Sunday, 4 July 2010


Well another week has wushed by, and have just managed to grab a little time to my self to say hi, and to say I have had a lovely time reading your latest posts and catching up with whats happening in your worlds ,I so enjoy my time spent with my blogy friends!This week I managed to spend some time with my lovely friend Wendy( between my work commitments and her horsey/ family ones , we had,nt managed a get together for weeks) enjoying a leisurely cappuchino or two and trawling round the charity shops together. she was,nt really in to charity shops till i started dragging her around .. shes now a bit addicted. Ha another convert to the tribe! Then she spoilt me with a yummy ( healthy )lunch at her lovely house and gave me a belated birthday pressie, a huge pretty gift bag of delight,inluding cath kidston blue bell hand cream and note cards,plus rose and french insprired goodies,it was like a birthday stocking, i did a lot of squealing as i opened each pressie, i just was hoping her neighbours wouldn't phone the police!!! I get two days off a week but not together from work ,so really my time feels very precious, but i enjoyed every minute with Wendy and just want to say a big THANK you for every thing, i felt so special as every gift was so well chosen, she (poor girl!)knows me too well!! Who do you have that makes you feel special , apart from your families??

Just want to show you my lovely doggie on wheels which I bought from lovely fellow blogger and crafter Sarah from who is at north field primitives . she makes the most wonderful primitive covet able things!!!

Is,nt he adorable, love his vintage little wooden wheels and the bell and tag round his neck, he has happily settled into my expanding kennel... i have called him Stanley after Mrs Kidstons little dog...

This is a lovely elephant Sarah makes and i am ordering one of these soon.. is,nt he fab??
well i must leave you all as I have a hay stack sized pile of ironing to do and other equally riveting things s to occupie me!!,the high light of today was the car boot sale ,but pickings were lean, do you think there getting worse and whats your theory for it??,, but hay ho.. i am hanging in there as my hols are just over two weeks away and cant wait to see my beloved St IVES , ho well be back with you soon , I will show you my lovely Cath kidston bag I bought from ebay, ( to add to my other one or two i have) , but will have to get a blocking devise barring D from reading the next post .....shush ,do you know of one!!!???


  1. OH MY-that elephant is absolutely gorgeous!! Hope to meet you when you come to St Ives,I will have a word with the weather on your behalf!

  2. Love the elephant too....!
    Had a look at northfield primitives blog and folksy link....the giraffes and old rabbit with polka dot ears and paws are so beautifully aged.
    What a talented lady.....
    Julie x

  3. I had that CK handcream given to me for my birthday...isn't it wonderful!
    Awww,elephant is so cute.
    Look forward to seeing your bag.I was outbid on a vintage eiderdown yesterday.Just 20 secs from the end someone bid a 100 pounds higher than me!Don't understand how it all works.

    Bellaboo :0)

  4. Looks like you had lovely day, just off to check out northfield primitives.

    love Fi x

  5. Stanley is incredible!

    Thank you for sharing with us!

    Flora Doora