Tuesday, 14 December 2010


Hello my lovelies ,how are you all coping with the festive build up? I am so flat out at work ,,that home life sadly is taking second place at the moment! Well I would like to announce that I did one of those random number generate rs and it came up with 7 which is Lissy lou , so congrats and sorry I cant send you all one, Lissy lou could you leave your address viva email, and I will post the Stanley look alike off to you, congrats!!

I have been dropping by your blogs and you all seam in festive full gear , our barn room is edging closer to looking like a room again so may be I will be able to show you my Christmas tree and decorations soon ,cant put them up in other rooms and as they are all full of clutter from barn room ..arhhhh... longer blog soon and I will show you some more of Christmas goodies I bought , ack soooon .. Linda x x


  1. Congrats to Lissy lou! 'Stanley' will look lovely on her tree.Looking forward to seeing all your Xmas decs. :0)

  2. yay!! thank you so much. The boys and i will love him!!! Merry Christmas xx

  3. Oh! Just missed your giveaway! Love your creations... will check back soon to see more. Random number generator - what's that? Am picking mine out of a hat!