Wednesday, 29 September 2010


This is just a quick blog to say hi to you all. I know from your blogs many of you are animal lovers ,so I hope you will understand what an anxious couple of days we have had , two nights ago D ,Mr vintage heart,took Fergal and Flora my furry babies for a walk and on returning home Flora began too be very unwell , her eyes sunk to the back of her head ,she was shacking uncontrollably and was,nt breathing very well, She is 15 years old, so an elderly old lady, but a doughty one at that, shes a terrier i Will say no more.. All of us thought she was dying and I felt so powerless and very scared for her, So a call to the vet and an agonising wait of 20 Min's before he could get to the surgery, i really thought he would say this was the end ,and she wouldn't be coming back with us, so when we arrived both the teenager and my self were trying not too cry, only D held it together..My son is 16 and has grown up with both dogs always been there , you know what teenagers are like , got to be cool at all times, so was glad to see the veneer drop and the real boy/man appear, .. The vet said it may be a stroke or a sever allergic reaction too some thing on her walk, , a air of uncertainy .So she was injected with all sorts too cover lots of possibilities and told to take her home , keep an eye on her ,and return in the morning , his parting words, this could go either way. But I am very glad to say after a very sleep less night ,I checked on her every hour or so, she made it through the night and is making a slow recovery, she has managed a little scrambled egg, and porridge and is receiving the best nursing care the vintage heart house can offer, she even managed a growl at the cats tonight, a good sing for Flora if not for the cats!! She has always been a naughty adorable joy and the only sadness she has brought in to our lives is the thought of loosing her, I know she is old and one day It will happen.. but not yet ..please..


  1. Give Flora a hug from me, she is a lovely old thing. My heart goes out to you, fingers crossed she will make a full recovery. Take care.
    Ann x

  2. Aww flora is a poppet! Enjoy every moment with her, I will be a mess when its time up for my Lady J (shes 11) so I spoil her rotten...just cant help it! Its the eyes isnt it?!?!
    Hugs Deb x

  3. So sorry your little Flora has been so poorly.Fingers crossed for a full recovery.They really are heartbreak on legs.I nearly lost my Cleo cat when she had feline aids and the vet came to the house to help her on her way and she went to ground.we could not find her anywhere so the vet decided as she was old (17)and she didn't roam much she could be spared and do you know we had her company for another three happy and healthy years but at the end she did go down hill fast.I still get emotional when I think abut her.Sending you lots of love xx

  4. Oh you poor things, my heart goes out to you. Poor Flora.
    She is a very good age isnt she. my last dog had a major stroke and unfortunatey died as a result aged 13 years, I felt robbed, he was too young.
    I do hope she improves and you have mnay more happy times together.
    Big Hugs!

  5. oh poor Flora! I am glad she is on the mend. She looks a beautiful girl. We dont have any pets at the moment, but I have had in the past. Our family dog was a little yorkshire terrier and was with us for 14 years. We were devestated when she passed away so I know how you feel.

    Take care sending hugs to Flora.

    MBB x

  6. Oh,dear sweet Flora..what an adorable lady you are,and a fighter by the sound of it.
    Sending lots of get well woofs and hugs from Bella and Bellaboo :o)

  7. Poor little flora I hope she is feeling much better now and nothing serious has happened to her ,she looks such a sweet little girl.
    Dogs in our area have been poisoned and killed by bait that someone has put down in the bushes of a well know dog walking area so when I started to read your post I was a little concerned the same thing may of happened to flora but it sounds like she is getting better and I will keep my fingers crossed for you all xx

  8. Get well soon Flora, lots of cuddles from Florence xxxx

  9. What a sweet face Flora has! I am so happy she
    is on the mend! You can tell she is well loved!

    Flora Doora

  10. Oh I do feel for you, it must have been heartbreaking. I am so pleased to hear Flora is making a good recovery and it is not her time yet. Sending you all in the VH House my best wishes. x

  11. Hi, so pleased Flora came through this, I hope she is still doing well and that she is growling at your cats for a long time to come. Take care and hope to see you at some point? Karen x

  12. I do hope by now that Flora is back to her mischievous terrier ways and you are not living on those awful tenterhooks that accompany times like these. I cannot bear it when an animal is ill and suffering and especially when they are part of your family.
    Big hugs for Flora.. and you.

    Michele x