Sunday, 19 September 2010


How are things with you all ..? In the last few days I have been in a quandary , I haven't quite had sleepless nights but I have been struggling with a big choice, what colour to paint the windows and door of my cottage!! After getting several quotes from professional painters one been £1,550 excluding paint to do 9 small windows and two doors (faint, splutter!!) D has taken this week off work to paint the house and do some wood repair on our old sash windows and sills, as the harsh winter we had has taken its toll..
This is the front door of our cottage, not only is our cottage grade two listed its also in a conservation area, so we have to be very careful of our choice of colours as other wise our local council we be jumping up and down, also I think the colour choice is important not only do,s it say some thing about your personal taste , but the colour should compliment the surroundings,and architecture of the building. At the moment we have we have Saxon green by farrow and ball,

Which I have loved but fancy a change.... so I have been looking at other peoples choices and sneakily photographing them so you can help me choose..

This is a lovely cottage in Zennor in Cornwall, the barbie pink gate is so unexpected ,but I kind of like it, but I know the council would have a Dickie fit I went for this !!

So how about this colour, this is a cottage three doors away from me, think the colour compliments the honey stone, think this is hay from farrow and ball, can I copy , don't know?

Rather like this greeny shade..
This is my next door neighbour's house ....

Love this colour , so great again with the stone...

love this blue, quite french specially with the fab geraniums...
This is so classically period and Georgian , very smart,
This is a wonderful cottage in St Ives , and included it because I think it proves how a colour is so important, screams nautical , by the sea don't you think?
same for these two.....
I adore this colour combo ,so pretty, very Cath Kidston..
But not right for a inland country cottage i think...
These two are in St Ives and Zennor and included them both as they are rather ravishing in different ways.. bottom one is a bit similar too my humble abode..
So what do you think , D is preparing wood work over next couple of days so i must buy the paint on Tuesday evening, been studying the paint chart hard and I might be leaning towards these two shades

olive green or,Calke Green, I used to be indecisive but I'm not sure any more!!!! Help ,Help, come on girls I need you, what colour do you think,( if you click on f&B link you can view colour chart) If I don't decide by Tuesday there could be a divorce or murder as D HATES painting and he thinks I am sorted!! On a slightly different subject ,just thought I would let you know the hen night was eventful , as mentioned in my last post the hen party was made up of ladies of a mature age, as the bride was marrying in her early autumn years , after a few drinks she decided she wanted to go to a night club as she had never been too one, so off we all went, what can I say girls apart from what an eye opener , we were in our nearest Big town Darlington , and I am still having flash backs, and its been fodder for conversation all week at work.. us country bumpkin girls were like rabbits in a head light!!! lets just say it will be a one off experience... phew.. any way take great care of your selves , but have some fun this week, I am off to York on Wednesday with a friend to have a little jolly, will bring D a cake or two back from Betty,s to keeping him yielding that paint brush!! see you soon...


  1. Such a hard hard choice! I think they are both lovely but I am swaying towards the Olive green.
    I also like dove grey colours but not sure if they would look right with the colour of the stone.
    Good luck!

  2. I am busy renovating and painting sash windows on a Grade 2 listed Northumberland stone property (similar to Yorkshire stone)....Farrow and Ball Light Gray on the sash windows, Mouse's Back on the gutters and doors....subtle, classy and works really well.
    Julie x

  3. Oh , I know how hard it is to choose. I think I would go for Calke Green but I like the olive green too. I spent ages trying to decide on a Farrow and Ball colour for my front door too. I wanted something in keeping with the age of the house which is 1920s and decided to try a blue green called Teresa's Green. I like it but Mr C isn't sure, I think its probably a bit too pale for a front door but I need to live with it for now. whatever you choose you can't go wrong with A Farrow Ball colour.
    Ann x

  4. I definetly think the calke green would look stunning, have a great day out in York (lucky you) and take some piccies for us, Lucey xxx

  5. im likeing the calke green. i think it would be a bit of a warmer colour than the more olive green to work with the stone work of your cottage..
    all lovely by the way!

  6. For what it's worth I like the olive green, but also really the existing colour too.xx

  7. I like the calke green too..but I would probably go for a duck eggy blue 'cos that's my favourite.What ever you decide I'm sure it will look lovely.Look forward to seeing the finished result. :o)

  8. I quite like the look of Chapel Green (just throwing a spanner in the works here!)


  9. Both very nice, think I just prefer the Olive green.
    Some lovely photos.
    Carol xx

  10. It costs so much to have the house painted doesn't it ? It never fails to astonish me whenever we get a quote !!
    Our front door on our Victorian house is stripped wood, the window frames and sills are cream and the gutters and downpipes are one of the Farrow and Ball greens but, it was a while ago now and i can't remember which's my age !! I don't think that you can go wrong with Farrow and Ball. We used to live in a Grade 2 listed cotage and I think that I would choose one of the lovely greys. I'm sure that whatever you choose, it will look lovely. XXXX

  11. Just found your lovely blog!

    And your cottage looks just lovely. I am very in love with it!

    Well for what its worth I am loving the first Olive green choice. But do love the lighter blues and more vivid greens too! i am sure it will look lovely once your DH has worked his magic! look forward to seeing the end result.

    MBB x

  12. This post was a lovely feast for my eyes...
    I loved every single house in here.
    This year I too been busy painting the exterior of our home.
    I got the olive sample... but decided that it was a little bit lighter for our victorian home, which has terracota tiles.
    So instead I decided on minster green nr-224.
    Although I think that the olive colour would look a treat against your stone walls.
    I have some photos of how it looks in my blog... in case if you are interested to see how it looks!
    Whatever will be... I`m sure it will look lovely!


  13. I loved seeing all the beautiful cottages!
    Would never be able to decide, so I can't
    give advice...however, it seems no matter
    what color you chose it will be perfect!

    You live in such an enchanting place!

    Flora Doora

  14. Just read your post and I am intrigued as to what colour you choose...Em x

  15. Lovely to meet you today Linda and thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. It was lovely to chat to you...if you can't find "Feb" I will bring it with me to New College, Durham on 10th October......Hope you can make it!
    Julie x

  16. Just to make matters more difficult for you, I love the original colour you have.. but if you are asking for something has to be Calke Green. Then again.. love the blue of the seaside cottages...or ..

  17. Gosh, the area you live in looks so beautiful. I have to say I'm more than a tad greeneyed here.
    No idea what colour to suggest to you, it's quite a big decision isn't it? Hmmmmm.
    Let us know what you go with.

  18. Lovely post hard decision,urm olive green I think,yes olive green,but I like them all:) not much help.Wish my other half would do our windows,I've been waiting 9 years:) have fun xx