Sunday, 3 October 2010


DO any of you remember the Ian Dury song reasons to be cheerful part three( never heard part i or 2!)Well this post is me trying to hang on to reasons to be cheerful as its been a strange old week or so. Firstly thank you so much for all the best wishes and love sent our way for Flora and the vintage heart house. I was so touched so many of you cared, and I am glad to report she is recovering a bit more every day,and even managed a 10 second chase of the cats this morning !!!!!!! I think she had in fact did have a stroke as her balance is still a bit off, but i am so grateful she is hanging on. Well as I said firstly there was Flora drama, then I fell over first thing in a morning on the way to the car for work and am supporting technicolor bruises on arms etc, but I am okish( no drink was responsible for this stunt !!!) ,Then the hoover blew up ,(hurray,reasons not too do cleaning!),D went away for a few days on Friday, and this morning Sunday I have had a huge flood in the house ,a pipe burst some time last night in the wall in the dining room and flooded three rooms, two wonderful builder neighbours came to my rescue ,and having ripped up wooden floors and half of one wall , managing to locate the burst, girls the devastation , two floors ,one in my dining room will have to come up completely ,and the insurance people will have contacted ,i had a little weep when men left, brave i can cope face when they were here! after slaving for a couple of hours mopping , pointless as it keeps seeping up through the floors,i have laid on the bed ,coffee, cabburys flake bar and decided to weep on your shoulders!! so these are a few thing that have given me reasons to be cheerful in the last week or so..

lovely images from this months American country living plus some from back copies,

All this pumpkin loveliness cheered me , a blast of colour on a grey foggy wet day, America do Fall/autumn much better than us don't you think ,but glad too see more Halloween stuff in shops, TKMAXX, is good for Autumn decorations..
Fergal and Flora cuddled up together trying to keep there feet dry fergal is glad his sis is returning to her cranky self!!
Having had to abort my carboot pilgrimage for mopping duties i went up stairs for dry clothes , and i found these two in my bed!

again a paw keeping dry exercise, and to hide from scary mops,
This is pearl my lovely neighbours and friend s rescue grey hound, she is so beautiful I call her the super model ( the white one) no. she has the most soulful eyes and has had a bad past life ,but has a wonderful loving home with her new human mum now its always a joy to see her, well my Friend has done it a again and rescued the lovely Penny, are they not adorable?so many of these wonderful dogs need homes,just look at there eyes!

This is D beavering away putting the undercoat on the front door, and I will reveal which colour i finally choose ,thanks for your great input about the colour choice.the front of the house is finish and looks very smart, but the back has not being even started, have you heard the expression fur coat and no Knickers ,well that's our house!!!

These are just drool able pictures of Cath kidstons In york when I went 10 days a go ,

this is the entrance, love .love love the colours, so cheery.That is it I am buying some bright red paint and trans forming a couple of things, as i love this little table and glass cupboard, does any one know where I can buy Cath Kidston paint,as the actual ck shops dont stock it, strange but true, so any tips to where I can actually get some gladly received!
This is the new autumn stock and of course I fell on this knit ware, as it obviously features Stanley

I try ed the hat on and my friend Di said it looked great on me, but I thought i looked very like Les Dawson when he wore that Beret!!
so I am thinking about it,also really liked the jumper, but thought it may be was a step to far, what do you think?

I did buy this little bag, its Cath kids, but I thought it would be useful when you just need a purse and phone, only £10.00, a bargain.

also brought home this little Cath elephant on wheels, so jolly,to feed my second childhood phase,

this is a lovely 30,s cot quilt and i loved the fabrics so much, york charity shop find, are you ready? £2,yes,yes yes. I will use it as a through over the back of a chair..
and finally my Primark , cath look-a- likeys, lap top case and toilet bag, not quite as sutle as cath ,but £3, and £6, not not such a guilty pleasure!! I use my sons laptop so hoping father Christmas comes up trumps with one for me to put in my case!! so , yes I am felling a lot more cheerful , and when things go wrong its some times hard to remain up beat, but every thing compared to flora been OK, doesn't seem to matter that much, any way i have great floral wellies to cope with down stair's, hope you all had have a better week than i have had, and good times are a head or us all , Linda x x x


  1. What a week of it you've had. So glad that Flora is OK and getting better, that must be such a relief. Re the jumper yes I think that is a step too far.

  2. Poor sorry,you've had one hell of a week! So pleased to hear Flora is doing well.
    Bella sends licks and 'woofs'. :o)

  3. What an awful run of bad luck, things can only get better and I am so pleased Flora is doing well. I can't belive the beautiful patchwork quilt you found, what an amazing find. Strangely I have also been trying to track down Cath Kidston paint as I want to paint the legs on my little stool. let me know if you manage to find any.
    Take care,
    Ann x

  4. So glaad to see Flora feeling better, I have decided to buy that beret so if I can you can!
    Tracey x

  5. Gosh you have had a week of it haven't you! I'm glad to hear poor Flora is on the mend, and I really feel for you with your flooding problems. If you get the chance and feel like you need to escape you're more than welcome to come to mine for a tea and sympathy.

    Keep your chin up.
    love fi x

  6. So glad to hear Flora is doing well - and I hope you are drying off :) The pics of the dogs and cats are so cute!
    Love the knitwear you found!

  7. Gosh poor you! What a week you have had. Some weeks are just sent to try us it seems. I hope you get everything sorted out. Glad that little Flora is doing well she is such a little cutie.

    Cant be much help on the CK paint I am afraid. Oh is that toadstool a lamp? I have a real thing about toadstools. And one that is a lamp. So cool.

    Here's to much better week all round to you. Take care.

    MBB x

  8. Your animals look so sad - and you were very brave and lucky to have such good neighbours. Hope you can get it all sorted out very quickly, this is when you are glad you have paid all that insurance out every month!!

    We are off again to the New College Durham on Sunday, looking forward to it the people were so friendly. Have been making hearts with lavender in as people were asking for them. I thought I would try some lovely green and gold and red and gold made into bunting for Xmas in case people are rooting out stuff early on. Waiting to see you door!! Chin up xCatherine

  9. Love the jumper, I think you should treat yourself!!

  10. Hello Linda
    I started reading this blog post with a heavy heart... Life does have a habit of pulling the rug out now and again.. everything happens at once.. as if it has been waiting for the moment to pounce!
    As I read on... the news got brighter and by the end of your blog post I was positively skipping at the sight of those gorgeous dog knits at CK.
    Best news of all is that Flora is making a recovery !!
    Michele x

  11. I am so glad Flora is on the mend, you feel so helpless when pets are ill. I do love the pictures from the American magazines, especially the hanging autumnal wreath with the pumpkin tea lights. I love all the colours of Autumn. Hope Flora continues to improve.
    Jo xx

  12. What a fab post! I really enjoyed it...far too much for me to remember what I wanted to comment on!!
    I tried to find some red paint recently and had trouble finding some, So I bought some 'Plastikote' spray paint and it did the trick, but I was only painting small items for my kitchen.

    Your cats look ever so cute snuggled up in bed! amd I am glad to hear Flora is getting better.


  13. I'm so glad I found your blog, its really cheery. As to Cath Kidston paint B & Q had it a few months back and it was half price too....