Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Well hello ! How are you all? I was over whelmed by all your great comments and emails suggesting names for my two vintage dogs, So many great sugestions, I have had such fun choosing , and you have supplied me with enough lovely names for me to dip into for future additions to my fox terrier ever growing pack! so i have choosen Cuthbert for wheelie boy and Lottie for his little sister.. what do you think? Heres Cuthbert tip toeing through the daisies!

Here's little Lottie in her vintage pram found at this weeks car boot, i thought it was so sweet when i saw it,.. Lottie toured the garden she loves flowers and Cuthbert pulled her round!

As promised I thought I would show you a bit more of my garden.. my garden is made up of little rooms, and is on all different levels, my garden is at the height of my roof! It is reached by 25 steps, when we bought the property 6 years ago the garden looked like a bomb site, and we had to fill 3 large skips with rubbish and rubble all carried down the 25 steep steeps in buckets to the street level, god was it hard work.. but have almost forgotten now, and worth it when i wonder around and enjoy the peaceful oasis that it has become...

I topiaryed the little bushes my self, bought the acid coloured trees and clipped and shaped them they were a tesco ,£2.99 bargain, its take me two years to et them like this...
Over the years I have collected stone cats for my garden, i have about six , and just feel they add a bit of interest, and there calming...if you know what i mean..?

This is Flora, basking and panting in the sunshine on Saturday, she follows me about and i so nearly trip over her so many times as i am pottering ..
The box hedge has taken five years to get to this stage .. it so needs a clip.. to give it the smart square shape i like.. don't know about you ,but i often feel there is never enough time ..for every thing that needs doing , since I started working full time .i feel as if i am on a tread mill, some one press the stop button...please..!

This is the rose Constance spry..so beautiful, lavenders and roses are at the top of my favourite flower list.. so old fashioned ,romantic , beautiful...

some more of my serene felines, resting ,idling in the garden...

Nigela, so gorgeous .

I collect stone from the river and pile them and also make circles ,just to add interest ,very tactile,lovely and smooth worn by the river...
Another one of my one weaknesses,, old galvanized tubs,baths etc ,i use for planters and trugs.
this is my shady area I like to sit ,sip a drink read a fave magazine and find a bit of peace ,or try to!!!

This is the view from my garden up to Richmond castle, and over the roofs of all the old stone houses and cottages...
I am so excited and had to share and tell you , we have booked a holiday cottage in my beloved St Ives for ten days in July . yippee, I am so looking forward to it all ready, Did,nt think we could managed to get away this summer due to D,s and mine work commitments, but we have juggled and booked the cottage yesterday, cant wait!! I am now trying to loose 10 lbs before i go away, as All the Cornish pasties ,ice cream and cupcakes i know doubt will eat when i am there , need to allowed for!! also have planned a little jaunt to Harrogate next week as its my birthday, D has promised to take me to Bettys teas rooms for lunch, then a little look in Mrs Kidstons delightful emporium..!! Might need a new bit of luggage for st Ives, don't you know!! So hope you all have a good week , and hope you have enjoyed a little tour of my bit of Eden.. bought a lovely vintage tea pot at car boot at week end show you soon !! love.. Linda.


  1. Your garden is heavenly, just my style...or what I am striving to achieve!
    Thanks for the tour

  2. Utterly gorgeous! What a beautiful place to sit drinking tea and relax with friends. It's a real credit to you Linda. How I wish I'd done the open gardens now!

  3. Hi Linda, Cuthbert and Lottie are so sweet, I am really pleased you managed to find Cuthbert. Your garden is beautiful. you have worked wonders on it. I am very jealous of your 10 days in St Ives, Like you we have a lot of work commitments at the moment so not sure when or if we will get away. Hope you have a great birthday trip next week.
    Ann x

  4. Hi Linda, your garden looks fab! It's changed a bit since I last saw it. Glad you are managing to get away for a break....lucky you!! I have a little presssie for your birthday, so we must get together soon?
    Lots of love Wendy.

  5. Dear Linda,
    You have chosen very good names. They suit them.
    Your garden is absolutely beautiful. You have worked so hard and it was definitely worth it. It is a picture and you must enjoy sitting in it.
    I'm sure that you will have a wonderful time in St. Ives. XXXX

  6. I LOVE that doll's pram...what an amazing CB find! Your garden is beautiful.
    You have lots to look forward too...how exciting,good luck with the dieting.

    Bellaboo :0)

  7. What a beautiful garden, thank you for sharing with us!
    Becky :-)

  8. Hi there it's me - your garden is wonderful especially your cats. There used to be a car pottery in Leyburn is it still there? I have visited your friend Wendy's blog but she hasnt posted. I added myself as a follower. She will think she has a stalker! I just thought as she is in Northallerton it might nice to meet up?? as you said when we met. hope you are coping with the full time work, you will be tired I know. Its 11pm must get off to bed x

  9. Hi Linda,
    Its my first time visiting your beautiful blog.
    Your wonderful garden has left me speechless!
    I dream of one day, having a garden just like yours!


  10. What a delightful garden. Great names you have chosen.

  11. Just Fabulous Linda!! Love Helen xx

  12. What a lovely garden and i love that little pram!

  13. You have a really magnificent garden. Kim :)