reindeer's, they are made from bales of hay, and make a jolly , great festive welcome for all our customers ,

This is my college , he couldn't resist a little ride on Rudolph ,but told me to be quick with the photo,s as his baubles were getting cold!!! Yesterday was my day off work and as I know I only have one more day off work un till Christmas I had to get my self very organised and do one big Christmas present buying swoop on the shops.I must admit as my barn room/dining room is still in chaos and far from finished after my flood, even though every thing is All Christmas at work, at home I feel a bit up in the air about it as the barn room is where we have our big Christmas tree etc, and I cant begin to decorate as its still a building site.......her ump.. D promises it will be ready for Christmas Cant wait to start decorating so hope he comes up trumps!!!,. so.. so So I hit the shops at 10,o'clock and with only one coffee pit stop had worked my way through my pressie buying list , by 3,o'clock I had 95% of the presents I needed to buy, so felt I deserved a treat and when I spotted these in Morrison's when I dropped in to advance buy a few Christmas edibles ,when I saw them I knew they would be coming home with me, they were only £4, and Would be lovely to hold Christmas nibbles etc.
In fact I treated my self to quite a few Christmas lovelies and thought I would show you one thing a day all this week.. have a peek tomorrow and see what made me part with my money ... again!! keep warm and safe and I hope the Christmas spirit is upon you, Linda x x


  1. Ha, ha - love the Santa and reindeer. Hope the baubles didn't get frostbite! Love those bowls too - off to Morrison's tomorrow!! They quite often have the odd lovely thing if you look, don't they? Look forward to seeing your other buys!

  2. Where is this wonderful place of work as it looks right up my street and I'd love to visit? It can't be too far away from me,reindeers are my fav animal and yours are adorable. Love the bowls from Morrisons I have an Emma Bridgewater bowl its a bit bigger than those but cost a fortune, they'll fly off the shelves.Lucey xx

  3. Love the reindeer! Brilliant idea :-)
    The bowls are cute.

  4. Clever idea to use those hay bales as reindeer.
    You did really well with your Xmas shopping..I'm only half way through.I'm keeping everything crossed that you'll be able to get your room straight by Xmas.
    Love those bowls..Oooh,I wonder what else you found?! :0)

  5. Love the reindeer, but love the two young ones you showed the other week a little more. Do you have names for them yet? Think I will also be popping into Morrissons too! Must catch up soon to swap pressies, will give you a ring one evening. Take care, love Wendy xx

  6. We have many neighbors here in the farmlands with round bales of hay laying all over their fields. Now wouldn't it be funny if they woke up to find fields of reindeer instead? Ha!

  7. lucky you to have your Christmas shopping almost bought I love those pudding bowls only £4.00 what a bargain
    Great sleigh and reindeer its great to see people making such a great effort at Christmas
    xx fee

  8. Love the bowls they are really lovely. Sometimes going in full steam ahead is the only way to go with pressie buying! That said I still have stuff I want to get!

    MBB x