Monday, 31 January 2011


Sorry for been absent from blogging for a while , i have missed you all.... no reall excuses ,just life swallows you up some time and before know it time has just whizzed bye... I don't know if its the grey weather ,or just that January feeling ..but I have been feeling .. ho I don't know ..humphy ..and lumpy....

out of sorts .. so when I had to go out on Saturday night to a works staff outing to a rather nice Italian restraunt... I started to get ready to go out ,I try edthis on then that on , nothing felt right .. I was having a real FAT day .. I am a size 12 ,OK I have gone up from a size 10 since summer...and i felt I looked DREADFUL..... but I had to go... even with hubbies you look fine ringing in my ears...i still felt i looked like a dead whale..I felt just how this lady looks.. . so when I arrived two work colleges said ho you do look lovely.. this made me feel a little less like a dead whale.. then a young male college said you look great ,really great,, so slowly began to feel a lot better about my self... so from now on i am going to compliment friends and acquaintances when they look good or they are wearing some thing nice not just think it say it.. because it can make such a difference go on take on the challenge .. at least twice a day try to compliment some one.. i just want to say at this point how lovely you all looking today.. really..

On a slightly different note I have started going to a local indoor car boot again .. bit hit and miss until this Sunday.. do you remember in my last post I said I wanted to collect more of these metal retro mirrors.. well look what I found .. another three..
At the moment there a not very nice 60s 70s gilt colour and I want to paint them to go with my other ones...

so I don't know what colours to go for.. i want the cath colour look .. what do you think.. blue will that go with the reds, pink? green.. HELP....

At the same car boot i found this lovely Victorian cake stand, quite hard to get now as you all know how popular they are.. so I swooped on this one and hugged it to me so no one else could snatch it,, and it was only a £1..

A Friend knew I was feeling a bit fed up with my self and when she went away for a romantic break with her hubby she brought me this little Mailed elf girl to go with my Elfie boy.. I was so touched she thought of me..

Her they both are on my mantle piece riding on my wheelie elephant..

when i get some thing new it usually ends up on my mantle place to have star viewing

and finally I found these bricks at the car boot.. they were featured in country living emporium last month and i liked them .. my knees went weak when i saw them on a stall. unwanted Christmas gift and i got them for £2.50 they were £16.99 in the mag bargain happy .. spare tyre sad... hope you are all in good spirits .... don't forget you all look FAB.. XXX


  1. I know that feeling, it's the post Christmas, miserable weather, nothing exciting happening kind of feeling.I am sure you really did look great and it was how you were feeling on the inside rather than how you were looking on the outside.Love your latest finds especially the mirrors.
    Ann x

  2. What a lovely thing to remind everyone, I shall take your advice on board and try to do the same! :) fabulous finds at the car boot too. I'd paint them every colour, all different! x

  3. Woah, that car boot sounds fab!! Love the blocks and the cake stand (a £1!!!!!) Love the elf girl too - the elf boy looks very happy to have a friend!

  4. oh my goodness i cant believe you bought the home blocks from a car boot.. i think i would have had that dizzy weak at the knees sensation to!!

    i think everyones been feeling the same havent they.. i blogged about feeling very grey and couldnt shake it off.. spring is round the corner.. think we have to focus on that!!

  5. Am very jealous of the lovely cake stand and even more jealous of you being a size 12! I know it's all relative but I yearn for the days when I was a size 12. I feel exactly like that lady and am really ready for it to be Spring. Wish we had such great car boot sales near us. xx

  6. Oh dear,you had a touch of the January blues didn't you? I know the feeling.I wish I was a size 12 again..sigh!
    But if you are normally a 10,then I can understand how you feel.
    Love all your finds,you did really well.Nothing like finding a few bargains to cheer you up! :0)

  7. I just love your wheelie it vintage?

  8. Love those blocks I spotted those in the mag and wanted them, even though I have the cheapy Dunelm version. Well done x

  9. What beautiful bargains!! Cant wait for our boot sales to start up again!! Roll on the spring!


  10. I love these happily colored, lovely filled boxes!
    Have a sweet evening x

  11. Linda, you are certainly not a "dead whale" fact, I only see you as a trendy little thing with a happy smile and a Cath Kidston bag!
    Love your mirror idea.....very individual and creative....will you display them all on one wall?
    Julie x

  12. Gorgeous mirrors, well done! On everything actually, lovely finds. Are the crates in your house? They look fab.

    My 2 year old informed me I was a 'big fat lady' today. Sigh (I am also a 12, previously a 10). I have tried not to take it to heart, as he also said 'I wuv you - in the world!'