Saturday, 19 June 2010


Hello girls , how are you all doing ? I am having a very rare evening, I am alone in the house ,D is away working and Nat is away at a motor bike rally with family friends, there both away over night and returning tomorrow, so when I got in from work to night I knew I could do just what I wanted.... Just had to feed the furry babies and then the evening was mine.... So after a leisurely bath, a glass of chilled white wine, and a supper of anchovy salad(addicted to anchovies!!) fresh mango and chocolate ice cream , I decided to spend a guilt free ,blissful hour or so reading your lovely blogs and dropping into Ebay, lolling on my bed ,relaxing and just enjoying having me time.... and half watching my big fat Greek wedding at the same time....John Corbet is rather yummy... don't you think? Hes in sex in the city is,nt he? This is the lovely 30,s tea pot I found a last weeks car boot at Ripon, So kitch.. but so pretty as well , I love her , she is in perfect condition and cost £6.oo.. shes over 10 inches tall and I just knew she was coming home with me the minute I saw her...

I also found this little lady, thought she would look great in my bed room..

This little jug spoke to me too and said take me home.. so I did.. £1. Filled with garden flowers. As you have probably gather from reading my blog I love flowers , and florals , but recently I have been drawn to roses more and more...

And when I was doing my weekly trolley drudge round Tescos, I came out of my trolley stupor when my eyes fell on this dress/top. I rushed towards this vintage style beauty.I love the vintage print and the shape and detailing in the waist area. too short for me to wear as just a dress at my great age but just right with jeans for my hols! Only £16.. a bargain I felt...

I have been a fan of designer Rachel Riley for ages ,her style is so romantic and vintage, check her web site out, she has a shop in London ,but lives in France in a dream like chateau , so so perfectly beautiful , her house has been featured in country living ,you may remember seeing it? Any way her clothes are fairly expensive, so was thrilled to win this on Ebay last week at a price I was willing to pay.. I am going to wear it on my birthday with a little green shrug when I go to bettys for lunch in Harrogate next week..

Continuing the roses theme.. just thought i would show you part of my front garden as i did the back garden last blog..this is the the view from my sitting room window.. the rose is Albertine and is slowly covering the window, the house is fast beginning to look like Miss Havershams house, the house that time forgot.. cant bear to clip it back though!!

This is part of my front garden... iv gone for the full cottage garden ,over blown look..

How cliched is this? roses around the cottage door.. this is the rose New Dawn...

The smell and scent is amazing in the evening, not only of roses but jasmine and lavender as well , when the sitting room window is open it wafts in.... some times small things give most pleasure.. What is your favorite scent or smell and what does it evoke? I would love to know....I often think of my grand parents ( long long dead) and there lovely garden and playing in there large walled garden on what seamed like endless summer days as a child, when I smell certain Flowers I am transported back....Ha.. Well lovely ladies ,I am off for another glass of wine and a wander around my garden ... and I am thinking about tomorrows car boot and what it may yield.. love Linda.


  1. LOVE your car boot finds..and I saw that very same jug in an antique shop the other day for £12!
    I love roses...they bring back lovely memories of my Dad,he used to spend many hours tending his garden.
    Hope you find lots of treasures at the CB tomorrow!

    Bellaboo :0)

  2. Fabulous post....I love your Rachel Riley dress, so perfect for Betty's in Harrogate.
    Julie x

  3. What a lovely post, those dresses are gorgeous, I hope that Tesco still has them in stock after pay day! ;-)
    Fragrance is definitely my thing, and a little while ago I walked into the conservatory at the garden where I work to be transported back to summer holiday with my parents in sunny climes, oh how lucky I was! It was orange blossom - gorgeous!
    Enjoy your wine, and your boot sales!
    Becky :-)

  4. What a fabulous dress! Your garden looks divine and I can imagine it smells wonderful. As for my own favourite aromatic plants - well the Philadelphus (mock orange?) in my garden is absolutely covered in lovely white flowers at the moment, and it smells amazing - but in the evening the wonderful aroma is almost over whelming - it's beautiful.

  5. Your roses are gorgeous and your description of the smells wafting in is lovely.

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  7. Fantastic finds I love the teapot and that dress is so pretty you have done so well.
    Your garden is beautiful I would love to have a cottage garden.... maybe one day

  8. What a great post, it sounds like you had a lovely indulgent evening to yourself. Your garden is gorgeous, it's my idea of a perfect cottage garden. The roses are beautiful,like you I love the smell of roses and also honeysuckle in the evening. Your boot sale finds are great especially the tea pot. I am rather taken with the Tesco dress, I saw someone wearing one today and it looked lovely, I will have to try and pop in and see if there are any left.
    Ann x