Thursday, 21 October 2010

Behind the Green door

Thought I would share the view through my sitting room window with you, the autumn light was making the horse chestnut (conker) tree look like it was glowing this morning, as I had my breakfast I was transfixed by it, the tree Shields the opposite houses across the village green ,but too soon all the leaves will be gone and I will be able to see the pretty Georgian houses through the empty branches , but for now the lovely autumn glow is a delight to see.... and certainly cheers the spirit while your eating your toast.!

As I promised I will reveal what colour I finally choose for my doors and windows ,after much dilly-dallying and lots of input from you lovely ladies da dar... I choose olive..from Farrow and Ball.

I am pleased with the colour, darker than the last colour I used and I think its a lovely old cottagey shade, what do you think??

the windows and doors are now smart looking and weather proof for the coming winter, which apparently is going to be another hard one, this old house has stood against many winters ,as a while ago a local historian showed me a map of my town from the 15Th century and there was a dwelling showing the exactly the same foot print that my house has now, its probably seen loads of changes as living conditions and fashions in architecture have changed , but from the minute I first saw it it felt like home and wrapped its arms and walls around us.....did any of you fell this way about your homes,I am sure you have some stories to share??
Just a quick blog ,short and I hope sweet, lots more to share and tell very soon, I am going to try to blog a few times a week instead of my war and peace weekly blogs, as I always look forward to many of of the frequent blogs you do and get withdrawal symptoms when you have big gaps between your posts,as I love
keeping in touch with your worlds, back soon Linda x x


  1. Great choice of colour, it is just perfect for your lovely house and looks great with the old stone.
    Ann x

  2. I approve wholeheartedly with your choice of colour...perfect.
    Love the little peak of your sitting room through the window looks so cosy!
    Have a great weekend,
    Julie x

  3. Love your choice of colour..I think it suits the house beautifully.Your home looks so cosy and warm..I'd love to live in a cottage like yours,it has so much character,unlike the modern house I live in.Glad you're going to post more often..I really enjoy reading your blog! :o)

  4. A very good choice, lovely house, although I am not that impressed with your weather forecast! :-)
    Tracey x

  5. Love the door colour's just perfect for your lovely home! Had a great day yesterday,really loved catching up with you, and again, many many thanks for the beautiful birthday gift you gave me. I feel very priveliged having a friend like you. Love as always, Wendy xx

  6. Hi Linda
    Great choice, you can't beat F&B paint for a period property. Your cottage looks gorgeous, and the colour works well with the stone - perfect. Our cottage sash windows are painted in Vert de Terre, and the shutters inside are painted in Lichen. Andy and I fell in love with our cottage as soon as we set foot in it. We had always mentioned it when we drove past on the way to visiting his parents and couldn't believe when we decided to move up here it was on the market for the first time in twenty odd years. It was obviously meant to be.
    Jo xx

  7. Oh your home looks so pretty the colour is perfect
    xx fee

  8. What a lovely view you have from your window, Linda.
    You do live in a most beautiful part of our country.
    .... and, I LOVE the Farrow and Ball colour that you chose for your front door. It's one of my favourites and suits cottages so well. We used to live in a 16th century cottage and it used to amaze me that The Great Fire of London hadn't even happened !! We are now in a Victorian house. I love to think about who used to live in the houses that we have owned.
    Have a lovely weekend, Linda. XXXX

  9. Your door and windows look lovely on your house. Great choice... We too have F&B Olive on the external paintwork at our old house we now rent out, it's with old red brick work and looks lovely.
    When we bought our new house, we walked into it in February and it too wrapped it's arms around us and we just HAD to have it, the fire was lit and it was so inviting. We LOVE living here and have never been happier than we are in this house, I never want to move again and feel 'settled' for the first time in my life, it's a real home.
    I am having to get used to a cold house though, it's over 300 years old, three cottages now made into one and our bedroom is 25ft x 19ft with really high ceilings with exposed a frames. With 3 external walls it is starting to get VERY cold, I'm even thinking of installing a wood burner so I don't wake up frozen to the bed!!!!! I feel a trip to buy lots of electric blankets coming on!!!
    You can't beat an old house full of history can you? If only walls could talk...
    We have been told our house is haunted by a 'friendly' ghost! At first it freaked me out a little especially when things started falling from worktops for no reason and smashing, and doors opened for no reason when there was no draft in the house, but now I'm getting used to it!! So far I haven't told any of our guests that have stayed but maybe after having people stay for 8 out of the 10 weekends in the summer I will!....How I love being a FOC B&B with no time for my own family let alone blogging ;-)

  10. Love the colour you chose. So pretty.

  11. I love your cottage. I want to live there please.


  12. I think you have chosen well - the colour looks great on your stone cottage. I love Farrow and Ball colours my front door is colour Grey/blue.
    look forward to more posts!
    hope you had a lovely weekend

  13. Thanks for you comment, it is helpful to hear from others who've experienced it. My god your's must have been painful. So glad it was all sorted out and that you're now fully recovered. I think the waiting is the worst part of these things. x

  14. Great choice of paint colour! Like you - I fell in love with this old place the moment I saw it! Have a good week. Lizzie

  15. Hi there...Our Choccie boy is gorgeous, a little monkey trying to get away with as much as he can, but scrummy none the less. We called him Hugo in the end and it really suits him, he's a real 'Hugo' and going to be enormous, a real chunky monkey.
    I am still waiting for my husband to download new software for my camera so I can carry on blogging..I'm hopeless with tech stuff and haven't a clue.
    Hopefully now the visitors have died down a little I'll get back to blogging, although saying that we've just had a family of 4 for the weekend then more arriving this Wednesday to days seem to be spendt cleaning up after visitors leave and before the next arrivals, with washing bedding/changing bedding, shopping for meals and preparing meals in advance.........Noone mentioned before our move to the coast just how time consuming and EXPENSIVE the constant entertaining would become!!!! At least Hugo is being socialised well!

  16. Hi Linda, The next New College Durham Fair is 5th December....see you there bright and early!
    Julie x

  17. I love the colour! I shall have to show these photos to my other half and see if he agrees that our front door would look lovely in the same shade! Bibs x