Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Well Hello ! I am back from my holiday in Cornwall, even though I have left my heart in St Ives!! Is,nt it hard to drop back into normal life when you have been on such a fab holiday? I feel all kind of unsettled and droopy and fell like a square peg in a round hole!! Do you fell like this after a holiday and how do you click out of it? Thought I would give you a quick glimpse of St ives and what I got up to on my hols!( I will try not to bore you with my holiday snaps)

This was the lovely old fisher mans cottage we stayed in in St ives in a street called The Digey, only 30 yards from the main shopping street ,Fore street , all the streets and cottages are so picturesque , and I never get sick of wardering and exploring all the little alleys and lanes, having a sneaky peek through cottage windows, there are some fab ones believe me!!

The great nautical door...

This is the Digey with its cobbled road and old fisher mans cottages ,mostly holoday cottages now,At the end of the street just visible is Cath Kidstons little emporium...
The fab harbour beach, there are five beaches in St ives, its a perfect Holiday location and we go at least once or twice every year, and we have had in depth talks about moving there and even viewed a couple of properties.. so watch this space..Cath's little shop, it must be the prettiest Cath Kidston store in the country, don't you think?
This is the display through the door.. Its tiny inside but they have a good selection of goodies, and i went in nearly every day, sad Ho that I am!!! I will reveal all latter.. plus there are so many other lovely shops in the town I have come home shopped out..

This was the great window display , love the car boot theme,, In fact I managed to visit two car boot sales in Cornwall ,but will tell all latter..

We managed to have a relaxing time but still packed loads in all the same. Nat ,took a friend so while they were doing teenager things D and I managed to sneak off and and do middle age stuff!!
Sight seeing
Relaxing with Daphne de mauriers autobiography.( We visited fowey,do a post latter!) I stupidly burnt my legs in the sun while laying here.

We ate at some lovely restaurants and cafes , this was a the very stylish porthminster beach cafe, often featured in coast magazine , show you the interior latter. you will love it.
Ate far too many of these

and these...
My beautiful St Ives
I was delighted too see the wild seals in the harbour again ,,so adorable , they come in too beg fish off the fishermen, and make doe eyes at their adoring public, with corus,s of oows and arrs from the tourist on the harbour!

Nat spent loads of time surfing and and living in a wet suit throwing him self of the harbour wall..

This was very surreal. we were just coming off porthmoer beach( near Tate modern) and I looked up and thought who's this idiot in a suit. it was a scorching hot day and he looked so out of place with all the surfer dudes and scantily clad people, then I realised it was the gorgeous Laurence Llewellyn's Bowen! He had a camera crew with him and was doing a tv program , I had a few seconds chat with him and found him charming and dishy! I was talking to a local shop owner and she told me the week before we were in ST ives. Johny Depp was in town , if I had seen him I would have never recovered as I am a little( A lot)in love with him!!! but Laurence was lovely!!

But alas the 9 days sped past and we had to pack up and so sadly leave . my cath kidston bag ready to be loaded into the car but I was,nt!! until we meet again St Ives....


  1. It sounds like an amazing holiday, exactly the sort of holiday I would love. I can't wait to see more photos and which bag you settled on in the end. It looks as though you were really lucky with the weather too so all in all perfect.
    Ann x

  2. beutiful pics thanks for sharing them ... I will be back :) Please visit my blog
    Heather x

  3. I am so jealous, I have been to St Ives many times, I was hoping to get to the seaside this weekend as its my birthday but we had to cancel!
    I met LLB where Doc Martin is filmed, his wife has a shop there.He was in a suit that boiling hot day, image to keep up I suppose,
    Jonny Depp was filming in Chipping Campden a couple of years ago, I kow people that met him, alas he got away from me! Did meet Sean Bean in the middle of nowhere in India though!

  4. Oh Linda , so lovely to see you back after a fab holiday...... but WHICH bag did you take??Love Wendy x

  5. Oh,what a gorgeous holiday you wonder you havn't come down to earth yet! We've booked a week in September,staying near Padstow and I can't wait!

    Bellaboo ;o)

  6. OMG Johnny Depp! I've just been having palpitations even thinking about him being around. Fab photos, can't wait to see some more. St Ives is just perfect isn't it. x

  7. So glad you had a fab time, St Ives is lovely isn't it, I can see why you'd want to move there...Go on ...Do it!!
    Jane. xx

  8. What a lovely holiday in St Ives....sounds as if the place is calling to you big time!
    Big decisions....
    Julie x

  9. I'm so pleased you had a good time, but it is nice to have you back. (That's very selfish of me isn't it, lol)
    I met some soon-to-be neighbours of yours in Leyburn a couple of weeks ago. A lady stopped me in Cambells and asked me if I was Marmaladerose! Turns out she reads Weaver of Grass blog and then got onto mine. Well to cut a long story short she and her husband are moving into the house across the green from you shortly. Small world eh!

  10. Me Again! Thanks for all the info on Cornwall.Will def look up those places you recommended.
    Have a lovely weekend!

    Bellaboo ;o)

  11. I have really enjoyed seeing your photos, I showed my hubby too. We think you have a very artistic eye for a composition and were very lucky to see two seals. Usually there is one resident seal who hangs around all the time. I think Johnny was down quite a while ago (earlier in the year) checking out filming for Pirates of the Caribbean. Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. Maybe, you will get to live here one day?

    Best wishes, Carolyn x

  12. Oh I find myself jelous!! It all looks wonderful. Glad you had a lovely time, Love Helen xx

  13. Thanks for visiting. Yes, as Fiona says, our friends are moving shortly into a house on the Green - I think they plan to actually move in in early October or thereabouts - they are really looking forward to it, it seems such a friendly area.
    I did pop over to your blog just as you were off on holiday - but here I am again - yes we Dales bloggers must indeed stick together. Shall put you on my blog list. Hope to meet before too long.

  14. Hello Linda

    Thanks so much for popping by to say hello. You're very right - we do have a lot of interests in common - even down to owning the very same Cath bag as our first! (Well I only have two at the moment if I'm honest).

    What wonderful weather you had in St Ives, I visited for the day when we were there last week (mainly to visit THE shop) but it tipped it down. How fantastic to see the seals.

    I've been admiring your garden with very envious eyes, it's so beautiful. What a tremedous job you've done, you've given me some great ideas.

    I must tell you that Richmond is another of our special places. We love to visit in the Autumn and take the boys to the castle. It's a magical place, looking forward to going back there again soon.

    Lovely to meet you and I'll definitely be popping back soon to say hello.

  15. Oooooooh! I have always wanted to go to St Ives!!!
    Thank you for the virtual tour, I shall most definatley be making a trip there sometime soon.