Thursday, 9 September 2010


Hi girls, how are you doing in your worlds? To day has been my day off work and last night I decided I needed a slow day to rest and catch up on 101 small things I needed to do, I usually try to get out and about on my day off ,then i feel I have "done some thing", ,When I had done several boring but necessary jobs , I decided to take a break and get out and about in my home town in stead of heading off else where and take my furry old babies for a walk round Richmond, I decided to take the camera with me so you could come on my walk with me, I have lived here for 7 years and i still rather taken by how lovely it is ..
This is the river Swale that runs through the town

This is the water falls or Foss , the river swale is one of the fastest rising rivers in the UK, and the water falls can be spectacular but very ferocious in winter,
this is the view from the Georgian promenade or castle walk as its known now, i saw a king fisher and a dragon fly on this stretch of the walk, further up the river in a more remote spot I have see otter prints, never seen the actual otter yet, but one morning I plan to get up at dawn and sit and wait , as they are mostly nocturnal and have been told this is the best time too see them as they head back to there Holt's at this time I am told..

This is the lovely Georgian promenade or castle walk as its known now, it was(yes you have guessed) created in Georgian times for them to dress up and stroll about the town and show off there finest, I like too picture this in my minds eye, and then return journey back to my cottage on this little village green, rather spoilt by the cars, we have been petitioning to get residents parking ,but to no a vial as yet, we need them but they are a blight ,like those damn wheelie bins!!

Fergal was having a bad hair day ,but lots of fun in the sun, he is amazing for 16 years old, hes a little forget full and quite blind and deafish ,but still has a great zest for life and I love him to bits..

Flora is 15 and cant walk very far so I end up carrying her , thank god she is not a great Dane, since she was a puppy she has helped her self to black berries of the bushes and

she gobbles them up like sweeties, Fergal will not eat them , and looks at her like she is mad!!!

Look what arrived in the post on Thursday......... a lovely little dog fox terrier on wheels which I had ordered from the lovely Sarah at north field primitives which can be found in my favourite blogs list, she is so talented and i hope to collect a few more of her fab handmade creations..

the attention to detail is lovely,

I have put him into the barn room for now, but i have a cunning plan to buy a large dresser top style shelf and put in in this room and paint it a lovely Cath Kidston colour , i saw one outside a bike shop in Whitby ,it was in an alley way and looked like it was been throw ed out or had been used as a old shop fitting, the shop was closed (it was a Sunday) and we try ed phoning the owner ,but to no avail ,it was just the right size and shape, and i still keep thinking about it, but sure it will be long gone now... and we just couldn't take it, theres all ways one that got away!!!
On Sunday very early I set off to a car boot which I had been told about from my friend Richard who if possible is a bigger devote of car boot sales and antique fairs than me,( hard to believe I know as you have got to know my little weakness for booting!) ( He said it was one of the best he had been too)! Ho my well !, so with great anticipation and big expectations I made the long winding Journey to Ripley castle, a Stately home about 40 odd miles from where I live, the car boot sale is held on the cricket pitch adjacent to the castle, a more picturesque setting you couldn't imagine.. the morning was a beautiful sunny crisp morning so the omens for a good turn out were good...

The ques were very long to get in and there were loads and loads of cars of cars heading in to sell , i actually got a kind of high when I was waiting to get in! several different queues and to my delight we got in first..

Loads of stalls and the first thing I bought was this new retro egg sign ,when I saw it I just knew where it would fit

Then I spotted these mirrors, a lady was selling all three, and i just fell for them , very retro, i love the bright red one, but thought i might paint the other two in cath kidston colours, what do you think ? any suggestion's for colours or should i leave them a lone /,i am going to hang them as a group on my landing and i am going to look out for more...

This was my bargain £2 find made from 50,s fabric , just really loved it instantly, the bow tie is sweet,

This is the horrid wall light we have lived with for 7 years! just never seen any other Wall lamps i could afford or liked to replace them , horrid things ,they are in my dinning room , that is until Sunday when i spotted these on a stall...

I got four of them plus the shades for £5, much much better than the brass 80,s horrors, don't you think, / just need to get D stirred up to fit them , this could be another 7 years!!!

Hope you all have a intersting and happy week end , I am at work on Saturday, but in the evening I an going on a hen night with the ladies from work (late marriage for the hen!), we are all ladies of a certaian age and are going to a tappas bar , all very taste full , jeans and bling is the dress code , so may be a little jaded for car boot on Sunday , may go to an afternoon one instead of early bird! love Linda x


  1. Fergal and Flora are so sweet, my dog eats the blueberries off my blueberry bush ! You are lucky to live in such a pretty town with stunning views. I love your new dog that has arrived, he looks beautifully made. You did well at the boot sale, those mirrors are great, I really like the red but I think they would look good painted too. Not sure what colours , I suppose it depends on the rest of your decor. The cushion is lovely too, 50s rose prints are fab. Have a lovely night out.
    Ann x

  2. Our elderly Jack Russel loves plums! Must be a terrier thing. Love your buys and the setting for the car boot well what more could you ask for?

  3. Lovely photo's - you can't beat this country for scenery.
    Great car boot sale finds too!

  4. Lovely photos of Richmond Linda, to my shame I have never walked the Georgian promenade.....will have to do so next time I am looks spectacular.
    I like your "collection" of mirrors too, they will make quite a statement together... will you paint them or leave them red?
    Julie x