Wednesday, 5 January 2011


Happy new year to you all ! having popped into some of your blogs you all seam to have had fab Christmases and I have enjoyed " sharing your Christmas,s ", specially have enjoyed seeing all your beautiful trees and your houses decorated for Christmas .. but best of all was seeing what Santa brought you all!! I had a peaceful and rather lovely family Christmas and got a couple of days rest that I so badly needed after the frantic build up to the big day..
On Christmas morning look what I found under the tree waiting for me ,yes, yes ,yes, it was the 1950,s Triang fox terrier which I have been wanting for ages and ages after spotting one on Nicky,s blog the vintage magpie( in my blog list) , I saw one on eBay two months ago and bid ,but it went over what I felt I could spend on one ,I did regret not winning it and kept thinking about the foxy boy ...... ,but unbeknown to me D had bid on it and had him hid in the shed all this time, I am so thrilled with him , he is in great condition and I love him.. LOTS.. ,

I would have been quite happy just to have got my dogie, but I must have been a very good girl last year ,as I also got two Cath kidston bags , yesssss two... One from Nat ( Via dads money!!) and one from a friend( I have generous and lovely friends who know my likes!) When I opened the one from my friend first , Nat gave out a ho no its a Cath bag , me thinking the poor boy had had enough of my Cath (slight obsession,OK big obsession), but of course he was worried she had bought the same bag,but no I ended up with two lovely different patterned bags.
This is the one from Nat, lovely cord/velvet feel. great for winter and the other one for spring!

More Cath goodies.. and D bought me a new phone... erm.. you see I am fairly techno phobic, I am still amazed I have managed to control (ish) the computer to blog, in fact I have stunned my self... but I only really used my very very old mobile for emergencies , and this new phone scares me, specially as the other morning I text ed D ,asking him too sweep and wash kitchen floor,( as I was at work and he was lolly gagging at home,and I have to keep him out of trouble by giving him tasks ) and my boss came up to me and asked what time i wanted him round to do the floor!! yes,yes,you guessed it he got the text ed... ho boy....

and as for trying to control the slip sliding out of control screen, please tell me some one else has these probs and not just old me? Evey time it rings I look at it like its a hand grenade!!!

Sorry to Cath bore you, but even those of you who are not big fans of her things should try this hand balm ( found in my stocking),its great and smells wonderful, my poor farm hands are looking almost famine again..

Finally this is the new years eve table been laid for our evening meal.. I love candle light ,don't you ?, After a few too many glasses of sparkly ,I announced my resolutions were going to be .. to loose weight as My waist looks like that of an elderly hippo, and I would at last go into rehab for my dog on wheels/Cath kidston/vintage any thing /magazine buying /chocolate habit, but before I go I will just finish this qualitie street!! I hope you all are going to have a happy ,healthy 2011, and looking forward too sharing with you what ever the new year holds for both you and me!!


  1. What a lucky bunny to get two CK bags I bet you were grinning from ear to ear all day, best wishes for the new year, Lucey xx

  2. Happy New Year! What lovely presents you got! Quality street are wrong, they are just TOO moresish! x

  3. Happy New Year to you , and I am so jealous of your terrier. I was really hoping for one this Christmas and I know Mr C was looking out for one for me. Maybe I will get one for my birthday. It looks like you had some lovely stuff, I am thinking about treating myself to a similar phone but not sure if I will be able to get to grips with the touch screen. Love your Cath bits, I had some nice Cath bits too but haven't got round to blogging about them yet.
    Ann x

  4. You can never have enough Cath can you? I was saying to a friend today how I would love a terrier if the pesky things didn't dig up the garden - I think your Triang chap may be the answer! He's smashing.
    Louise x

  5. Ooh,LOVE your terrier..and the beauty is he doesn't need walkies! Just took Bella out and got soaked.
    I was given that CK hand balm's fabulous isn't it?
    I hope you achieve all your goals in the New Year..the weight thing is a constant battle with me! :0)

  6. I love the terrier! And so well-behaved :)
    Happy 2011!

  7. You were most definitely spoilt...another terrier! What a smart husband you have to outbid you on ebay and keep it quiet till Christmas....
    Snap on the hippo tummy...
    Julie x

  8. You have had some wonderful goodies for Christmas. I love the terrier on wheels, a real sweetie. Don't worry I am still trying to get to grips with my iPhone I had for my birthday. I too have a hippo tummy, well, two actually!!
    Jo xx

  9. Happy New Year Linda
    Thank you for your lovely message. Well of course I am a wee bit green about your gorgeous terrier.. He is in wonderful condition and looks very happy in his new home.
    I will be joining you with the same resolution.. my tummy has expanded alarmingly over Christmas.. time to avoid all choccy biccies etc.
    Michele x

  10. Lovely pressies, I am probably strange but I don't like too much CK, however I do own 3 bags as they are really handy, the latest was the same design as yours but the greeny/sludgy with polka dots. It is going to Marrakech on Sunday - so handy for camera etc.
    Love your Christmas table.
    T X
    ps I don't think that you should even try to give up any of those things as they ARE neccesities.

  11. That Triang Terrier's fab - well done, hubby!! Your New Year table looks lovely. Glad you had a good time.

  12. Oh my! That is one splendid boy indeed! Happy New Year to you... you have been a lucky girl! Your New Year's Eve table looked gorgeous! xx

  13. Hello,
    That story you told about the texting to your boss instead of your husband is hilarious! We are so happy to have found your blog also! We are also BIG fans of Cath Kidston and have some of her pretty stuff.
    Laura and Michele

  14. Oh GOODY! I love that Doggy. Good husband you have there, what a fun, fun surprise!

  15. You are a very lucky girl, your DH is a good guy, so thoughtful. I love,love your CK bags. Wishing you a Happy and Healthy 2011. xx

  16. Ooo, always good to find another vintage terrier lover ;) I have that Triang toy, but mine is much more pre-loved!