Thursday, 2 September 2010


On Sunday D and I decided we needed to be near the sea..... so really early we set off on the drive over the ravishing North Yorkshire moors , Aled Jones on radio two , kept us relaxed and entertained on the journey.. the heather was eye watering beautiful , stretching for miles and miles..

the road was long and winding and meandered through.... wild deserted country side .. the marker posts are to show where the road is in snow drifts..

We stopped to admire these lovely chaps with their impressive horns, gathering there strength for the "JOB" ahead with the sheepy ladies!

the wind got stronger the nearer we got to the coast, these girls were sheltering ,you can see broken branches, thats how blustery it was!

we finally arrived .... yes we went to the lovely Whitby.. We parked up on the cliffs , and boy was it wild and windy

The streets were very quiet with not many people about ,they probably had more sense than us as it was only 10.0 ,clock on Sunday morning.... I was glad there was,nt many people about as ...... my hair began too look very like this (photo borrowed from google) I started squawking at D need coffee , need hair scrunchy, while walking into lamp posts and the odd person we encountered because couldn't see a thing for hair!!!

so after taming the wild woman of the hills look. i got my second wish.. ahh.. began too feel human again...

I have not been too Whitby when it was so quite for ages, and it was great been able to move from shop to shop easily.. we went to the chandlers yard cafe for lunch, in fact we seemed to have loads of pit stops, but it was coldish, but then again it was a bank holiday so i should have expected it..

the sea looked very like this, so resisted paddle!!!

In fact Whitby was quite as the abbey grave yard which we braved by climbing the many steps up to the it.
I loved this Sweet shop with the display of vintage tins..and the sweeties were not bad, i indulged in some chewy nuts, which are chocolate covered toffees, have you tyred them ? so so Moorish!

This was a pie and mash shop window, love the vintage baking things!

This lovely floral rain coat was in my favourite Whitby shop the Sheppard's pursed(blogged about it before) it was made by the Irish company Avoca, I tyred it on and D said he would treat me, but I was having a fat day, and just felt lumpy in it..... and it was £110.00 , so i left it in the shop,, but now wish i had got it!! Said this to D , and he rolled his eyes, ... do you know that look?!!! In the afternoon it began to be more packed with people so ...............

We then drove the mile or so from Whitby to Sand end ,as the week before when I had been in York, while in one of my favourite shops Wild hart which sells vintage and retro and lovely things for the home, Ian the owner told me they were opening another store in Sands end . so what is a girl to do, Did,nt tell D the reason for wanting to go to Sands end as he would have headed in opposite direction.. h erm.. so when I exclaimed ho look there a wild at hart shop !, i,ll just pop in here, D was herd muttering some thing about been born yesterday ..

sands end is so quaint and old fashioned , and has lovely fisherman's cottages , and is quite a sort after place to have a house as you can expect..

My eyes fell on this vintage steiff type bear , but was well out of my price bracket at over £3oo, the shop has adorable things and the lady who works for Ian and Tracey was lovely .. D enjoyed chatting with her, may be she is trained to entertain husbands so wife's spend!!

so I came away with this lovely book, i have wanted it for ages,

And how could i resist this sweet vintage elephant? He would have been on wheels and his head moves up and down so D is going to make a base and wheels for me for him to go on, and i will paint and vintage it up.. what is it with me and toys on wheels?? If you get a chanse either visit the shops or web site..

These were charity shop finds in Whitby, the little calender, bit battered but hay its a fox terrier!! I just so fell for this charming little girl on the rocking horse, i think she is from the 30,s, the lady in the shop was just pricing her up from a box of other old thing that had just come in.. lucky or what.. so in all I had a lovely trip to the seaside.


  1. Oooh what a generous 'treat' from hubby, I would have snapped it up! Bet you could kick yourself for turning him down now. I do love the Shepherds Purse shop, I could spend hours in there and Wild Hart too!
    What a lovely day.

  2. Glad you had a nice day in the gale force winds that hammered us at the weekend I am most certainly going to check out that shop in sands end in the very near future i didn't know it was there .
    what lovely things you found

  3. Looks like you had a lovely trip to Whitby. I especially love Sandsend. I have not been there for years, it reminds me of happy childhood summer days.

    I recognised those moor roads, I grew up in Kirkbymoorside. I love going back to the North York Moors.

  4. Lots of lovely pictures as usual. Quite jealous that you've been to Whitby again. Had a lovely afternoon with Sue and Neil who are going to be moving into the house opposite you soon. Lovely people.

  5. You certainly pack a lot into your day....the wooden elephant will look much happier when he gets his wheels...
    He will also need a name of course, so he can be introduced to his new friends.....
    Julie x

  6. Looks like you had a lovely day out, it's so much better when there aren't huge crowds about isn't it? Can't believe there's a Pie & Mash shop in Whitby - I was raised on it. Yum!!!

  7. Hi Linda, what a lovely post. Is the painting of Whitby one of yours? It's great.

    I have been meaning to drop by ever since your visit to Art Space when in St Ives and am delighted to see that you have included Victoria Hilliard's beautiful print in your earlier post, too.

    Have a good week, Lesley

  8. Whitby looks a stunning place to visit, and very atmospheric on a wild and blustery day. I love that bear on wheels too. Love your finds, especially the elephant.
    Jo xx