Monday, 25 October 2010


Hello girls, how was your weekend? I had a rare at home day on Sunday,as its the only day D and I get off together we usually try to get out some where , but quite frankly I felt rather tired and just needed to catch up on lots of things and just chill .go a little slow and breath!! so my Sunday kicked off with me having a trawl around our local car boot, nothing much to tempt me,

apart from this winter/Christmas wreath, new with tags , mine for £1, my first Christmas purchase.. what do you think?

So after the car boot i returned home with the Sunday papers to wake my two still sleeping men, nat and
d and to make fresh coffee and breakfast for them, and slobbed for an hour with the papers ,harr breath..
Then it was up into the garden to pick apples in the weak autumn sunshine ,our tree has been laded with apples ,but they have not grown as big as other years , there cooking apples and I had promised the girls at work some.. so D climbed the tree and I caught, soon filling a basket ,

If you lived closer girls you could have some, in fact just post a comment if you live near and fancy some!!!

Then we were brave enough to face the devastation in the dining room ,to check the machines that wurr, suck ,blow and make a racket, the cats are petrified of them! they are slowly drying out the floor, as you can see from the picture , not the usual pretty posed picture ,but hopefully i will be able to do a after pretty shot soon, i will not cry, i will not cry.... I will be sorted by Christmas and D says I can buy a old dresser top /shelves for the wall in the picture ,sio that's a bonus, i fancy painting them a cath kidston colour when i get them ,so watch this space!!!

We then headed out with our two furry babies to enjoy some fresh air and more autumn late warmth, Richmond is such a pretty place ,it has been described in the past as the Bath of the north, but smaller of course , we headed to the waterfalls

there used to be a huge mill here until the 50,s harnessing the power of the falls,but no trace now..

crunching and kicking our way through the leaves.. the colours entrancing ,

here's Flora, doesn't she look well, she enjoyed the sunshine and a carry home...

This area is called the batts ,a old Norse name, and is a lovely open area ,by the river enjoyed by all, under the shadow of the castle...

we walked past my sons old school, very Hogwarts from Harry Potter ,don't you think?

We then walked back through the town ,and past a lovely shop called york house, which has three floors of antique and new interiors stuff

I really liked this blue french style mesh fronted cupboard, but where would i put it?

Can you see any thing you Fancy

Luckily for my expanding waistline this fab chocolate shop was closed,can you see the strange angle of the doors and windows ,original Georgian and its distorted over the years!

Then back home to cosy in and cook Sunday lunch, and as the dinning room is out of order we slummed it ,on our knees on trays in front of the telly and this.....

the fire was lovely and the first time this year we have lit it, i collect pine cones on my walks ,dry them then they make great kindling.. curled up on sofa, a glass of rose, and a bit of apple crumble and ice-cream....

then a staple of my Sunday night watching Downton, I am loving it,and love the period indulgence, any body else enjoying this? so that was my Sunday, I expect it was similar to some of your Sundays, but a rare slow day for me, and I enjoyed every minute of its ordinariness, if you know what I mean? so have a great week and I will blog again in the week as I have set my self the challenge of blogging more.. show you my new purchase in next blog.... erm are you wonder what I have gone and bought??? Linda x x


  1. A perfect Sunday! Just how I love to spend them.

  2. I do like your Christmas wreath - very understated. And I have that very same bluey mesh-fronted cupboard in the sitting room! Love it :) That fire looks cosy! Hope the rest of the week goes as well.

  3. I like your Christmas wreath... a bargain to say the least! Hope you felt refreshed and less tired after your lovely day. And yes - what have you bought now? Can't wait to see. Love, Wendy xxx

  4. Dear Linda,
    What a perfect Sunday you had.....first, a wonderful bargain ...a wreath for a £1....briliant.
    You really do live in such a pretty place....such beautiful countryside.
    Then a delicious Sunday roast.
    Oh, and I'm watching Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince as I type this comment !!
    I, too, am watching Downton Abbey and I L-O-V-E it. I was so worried that Mr. Bates was going to be blamed for the porcelain box going missing !!
    I am so sorry for you with the water damage and the drying out process. It must be horrible for you. Stlii, as long as it's all sorted by Christmas.
    Have a lovely week, Linda. XXXX

  5. Sounds like the perfect Sunday to me. Mine was similar and very slow and relaxing after the busy day on Saturday at the fair. I love Downton Abbey too and look forward to it every week, I also always try and watch Antiques Roadshow too.
    Ann x

  6. That is my kind of Sunday! Glad you were able to relax after all the problems with the house.Fingers crossed it will be sorted by Xmas and you will find that nice dresser top you are wanting.LOVING Downton Abbey! The best thing on TV right now. :o)

  7. What a lovely relaxing Sunday, absolute bliss when you have days like this. Yes, I too am indulging my love of all things Period on a Sunday night, Downton Abbey is a wonderful drama and especially the lovely Mr Bates. I have heard they have commissioned a second series so we will have even more to look forward to!!

  8. Hi what a lovely post - you summed up what Sundays should be - I feel lovely and cosy now - and tempted to go and light the fire and re-watch my recording of Downton Abbey. Its brilliant isn't it! I do hope that everything drys out soon for you - and you will have a lovely new dining room for Christmas.

  9. Car boot, roast beef & yorkshire pud & Downton Abbey, - perfick!
    T X

  10. What a lovely 'out and about' post Linda. Gorgeous photos as usual. Have you met lovely Sue and Neil your new neighbours yet?

  11. Sounds like a lovely Sunday. I had to work boo hiss. That wreath is so warm and cheery looking. x

  12. What a lovely day you had, love the wreath Lucey xx

  13. Lovely post, thank u for sharing your Sunday! Lizzie

  14. Hello! I've just discovered your blog. That looks like a perfect Sunday - and that wreath is just lovely, exactly my kind of decoration. Thanks for sharing :) Bibs x